Are you trying to sell or buy a home!? If yes, then you might have come across the terms ‘Roof Certifications and Inspections’. You may have heard from the home inspectors or your realtor’s mouth suggesting you to consider roof certification in order to increase the property’s appeal either in case of buying or selling. In this post, I am going to discuss about roof certification and how it works while home selling and buying process. Also, we provide professional and prompt roof certification templates for all types of roofs. Continue reading to download our templates for free.

Let us have a brief introduction to roof certifications

Who are in real estate business, they often be in tune with the latest housing market trends especially roofing inspections. The only one thing is very common for all the housing property listings i.e. ‘Roof’. The growing number of home property buyers, especially those who see heavy snow and hails expect sellers to provide a roof certification stating that the particular roof has a useful life of at least 5 years. It is generally requisite to have roof certification done after a comprehensive roof inspection when buying homes. In states where there is proper ventilation with good climatic conditions, can expect a roof that lasts for 20 years where as in some states where there is heavy snowfall, the roof cannot last more than 5 years. So, the buyers and the real estate agents should keep in mind the above mentioned considerations before they cut a check. Securing the roof is one of the most common essentials of a home so obviously the cost for roofing can be a very expensive investment. Thus, always choose a home that has proper roof certification before you fall as a prey for huge investments.

Roof Certification

Roofing warranty certificate templates word
Roofing warranty certificate templates free

Roofing certification is nothing but the certified document approved by the roofing inspector before the banks approve a home loan for a re-finance or purchase. The certification is granted only after the roof inspections is clean and clear. Usually, the roof inspector determines the quality of the roof by checking on some factors including how long it lasts, when it will need to be replaced, etc. Roof inspectors follow special procedures to check the integrity of the roof without tearing into it.

Roof certification form templates

Many of the sellers be in their own perception that the roof inspectors would pull up a part of the roof for thorough examination, but here is a simple logic to consider i.e. if you consider the roof as your own, then no one tear holes into it to check if it was in good condition. Hope you understood the matter!!

What does the roofer look at?

Roofing warranty certificate template word
Roof certification letter template

The well trained and experienced roof inspectors are allotted for the purpose of inspecting integrity of the roof. In the way process, they conduct a detailed roof certification inspection that accurately determines the following:

Age of Roof System- Determines how long the existing roofing system could last until replacement is not compulsory. This step is concluded based on the type of roofing product and current condition of the roof.

Roof certification template
Roof certification letter template

Type of Roofing Material- Inspects the type and brand of the roofing materials used. Further, inspectors could make a report on expected longevity, problem areas and defects, class of product involved, weather characteristics etc.

Condition of Roofing Materials- Checks for any damaged or deteriorated roofing material, so that they can decide on the effects of longevity of the current roofing system.

Roof layers and underlayment- Too many layers weigh more than usual and is not acceptable. Identifies the underlayment and decking type to check the approximate load it could bear.

Installation Quality- Determining the installation quality of the current roofing system helps us to detect any potential problems like un-caulked caps, crooked lines, improper ventilation, and over driven or high nails etc. that can be corrected immediately.

Roof certification form templates

Accessories- Inspects the accessories of the current roofing system like head wall flashing, drip edge, exhaust vents, ridge cap, starter, gutter apron, and vent housing pipe jacks etc. for repairs to avoid surprise repairs in future.

Code Items- Inspecting current building code items or requirements help to do accurate assessment and total expected cost required to do any replacement.

Drainage system- Inspects the problem areas at the intersection of gutter and roofing systems to make sure there are no impediments to moving water both structurally and mechanically.

How Roof Certifications Help to Sell and buy Homes

Roofing warranty certificate template free
Roofing certificate of completion templates

Depending on the local custom or law, minimum of 2 year roof certification is required by the lenders while purchasing a home. Now, how roof certification helps here! Let us see.

 The basic purpose of roof certification is:

  • Disclose its remaining life expectancy
  • Make repairs, if necessary
  • Inform a buyer about the condition of the roof

Home sellers are required to provide a roof certificate to the buyer as part of the home sale process. In case, a current roof system doesn’t require any repairs then the roofing company must disclose a copy of roof certification granted by the roof inspectors stating the remaining life of the roof system and its integrity. Because there are always potential chances that a roofing company would anytime go out of the business during the warranty term of your roof system. Hence, do not wait to repair the current problems to the roof that fall under warranty. Do not get confuse roof inspection with the home inspection since both are different from each other.

Roofing certificate of completion template
Roof inspection certification templates
Roof inspection certification template

A roof certification is much like an appraisal and generally buyers concerned about roof integrity mostly ask for ‘roof certification’ for peace of mind. Usually, as part of the deal, the seller must provide a roof certificate that is valid up to 1 to 3 years. If the roof leaks or gets any repairs during that period of time, then the roofing company or contractor should come out and repair the roof under the warranty. It does not mean that the roof contractor will replace the complete roof system. Most home sale transactions do not include roof certification as part of their deal.


How much is a roof certification?

A roof certification is a form of warranty provided by the roof contractor stating that they have done roof inspection and certifies the current roof’s life span as well as mentions the current condition of the roof. As part of the inspection, the roof inspectors must provide a roof certificate from roof contractors or company. The regular charges for roof certification ranges from $75 to $200.

How do you become a certified roofer?

Apply for work with a roofing company or contractor along with the certification requirements according to your state law. Get the study guides and prepare well for the contractor’s exam and take the exam. If you clear the exam, then submit the required documentation to the state licensing board. Renew your state license as required in your state.

Why should I get my roof certification?

Roof certification acts as a tool for both lenders and buyers while purchasing homes. It allows them to have a clear and complete picture of the roof’s condition. Having a roof certification is tremendously beneficial to go through negotiations further results in so much of peace.

Is roofing a dangerous job?

Yes, roofing has become one of the dangerous jobs since roofs are never easy and flat to work. It is something that everyone needs but nobody understands the risky stigma surrounding a roofing system. Though it looks like an easy job that anyone could do, it requires to be very smart to be a roofer. The full-time roofing job is physically and intellectually demanding and hence roofing is considered as one of the dangerous jobs around the world.

Do roofers work in the winter?

You may be wondering to know the answer! We strongly suggest roofers to work in winters and rainy days but strictly no in summers. Because the temperature during summers make roofers cooked up with temperature which is almost 3 times more than usual and normal temperature outside. Hence, it is worth to repair or replace a roof work when it is snowing or raining outside.

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