We would want to offer you with free pokemon trainer certificate templates. Yes, being a pokemon trainer is the pride and you deserve an appreciation.  Come let’s understand the different elements present in a pokemon trainer certificate, how to design one and the best way to download free templates and use it.

Pokemon Trainer Certificate Templates


Before getting into the details of a certificate and the different types, we would want to give a small brief about the pokemon trainer.

Who Deserves Pokemon Trainer Certificate?            

A person who follows the following steps becomes a pokemon master. Yahoo, they deserve recognition in the form of a certificate.

  1. Get the Pokemon game and master the art to become a trainer. There are different versions that always come in pairs. The interested learn will invest time to learn about the games by purchasing one and start playing. You as a training academy can give the learner a chance to understand the basics of the game by letting them play on it real-time.
  2. In the process of playing pokemon one will learn the strength and weakness of the characters. For instance, the symbol > represents against and < indicates for and x means neutral etc.
  3. Then one will start travelling across places to compete with other trainers.
  4. By winning the battle your pokemon will become strong. This will lead to capturing many more pokemon.
  5. Now the player will become eligible to form a team.
  6. After the pokemon together in teams fight battle one will give some rest to the pokemon and provide healing.
  7. Next is collecting the gym badges to move closer to the trainer category.
  8. Once badges are collected, then participate in leagues and defeat them.
  9. This is the last stage and you become a pokemon champion.
  10. It’s time to celebrate and award certificates to the trainers.

Different Types of Pokemon Trainer Certificate

There are different levels in which a person can graduate in pokemon and based on that one will get different types of pokemon certificates.

You can arrange for classroom training and provide real-time training with TV screens and also present lectures with the help of professionals like Professor Oak.


Now, there are three different levels of training

  • Level 1 – basic training
  • Level 2 – specialist
  • Level 3 – master

These three levels can be completed by every individual and you can collect one of the certificates from here to award their completion.

The two higher level trainings is Pokemon Professor Class and Pokemon Doctor Class. These two really needs more expertise and one must dedicate time to complete this entire program.


Apart from that, you can also find few certificates like Pokemon Contest Class to be issued to the prospective pokemon class coordinators.

Remember that children under age 10 can learn only basic of handling pokemon. Only older adults can become specialist and masters.


Make sure you follow the guidelines and provide training accordingly. Always arrange for a gym on the site and allow learners to transform smoothly from one level to another.

Components of Pokemon Trainer Certificate

Pokemon trainer certificate will look like a professional certificate with title, name, wordings, and signature. However, understand how to place each element in the appropriate place and make it more official.

Heading – You can mention any one of the following as the heading

  • Official Pokemon Trainer
  • Pokemon Trainer’s Certificate
  • Pokemon Trainer
  • Pokemon Qualified Trainer
  • Diploma in Pokemon Training

Name – Print the name of the person who completed the training. Make sure you use a legible font and let it be bold and minimum size 18. Do not make it curvy and let it look readable. Initial is a must and do not make a mistake in the spelling.

Date – On the day the training got over must be printed.

Wordings – Congratulation Pokemon Trainer for completing the course successfully. Since this is pokemon it is good to use Professor Oak and thus we have printed these wordings.

Professor Oak has approved/declared/identified you as a qualified trainer for a pokemon battle.

We hereby recognize your completion of the pokemon training and award this pokemon training certificate.

Signature – Professor Oak. With seal and name.

Now, you know what must be included in a pokemon trainer certificate. We are glad to let you know that you can download these templates for free and use them instead of designing from the scratch.

However, we understand your concern and hence give you a few tips to edit the pokemon trainer certificate template using a word doc.


Effective Ways To Edit And Personalize Pokemon Trainer Award  

First click on the download icon to get the template to your PC, Laptop, or Tablet.  Now it will get downloaded in your system and you can access them anytime offline.

Right click on the downloaded certificate to open or double-click to open the certificate.  If you have MS office it will open with that application. Else download word to open the template.

You can simply see a certificate with image, design, and wordings. All are editable and you need to simply click on them to add or remove contents.

You can insert a logo of your training academy by clicking on the top of the certificate and click insert to pick your logo from your PC. You can also insert an image from online if connected to the internet.

Now, click on each item and delete, insert, add additional lines, type the name, date, change wordings and much more. Yes, you can literally play around and make any changes based on your need.

Finally, save and print to sign and then award it to the concerned. As far as possible it is good to sign manually rather than making an electronic signature. It adds professionalism.


In a nutshell, we promise you that you can use this variety of templates for free to nurture your pokemon trainers. You can also offer field projects to test their skills before concluding their eligibility as a pokemon trainer.

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