Martial arts are gifted to the world since ancient time. Such art not only helps us protect ourselves from danger but also make us fit and give us confidence. One such self-defence art with root from Korea is called Taekwondo.

If you are running a training academy or an individual who is keen on spreading this beautiful art to people, then you must feel glad to use these Taekwondo certificate templates for free.

We would like to support the society joining hands with you to educate people on Taekwondo. Alongside we would also want you to share these basic details with your students and help them understand the theory behind Taekwondo to make them effectively master this art.

Taekwondo Certificate Templates

Taekwondo Instructor Certificate

Four Types of Taekwondo Certificate

When you offer a course on Taekwondo and decide to give certificates you need not wait until someone completes a black belt after 4 years. But you can give certificates at a different interval to motivate their good work and to let them know where they stand.

That way there are four important certificates presented for your perusal for different purposes. Find them listed below with a mention of how it can be used effectively.

  1. Certificate Of Appreciation

Every training program would use an appreciation certificate to recognize the good work of an individual or a team. Taekwondo certificate of appreciation can be issued when you think its time to give applause to the learner. It need not be a big move even a small kick done completely deserves a word of appreciation. You can use the appreciation certificate to recognize that good work.

In the beginning, you must provide appreciation frequently to keep the spirit at a high level. Every beginner will lack confidence and only a certificate can bring them to a confident platform. Hence do not hesitate to bring the good efforts to limelight and issue certificate of appreciation.


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  1. Certificate Of Participation

Do you know the willingness to participate in the first step to success? So you must not forget to issue a certificate for participating. This you can issue at the beginning of the first class thanking the individual for taking part. Or you can provide after completing a few modules and when they cannot continue due to personal reasons.

Even you can issue participation certificate after conducting a workshop to touch base basics of Taekwondo art. This course can include the tenets and basic self-defending movements.

You can think of organizing classes to ladies for a week or two to help them protect themselves and there use these participation techniques.

  1. Certificate Of Excellence

Above two certificates can be given to naïve players. But this one can be used to appreciate the outstanding skills of individual who mastered the Taekwondo art.

Make sure to use these certificates for a different level of completion of the art. Alternatively, you may also issue this to recognize a few specific movements done by the players in an extraordinary manner.

  1. Best Player Certificate

At the end of the course or every level, you can plan for a competition, game or such kind. There you can assess the best player and give the best player certificate.

Best players need not be a number of players but a person who can handle the game well is also called the best player. Appreciate that individual with a certificate.

Taekwondo Black Belt Certificate Template

Completing a black belt in Taekwondo is not easy. It requires perseverance, skills, and time. Yes, you must wait for your student to graduate to that level for a minimum of 3 yrs. This waiting certainly deserves to applaud.

Use the black belt certificate template to make your student feel proud of their completion. Try to call upon an event to celebrate the successful completion of Taekwondo black belt level.

This will not only cheer up the person who completed but also motivate the new players to stand on their toes and move up the ladder.

Gift Certificate Template 

Now, this section is for all those who want to gift their loved ones with a gift certificate. When you get to know that your kith and kin complete or even just take part in Taekwondo course, then you must gift them a certificate to inspire them to learn more.

Use these gift certificate templates and appreciate the good initiative or even completion of Taekwondo course.

A short intro to Taekwondo,

Let everyone understand the meaning of Taekwondo which is a Korean word split into three words namely,

Tae – jump or kick

Kwon – hand or fist

Do – the way.

Why is Taekwondo certificate template required?

You may wonder the need for a certificate as it is just a piece of paper. Yes, we agree with you, but trust me a certificate will act as the best motivating factor. Each student will feel delighted to complete a course with a certificate of completion, appreciation, excellence and much more.

Hence you must make use of your skills to educate people on self-defence Taekwondo techniques and take help using these templates to certify their skills.

Also, these certificates will help you to evaluate them on their performance and take them to next level.

Finally, the students can use these certificates for their future prospects. Few may start a course on their own to share their knowledge with others. Rest may find a good job as these skills will aid them to be confident.

Components Of Taekwondo Certificate  

Any certificate must have a few basic elements to add value to the certificate. Taekwondo certificate is no different from this. Understand what all components are mandatory to make this certificate complete. However, you can also find other details which may or may not be added to your certificate. We have provided both and it is up to you to decide which elements must be present in your certificate.

Lets deep dive to understand the mandatory and good to have components of a Taekwondo certificate template

Title – Needless to say a certificate without a title is equal to a person without a name. Yes, you must mention the title as a certificate of appreciation, participation, best performance etc. Prior to that, you may also want to add your training academy name which is up to your decision.

Name – Next comes the name of the individual who deserves the Taekwondo certificate of completion. This will authorize the receiver to use the certificate with pride. Every course taught officially must accompany a certificate.

Duration – Mention the time duration of the training provided to differentiate an amateur from an expert. Do not simply print your certificate without this detail as it may mislead the readers and people can misuse this certificate claiming to have expertise when they don’t have.

Therefore clearly state the time duration to complete this course and the level of expertise the individual has on the Taekwondo art.

Every beginner must know the 5 tenets of Taekwondo before they get into the class with all techniques. Few might use the certificate even without knowing this basic. Hence confirm the duration which in turn will add credit to the learner.

5 tenets for every learner’s review

  • Courtesy – Ye Ui
  • Integrity – Yom Chi
  • Perseverance – In Nae
  • Self-control – Ye Ui
  • Indomitable spirit – Baekjul Boolgool

You may even print this oath behind the certificate which is optional.

Wordings – Another important criterion of a certificate will remain the wordings that mention the expertise of the course completer. It could be any one of the following.

  • Congratulations on successfully completing the course.
  • Good to offer this certificate for learning the basics of Taekwondo.
  • Appreciating the good work and mastery of Taekwondo skills.
  • This is to certify your participation in the Taekwondo course for 3 years.

We are sure that from the above wordings you get an idea about what exactly is to be printed. Now, unwind your creativity to add more wordings and recognize the good work of your student.

Signature – Last but the most important section is this one. You must sign in this place along with the name and designation to add a feather to the cap. Yes, the user will take pride in this to know that a master has certified the skills. Therefore remember to write the details of the person who signed in this and make sure a real master signs in this instead of using a stamp.

Ok, so far you saw about all the required elements and few optional ones as well. But, find below a few purely optional things to be added to the certificate that makes your certificate look great.

  • Take care of the font type and size as they need to be legible to recognize the good work.
  • Next, use a nice background to highlight the certificate wordings.
  • Make a good border and design with bright colors.
  • Possibly add some images with Taekwondo techniques.

Here we would like to reemphasize that you can quickly download the free templates in different color, design, and fonts to appreciate your students.

Learning Taekwondo will make the individual feel fresh, confident and strong. Acknowledging their efforts with a gift certificate is a good gesture. Feel free to download templates and add more energy to the learners.

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