A sacrament in most churches across the world, baptism is a religious rite performed on an individual (infant or adult) as a mark of his or her inclusion within Christianity. The baptism records are normally preserved by churches where the sacred religious rite of admission is performed by a priest or pastor in presence of other people. So, if you are going to take your child to your church for baptism, it is good to have a baptism certificate that you can hang on your wall or preserve as a keepsake.

Nowadays, most parents opt for baptism certificate templates to quickly have their desired baptism certificate in an effortless manner. Here I am going to discuss Presbyterian baptism certificate templates. Now you may be wondering what it is as maybe you have never heard about the same or have little knowledge. So, let’s dig deeper before discussing what to include or not in a Presbyterian Church baptism certificate.

What is Presbyterian Church

You may be surprised to know that there are several denominations in Christianity. Among these many denominations, Protestantism stands only next to Catholic churches in terms of the number of its followers across the world. Presbyterian Church is a denomination of the Protestantism church. These churches are also known as reformed churches and since the colonial rule, Presbyterianism has enjoyed a strong presence in U.S.A.  Such was the influence that the only Christian minister who signed the United States Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 was a Presbyterian.

Kids who are baptized in a Presbyterian Church receive a Presbyterian Children’s Baptism certificate. Adults also get a baptism certificate upon completion of the sacred rite. There are many people who choose to get married in a Presbyterian Church. In such a case, they ask for the Presbyterian marriage certificate. If you are recognized as a spiritual leader by a Presbyterian church to perform religious rites, you can also commemorate the important event of your life by creating a Presbyterian ordination certificate. Even if you are not so fortunate and have gained only a membership, you can prepare a Presbyterian Church membership certificate yourself and keep it in a keepsake box.

Things to include in a Presbyterian baptism certificate

Now that you are well aware of what a Presbyterian is all about, let’s get familiar with the structure of a Presbyterian baptism certificate. Before creating your very own certificate or making use of my templates, you should have a concrete understanding of the structure and its elements or the kind of sentences that you can include within them. This is vital to know because unless you have this understanding, you can never know why our templates are the best and what you can include in our editable templates by using your simple editing skills (if desired).

  • Header such as ‘Certificate of Baptism’ or ‘Baptism Certificate’
  • Subheader such as ‘This is to certify that’ or ‘This certifies that’
  • Name of the recipient in a nice font followed by the words ‘Was Baptized’ or ‘ the child of name of the mother and name of the father was baptized’
  • Date or the day of the month and year
  • At venue name or church name
  • Signature of the designated authority

You can be creative and also include some other words to clearly convey that the certificate is awarded because the individual (infant, child or adult) is baptized on the given date.

As if this is not enough

Here I am presenting a nice collection of Presbyterian Baptism Certificate Templates that you can download for free! Just browse through our templates and choose the one that appears most suitable to you to commemorate the memorable day of your loved one. You can always add a nice border or a background image of your choice to customize it as per your convenience.

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