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12 Surprising Certificate Of Salvation Templates (Free Resources Included)

All these printable certificate of salvation templates are offered for free, and you can download them to edit and provide it to the right individual.

It always calls for grand celebration in the Christian community for giving birth to a baby, baptism, graduation, and dedication. It is equally important to remember the specific day they come to the world again. Yes, honor every fellow Christian with a certificate of salvation when they receive Jesus Christ as their liberator.

Free certificate of salvation templates

Four Qualifiers For Obtaining a Christian Salvation Certificate

Before you provide the salvation certificate, you must know the top 4 qualifiers to give the certificate to the appropriate person.

Having belief in god is not sufficient to attain salvation. One must follow lord and his teachings to achieve salvation. Four step to follow lord.

  1. Grace is the root of salvation – It is not easy to obtain the grace of God. And without grace one cannot move forward to attain salvation. It is firmly believed by Christians that even death can be defeated and eternal salvation is possible with God’s
  2. Faith comes next – For an individual to have faith in Lord and his actions God must grace he/she. God will open the eyes of the individual to start following him and have faith in him.
  3. The result of faith is excellent work – Once you are blessed with faith in God, then you start doing a good job. Good work must be done not expecting returns but to achieve ultimate salvation.
  4. Confidence – Soon after one is getting the grace of the god, they will develop faith in the lord and start doing good. This continuous good work and growing faith will give confidence in one to ask for salvation.

These four qualifiers will take a person to the level of seeking salvation from God. Per your church rules when you identify such individual, you may give the salvation certificate in concurrence with their salvation.

Salvation Army Certificates 

Every Christian church has The Salvation Army as their integral part and has their clear laws and practice based on the country they operate. The Army’s set of guidelines is to follow the conventional Christian belief. All its articles of trust highlight God’s protection objectives.

Its primary goal is to work towards upbringing the Christian religion in every aspect of life including proper education, relieving from poverty, and all other humanity related activities.

The origin of this movement goes way back to 1865, and William Booth from London founded this army, and today it is spread across the globe.

To help every church is the mission to start a Salvation Army in their country, this site offers free Salvation Army certificate. These certificates can be used to appreciate individuals for their contribution to the Christian community. Salvation army is formed in 128 countries.

Salvation Army certificate of appreciation 

Salvation Army conducts many events with the only purpose of spreading the word of god to people without any discrimination.

Every church might not have the same funding, and hence this site offers free certificates to contribute to the mission of helping for a good cause.

Top 4 Salvation Army certificate of appreciation  

Several works deserve applause and appreciation. The most critical four tasks are listed below.

  • Recognizing the valuable contribution of the volunteers.
  • Certificate of appreciation for the best family-focused activities conducted.
  • Combating isolation is another excellent activity required for older people in different part of the world and Salvation Army works with that mission. Appreciation certificates can be given to individual and groups that work towards fighting isolation. Older adults must be given due care, and such activities are getting widespread through Salvation Army.
  • Appreciation certificate is given to people who support during the disaster management. These certificates can also be given to those donors who come forward to offer relief fund to help people suffering due to the calamity.

Salvation Army certificate of dedication 

Christians firmly believe baptism, and hence Salvation Army conducts a baby dedication ceremony. Unlike baptism, this does not happen in a sacred way with water. It is an oath taken by parents during their Sunday church in front of the gathering to protect their baby from all evils. They also promise to teach moral values to children.

The Salvation Army certificate of dedication has the following details. You can download to fill and print them.  

  • Registration Number
  • The Church (Corps) where the child is dedicated
  • Child’s Full Name With Parents (mother and father’s name)
  • Town
  • Dedication Date
  • Child’s Date of Birth with Place
  • Officer’s Rank and Signature

This act of dedication brings in a commitment in the minds of the parents right after having a baby to bring them in the right way following Christianity

In summary, you can download any number of the certificate of salvation template any number of times to reward the right person. We wish to contribute to the right cause of making people follow god and attain salvation.

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