As the title tells, everyone has to retire from his/her active working life at some point of time. At certain stage, one has to put an end to one’s productive years for many reasons. It is nice to receive something like a certificate that signifies and recognizes long-lasting loyalty and service given to the organization until retirement.

Regardless of the appreciation whether it is for the service recognition or outstanding performance praising, a certification will your purpose on the special occasion of ‘Retirement’. If you have long-time employee who is going to retire in near future, then get ready for the grand ceremony occasion with our professional and uniquely designed retirement certificate templates. Our templates follow the saying ‘Good Work Ethic Deserves the Recognition’. Each and every template is made with special care to make you end up with a unique and awesome retirement certificates.

Honour an employee’s hard work, positive contributions, and long-lasting service to your company. Our retirement certificate templates help you put the spotlight on the person who is going to retire as well as recognising your brand and its values well.

In general, The Human Resource Department of the company should make sure that they have enough retirement certificates to honour employees who is going to retire. Honouring the employees for their efforts in the place of work for long years with retire certificates works as an indication or token of appreciation. It makes them feel that they are highly valued for their long service and their productive time at the work place is worth recognizing.

I think we have enough introduction for retirement certificate templates. Now let us jump into our topic in detail to know few more facts about retirement certificates.

Retirement Certificate Templates   

Retirement is the withdrawal of a position or occupation from one’s active working life. Currently, the retirement age is set to 67 years but 62 years is the good retirement age for a person to cease his active working life and entitle to receive other government benefits. The policy making team usually considers the demography, life expectancy, health, nature of profession, fiscal cost of ageing, supply of labor force etc. while confirming the retiring age. In some jurisdictions, people are arguing to increase the retiring age when he/she has increased life expectancy.

Teacher retirement certificate template
Retirement thank you certificate
Retirement appreciation certificate

Now-a-days, an increasing number of people are opting for pre-retirement whereas some are opting to retire when they are eligible to private and public pension benefits. In some cases especially in military, some are forced to cease the work because of bodily conditions which no longer allow the person to give his/her service. In earlier days, there is no any particular age limit to retire. A person can continue his/her active working life until the death. This was happened just because of couple of reasons i.e. low life expectancy and absence of proper pension arrangements. But now governments have provided all the after retirement benefits like health care, pension, etc. In 1889, Germany is the first country to introduce retirement benefits. Finally, I could say the exact retirement age is varied from one country to another country. Generally, it is between 50 years to 70 years of age.

A retirement certificate is an official certificate is given to the person while retiring from his/her longer service for an organization or company. This certificate serves as a service acknowledgement from the company. All the public and private sector organizations and companies require these retirement certificates for your employees when they leave your company. As a token of appreciation for the work contributed to the company’s growth and prosperity, you can give your employees who are retiring on the special retirement day ceremony.

Retirement certificate army
Retirement certificate air force
Retirement certificate after 20 years

Well, what does the retirement certificate includes!? Simple elements like name of the employee, years of service, logo of the company, company’s name and address etc.

On the other hand, let us discuss about after retirement plans!? Sounds interesting and important thing right!!

Retirement recognition certificate
Navy spouse retirement certificate of appreciation
Civilian retirement certificate

Retirement from work cannot stop your active working life forever. A person can do a lot many things after retirement. It provides an opportunity to seek new challenges and fresh directions. For ex: learning new skills, taking up different fields of voluntary or paid work, spending more time on favorite sport, travelling and exploring the world etc.

Therefore, planning your after retirement days will definitely help to make your time more relaxing and comfortable according to your choice. Make most of your time by adjusting to a healthy lifestyle and planning your finances.

Employee retirement certificate template
Early retirement certificate

Pluses and Minuses of Retiring at Different ages

Yes, we do have pros and cons for retiring at different ages. Let us know what they are!

Retirement consultant certificate
Retirement congratulations certificate
Navy retirement certificate template

Early Retirement: Before Age 65

As per the reports published by National Bureau of Economic Research, early retirement i.e. before the age of 65 improves both the health and life satisfaction. To be honest, this is true as the people nearing to 60-65 years of age face many health issues mentally and physically. It is better to have a break to their working life and enjoy the nice perks of after retirement. So, retiring early i.e. before the traditional age 65 years is invigorating.

Note: No Medicare coverage is available to claim until you are 65, so the plan of early retirement must take into account according to your health care costs and benefits.

Retirement certificate for employee
Retirement certificate awarded by the president
Navy retirement certificate appreciation

Normal Retirement: Ages 66 to 70

Retiring during ages 66-70 years is the golden mean of retirement period. Yes, this period is old enough to retire and young enough to enjoy the nice perks of job free years. On the other hand you will receive your full social security payment especially when you are relatively healthy and active.

Funny retirement certificate template

Late Retirement: Age 70 and Older

The advantages of getting retired during 70 years of age include highest-possible Social Security pay out and also you’ll have more time to bulk up your savings. As an added bonus your benefits and perks increase on a prorated basis until 70 years of age.

Note: Late retirement is not always a choice while getting older for many reasons.

Retirement certificate of appreciation template
Retirement certificate for spouse
Happy retirement certificate

Bottom line

Usually, many working people are not ready for the day they retire or quit their working hours of their active careers. Because they think that they are going to lose that financial support until they got for their hard work and efforts. Actually speaking this is not the way one should worry about after retirement instead enjoy your rest of the life as new stage in your life. This can happen by making sure you have arranged all the appropriate resources to enjoy your job free days and make it most exciting.

Here are the few more question and answers to make your doubts on retirement day clear. Have a look and get proper answers for your questions on retirement.

How can I prepare for retirement?

Retirement means you are changing your lifestyle completely from work to relaxing days from the very next day of retirement. There are a number of organizations work for people who are going to retire in near future. They give pre-retirement courses to make them prepare mentally for the retirement day. Also, active organizations promote leisure activities for retiring people. Sounds interesting right!

Can I go on working in retirement?

Mostly, the legislation organizations does not have any upper age limit to work while dealing with the protection of employees. This clearly says that if a person working in retirement means, he/she is going to get the same benefits as everyone else gets. If the person working in retirement only as a part-time job, then also he/she can enjoy the perks same as other part-time employees does.

What income supports may I apply for while retired?

1) If you are opting for early retirement, then you may apply for the income supports like job seeker’s benefits and job seeker’s allowances. You may also eligible for a choice of back to work and educations schemes.
2) If you are redundant, you may be eligible to a statutory redundancy lump sum.

How will I be taxed?

You may need to find out how taxes are applicable for after retirement schemes and policies. Also, find out how the taxes are fixed for lump sum compensation payments after retirement. A number of special tax arrangements are made for people aged 65 years and older.

What legal issues should I consider?

Whatever may the age and reason you retire, it is important to manage financial and legal issues after retirement. Consider the following legal issues we have listed in general for anyone at any age.
1) Legal arrangements for incapacity
2) Making a will
3) Power of Attorney

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