Silent Auction is one type of auction where the bids are written on a sheet of paper and the highest quoted bidder will win that item along with the Silent Auction winner Certificate. The winner can get the item bitted after making the payment of the bid amount. This silent auction is generally conducted by charity and fundraising organizations. This is a “Silent” auction because there will be no auctioneer present for selling the items.

Are you a company or the organization who organize and conduct Silent Auctions? Are you looking for unique and pleasant certificate templates to award the Silent auction winners? If yes, then you are in the right place, here we have designed stylish and impressive ‘Silent auction winner certificate templates’. You can just download and use it as per your needs. Guess what, these can be downloaded for free as and when required. These templates are more user friendly, which you can modify or edit as you need for your use and enjoy awarding the auction winners.

Types of silent auction winner certificate

There are more than one way of conducting the Silent auction and deciding on the winners.

  • Common way of selecting the winners is by making the bidder write the bidding price on a sheet of paper and put it near the item or in a box by mentioning the item number. Towards the end of the auction all the proposed amount will be checked and compared. The person who quoted high will be declared the winner and awarded with the certificate and the Item.
  • Another way of selecting is, by making them write the bid value in the display board or the bidding sheet instead of paper. Where they can take a look on what others have quoted and specify their quote accordingly. Post which the highest quoted bidder will be announced as the winner and awared with the certificate and item won
  • There is one other way of conducting and issuing the winner certificate, it is through online. Here the announcement on the auction will be informed well in advance and during that stipulated time the bidder can participate in the auction online and quote the bid. Again based on the highest quote the winner will be selected and the awarded.

Samples for wordings for silent auction winner certificate

For those who are in search of the wordings to appreciate the winners with the right quotes, we have made you work easy by providing few sample wordings here that you can use for few.

First and the foremost is the title, which is the most attractive part of the certificate. That can be quoted with attractive and stylish fonts and here are few samples.

  • Certificate of Silent Auction Winner
  • Silent Auction Winner
  • Gift for Auction Winner
  • Silent Auction Winner Award

Next is the main description to appreciate the winners and here are few samples.

  • This certificate is to Award “Name”, best bidder in the silent auction conducted on.
  • This is awarded to “Name”, for best competitor and winner in the silent auction.
  • This is to award “Name”, for participating and engaging in the Silent auction.
  • This is to certify “Name”, for his/her outstanding bidding in the Silent auction.
  • This is to appreciate “Name”, for his/her enormous support and winning for past 3 consecutive years

Ideas to present silent auction winner certificate

            Any Silent auction winner will be given away with the Certificate and the item Won. Here are few ways of presenting them with the award.

  • You can award them with the winner certificate by just directly giving one click on these free beautiful templates available here and fill in the required details or modify as per your need.
  • Along with this you can provide the item that was won in the auction by beautifully packing it in the form of a basket and presenting.
  • You can even present the award and item by nicely doing a hand mad pack and presenting.
  • Depending upon the items also it can be packed with a lot of innovative ideas.

What to include in the certificate & Significance

 Here are few of the details that needs to be added as part of the silent auction winner certificate in order to make things very clear and transparent to all.           

Name of the Company/Organization – This is very important for the organization or company who conducts the event to mention their name of the company in the certificate. If there is any existing logo for the company, then that can also be included as part of the certificate. You can download any template and add these by editing as per your need.

Item Won – This is optional to mention the name of the item won in the auction. 

Description – simple lines or phrases to appreciate the winner.

Funding to – this is again an optional part, where the auctioneer if required can mention the name of the company to who the funds are sent.

Date/place – Name of the Place and date on which the auction needs to be specified in the certificate.

Signature – Signature of the organization conducting the Silent auction.

Considering all these facts we have given the templates here for your use, which you can download for free and modify details as per your necessity.

Uses of the Silent Auction Certificate

The main purpose of this auction certificate is to give a legal confirmation to the bidder that the item sold is confirmed to him/her by mentioning the name of the item along with the place and date on which the auction is conducted as an acknowledgement to the bidder. This is also a recognition for the winner in the Silent Auction. These Silent Auction Certificate Template can be easily downloaded from here and customized as per any individual/organizational need, who present this award. For example, you can change the font and color of your choice with this ready-made templates without any difficulty and make your work much easier.

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