This article presents collection of amazing Purple Certificate Templates that you can use to create awesome certificates for your organization and school.

Free Purple Certificate Templates

People across age group really like purple themed certificates for its bright and elegant color. In this section, you can find several purple certificate templates free download. You can download and edit it for your perusal.

Let’s start going ahead taking a look at the varieties and purposes for which a purple certificate template best fits. Get an idea and thereby make the best use of these bright colored certificates.

Purple Heart Certificate Template


This Purple Heart certificate has a story behind it. Yes, these are the symbol of military decoration award. Getting awarded for painting competition is pride not only to kids but to older adults as well. Then imagine getting awarded by military recognizing one’s brilliant work done to protect the nation. Purple Heart is the ancient military award given to military members to date. This is pride that every army professional would love to get it from the US president for their great action in the army.

You can download these templates and edit them with the name of the recipient whom you wish to honor for a brave work as same as that of being in the army. Not everyone can join the military to serve the nation. But several individuals to take care of people in their own region within their limits in several ways. That individual can be honored with the prestigious Purple Heart certificates.

Even today some youngsters carry our brave fight against terrorism not at a large scale but in a small level by educating others about the ill effect of terrorism. It is also a gesture of serving the nation, and they deserve to be appreciated with a certificate.

Also, few others contribute to the needy in the nation in terms of money, job, and free education. It is also no different than protecting people in the country. So these certificates can help congratulate them as well.


Even from school level to educate the significance of army, such certificates can be given for kids with the attitude to help others. This small act in childhood will kindle their emotions to serve nation when they grew up.

Therefore don’t think twice to use these templates as they are used only by armed forces. We can still use them to let know the importance of Purple Heart for people across the country.


Purple Gift Certificate Template

The very name fills our mind with joy and excitement. Yes, everyone loves to get a gift. Small or significant, the present is a gift. As mentioned before purple color gift certificate is a bright option to gift your loved ones.  Gifting a gift certificate will let the receiver make use of it based on their choice. Also, they can redeem it not immediately but within a time frame and they get a chance to choose the gift they like from the options available in plenty. Unlike an award is given will be selected by the individual who provides the gift with which may or may not is loved by the recipient.

Get Inspired With Different Purple Gift Certificate Ideas


  • Purple Paper Gift Certificate – The entire paper is purple in color and gives a real luring look to the certificate. You can mention the date and name of the person you wish to gift it. Also, remember to say the validity so that the recipient will be aware of using it before gift certificate time lapses.
  • Do not forget to mention the purpose for which you wish gifting the person as even after buying the gift the certificate will remind the purpose. As the gift is a material which may be used whereas the certificate will live forever framed and hanged on walls.


  • Purple Velvet Gift Certificate – The new soft idea of printing the certificate on a velvet paper purple in color will give a great look to the certificate. Use these free purple gift certificate template to touch the heart of the recipient softly.
  • Purple Floral Massage Gift Certificate – The floral massage gift certificate is an apt one to give a holiday gift to the most hardworking person. Yes, ask them to take a break and enjoy a great spa gift with mind soothing massage.


  • Purple Bow Gift Certificate – Gift certificates with a purple bow tied adds elegance to the certificate. These customizable bow gift certificates can be apt when gifted to kids as they will love to open the bow and feel excited.
  • Purple Striped Gift Certificates – These purple stripes are used for the professional The light purple lines on the certificate make it look very authentic, and you can edit all the details to give a personalized gift certificate.


Purple Award Certificate Template


The award certificates are the most preferred certificate for every individual as they feel proud of some achievement. The award can be given for being successful in time management, on-time project delivery, coming first in sports, for being consistent, the right attitude, best performance, and much more. The sky is the limit to give out award certificates. Motivation is the best to get the best out of every individual. Use these Free purple certificate templates to encourage the winner and to give the message to others to yearn for an award.


Significant Parts Of The Purple Award Certificate Template


It might be a piece of paper, but that carries the most value than any other rewards and know the essential parts of the award certificate. Do not miss including these parts in your certificate and remember to edit details very carefully.

  • Title – It is important to mention the award title. Star of the month, Employee of the year, etc. The title is compared to the door number of a house. Without which identifying the house is difficult and without a title, the award purpose stands inattentive.
  • Arrangement – This is the section next to the title that will mention the name, position, and date. Who gets the award and when along with their details are important. Name of the student, class, and date is needed to recognize that this student at the age of X has got this award.
  • Description – Apart from just giving the title it is a good practice to explain the purpose of the award. For example, the title might have Best performer award. In the description, the performance can be elaborated. This will add better clarity.
  • From – As the recipient details are important so is the award presenter details are mandatory. Who is giving will add a feather to the cap. Yes, an award from the CEO of the company is undoubtedly an esteemed award to the employee. So mention the name and designation of the awarder.
  • Signature – After you download edit and print the certificate try to get the signature of the awarder above their name and designation printed. Instead of using a seal a manual signature will make the receiver feel glad for his/her excellent work is known to the senior officials.

The purple certificate is a document that given to acknowledge excellence in many instances.  One will start feeling proud from schooldays when they first understood the importance of certificate. Yes, that is when they start getting certificates for their good work in studies, sports, and other competitions. Irrespective of any valuable reward given a certificate always is expected of every individual. For the simple reason that the name and purpose of providing the certificate are mentioned. The year and date are also stated. It can be preserved for future use and mere memory to recall one’s happy moments till their lifetime and even after that by their loved ones.

In a nutshell, purples certificates are becoming popular in the recent years for its color, elegance, and look. Be the first to download and use purple certificates from these template collections.

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