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Hope you all understood the topic which we are going to discuss today! Yes, we are learning some facts about Power Point Presentations in detail. Let us get started!

What is a Power Point?

A Power Point is a highly innovative and slide shoe presentation computer program. It is currently developed by the Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin for the American computer software company Forethought, Inc. and first released for Apple Macintosh operating systems. After few months, Microsoft Corporation purchased the rights to Power Point.

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Initially, Power Point is called “Presenter” and later renamed to “PowerPoint” due to problems with trademarks. This software program is otherwise abbreviated as PP or PPT.

What is the purpose of creating PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is developed for the purpose of supporting presentations in slides to present important information, data by using images, diagrams, and text with transitional effects and animations. Also, it helps to explain the topic in front of audience practically and easily.

In simple words, it is a visual demonstration of important data and an important packaged application of MS-Office since 1990’s. In addition, it offers word processing software, drawing, graphing, outlining, and presentation management tools. Hence, it is very easy to understand a topic through PowerPoint presentation.

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Microsoft PowerPoint certificate template
PowerPoint certificate template

 What are the uses of PowerPoint tool?

PowerPoint presentation is become highly popular for business presentations and educational or informal purposes. The main uses of PowerPoint as a presentation tool are:

  • Provides an illustrative backdrop for the content of your presentation
  • Organise and structure your presentation
  • Animate your slides to give them greater visual impact
  • Create a professional and consistent format
  • Increases the employability
  • Improves the clarity of your presentations and help you to illustrate your data
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Strategies for a Successful Presentation

Here are some tips and strategies that improves your PowerPoint presentation skills and helps you to give a successful and professional presentation with a clear message.

  • Adding Smart Art: As we use PowerPoint as a presentation tool, using SmartArt is obvious. Adding smart art helps to create professional diagrams that include images, pictures, and text. Also, helps to create an organized chart with a variety of diagrams and the text bullet option provides some variety to the slides.
  • Inserting Image: You can insert images using File or Insert Clip Art. PowerPoint 2010 has come up with a new option called ‘Screenshot’ with which you can capture an entire window or a part of the window to insert in your slide. Or else you can directly copy and paste the image directly to your slide.
  • Inserting Shapes: A part from SmartArt, inserting shapes is also an important task for a successful presentation. Be familiar with drawing tool format options to draw a diagram manually (SmartArt does not suit all the diagrams). In PowerPoint, you can find a gallery of available shapes. Just select the shape and click on the slide to insert default version of shape. If you want to adjust the size and shape, all you need to do is click and drag with the mouse to get your desired size shapes.
  • Inserting Slide Transitions: Slide transition is another important step which makes your presentation more clear and interesting. When it is used badly, your presentation can be irritating and nauseating to your audience. Two main kinds of animation are available in a PowerPoint presentation: the transition from one slide to the next and the animation of images/text on a specific slide. In 2013 version, there includes an extra option called Transitions Ribbon Tab including a gallery of different transition effects.
  • Adding Animations: Animations can be applied to each and every image or text including titles whereas transitions can be applied only to a single event per slide. Animations can be applied to three separate ‘events’ for each object: # Entrance – how the object arrives on the slide # Emphasis – an effect to focus attention on an object while it is visible # Exit – how the object disappears from the slide

To apply an animation effect to any object, choose the object or objects to be animated, then select Animation Styles or Add Animation from the Animations toolbar.

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Features of PowerPoint

PowerPoint, the world’s most popular software program consists of many features and still the program keeps on updating with new versions and different options to make your presentation more attractive and interesting. Know the special features or keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint.

# Space, N, right or down arrow, enter or page down– Advance to the next slide

# Backspace, P, left or up arrow, or page up– Return to the previous slide

# Number followed by Enter– Go to that slide

# B– Blacks/Unblacks the screen

# Esc—End Slide Show

# F5– Start slide show

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Different Views of PowerPoint

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There are six different kinds of views you can look at your PowerPoint presentation. Each view has its own advantages over the other. The normal and basic view is ‘Normal view’. Here are the six different views:

  • Slides View
  • Outline View
  • Normal View
  • Slide Sorter View
  • Slide show View
  • Reading View

Final Words

PowerPoint is the widely used software program across the world. So, it is worth to learn the program which is useful in all the aspects. It is a powerful tool in creating attractive and well- structured presentations that gives a strong visual impact. However, when misuse or over-use can detract your presentation as well. So, it is important to keep all the guidelines and instructions in mind to have a successful presentation.

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