Rabbits – Cute mammal known for its jumps and ears. One of the most cute and attractive mammal for all especially Kids/children. Are you a rabbit lover? Are you a rabbit breeder? Do you wish your rabbit to have an identity on this earth? It is all very simple, were in you will have to register the birth of your rabbit in the form of Birth Certificate for it. If you feel yes, then you are in the right place. Also if you have a rabbit as pet then you must be aware of the fact that the pet registration has become a legal requirement.

Birth certificate can also be described as a colorful illustration of a baby, is something very important for all the Humans to have their own identity registered on this earth, which is compulsorily registered as well. Similarly it is applicable for all the animals/mammals/Pets as well, in general we can say for all the creatures. And this a right time for you to register the birth of your rabbit if you have not done it earlier.

Peter Rabbit Birth Certificate Template


Pet Rabbit Birth Certificate Template


In the fast moving World with more technology available around us, we can do anything and everything from online by saving our time and we are here to help you save your time even more by providing and helping you with different forms of rabbit birth certificate templates, which you can download for free and use it for registration purpose, as it is important for all breeders to keep good records of the rabbit’s birth dates, breeding dates and so on. This might also be useful during the time of selling the Pet.


Components of rabbit birth certificate template

There are lot of rabbit birth certificate template provided here for your perusal. Without wasting much of your time now let me explain you through the Components of rabbit birth certificate templates and details required for registering. Following are the basic details required for filling in the template/birth certificate.

Baby’s Name/Name of the rabbit – basic requirement to register the rabbit.

Date of birth –  this needs to be filled based on the kind of template you use. You need to fill in Date, Month and year of birth in one go if there is no separate column for mentioning the year.

Year of birth – if there is a separate bulletin to mention the year in the template, you need to fill in the date & month under the Date bulletin and mention the year here.

This birth Single twin or Triplet – Mention the number depending on the number of rabbits born


Place of birth

Height – Height of the rabbit during the time of birth

Length – Length of the rabbit during the time of birth

Weight – Weight of the rabbit during the time of birth

Sex – if it a Male or female

Color of Rabbit

Breed of rabbit – you should be knowing the correct breed to which the rabbit belongs to.

Father’s Name – Father’s name of the rabbit

Mother’s Name –Mother’s Name of the rabbit

Belongs to – Owners name to whom the rabbit belongs to.

Apart from these if you think anything more in particular needs to be registered then you are most welcome to add as you wish once you download it from here.


Uses of Registering Rabbit’s Birth

This is the most important segment for those breeders who think why they need to register or why a birth certificate is required for the Rabbits, what they’re for and what they’re worth. Here are some of the uses rather we can say importance of having a birth certificate for Rabbit.

  • First and foremost is for knowing the existence of the species on the earth and the life span of it.
  • This record/registration will be useful in knowing the family tree of the rabbits, names of its ancestors, history of the family tree along with the titles they held, shows of participation in any. For example. If a breeds color is continuously changing or different or new color, it might have/get a title saying “Often comes in the different color family to make them stand out.
  • This might be useful for you to register your pet with organization such as the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBC), if you like to make your rabbit participate in shows.
  • If you wish to take your rabbit to a show then it has to be at least 6 months of age, and you must have a 3 generation pedigree (pedigree is a record of ancestry of an animal, showing it to be pure-bred or not, here it simply means a record of a rabbit’s ancestors. In general we can say a pedigree to be a record keeping tool) for the animal being registered.
  • When you have a birth certificate and if you have a complete document that lists your rabbit’s parents, grand-parents, and great-grandparents, your rabbit is fully pedigreed. When some of these information is missing then they are partial pedigreed. Birth certificate is very useful when you wish to take your rabbit for breeding.
  • It is most important and useful even when you intend to sell your rabbit.

Aren’t these points most valid for you to have a birth certificate for your rabbits? Do you wish to have one for your Rabbit? If yes, then the wait is over, just go ahead and download the template and register the birth of your rabbits.

How to design your own rabbit birth certificate using the free templates


There may be many breeders who would want to design their own template for use and who are in searching for it. Guess what, we are here to help you out for free, without any cost/charge. You can download the rabbit birth certificate templates from our website for free and modify the same as per you wish and make your own design.

For example, you might feel like omitting any column without filling (eg: color/length/place of birth) or you might feel like including something extra apart from what is given in the templates or you might want to modify the wordings in the templates as you think. And, yes you are allowed to do so and design your own templates if you have downloaded the template from our site.

We fell happy in helping you get your rabbit registered with a birth certificate as you wish.


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