Today, training certificates are found in almost every industry. Business, health department, engineering, Information Technology (IT) courses etc. are just a few to list from a wide range of professions that provide training certificates on voluntary or mandatory basis.

Do u know!? Training certificates has a lot of demand both for online courses and physical courses. This fast growing demand means that certificates for training courses are fast becoming one of the most important considerations for most of the departments or industries.

With our professional training certificate templates, you can design your own custom training certificate for any industry – right from your own Web browser. Just choose from dozens of templates that fall in line with your brand and what it represents, add the information according to your needs and you’re ready to go. In addition, our free templates offer you easy-to-use features like you can crop images and adjust color schemes, align your text, and apply filters-you can do all these with just a couple of clicks. Believe me, No design skills required!! Let us get into the details of training certificate.

What is the Training Certificate

A training certificate is a document that certifies the holder has completed a specific course of training. Here the training referred could be an hours program or as multi-course program taking six months or more.

Course Completion Certificate Template Word

There are reasons for why certification is important to learners or trainees, whether the organization is officially recognized or not. Following are what they are!

  • motivate employees to enhance their skills and knowledge
  • shows commitment to the profession, and helps with job advancement
  • helps employees climb the professional ladder
  • helps to have a successful and continuous education
  • provides employees with credibility
  • helps employers evaluate potential new hires
  • gain practical skills for the job, as it focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to perform real-world job responsibilities

Certificate of Training Content and Layout

Training Certificate Template

It is always good to acknowledge the achievement when a person attends any training program or course. Training certificates are given to the holders at the end of the training course or program. And those who successfully complete the training program can receive these certificates.

It is easy to create a simple and elegant training certificate. When creating training certificates, a good quality paper is used and give a classy border or outline. Get the good quality parchment paper from any local stationery or office equipment suppliers. You can use text boxes with suitable fonts and decorative borders. Italic and script fonts works well for these certificates. Also the cantered and fully justified text layout is perfect to display the certificates in a professional way.

Many gets confused on which color suits best to make the training certificates look professional. But do not take too much stress on your brain, just use black color for printing the text on the certificate as it makes the certificate look simple, elegant and classy. It makes certificate look lot more professional than color printing.

What’s the content to add in our professional looking training certificates!? Here is what you can include on training certificates.

  • Create a smart border- Give it a professional and classy-look than fancy swirly patterns
  • Insert logos or any good quality images into the top center or corner of the certificate
  • Give large font size and smart professional looking font style and script-Italian creates feel of authority and quality
  • State the name or title of the course followed by the course duration
  • Mention the appropriate venue including name of the offices, training center, a town and country, whatever is suitable.
  • Include a good description. You can use the phrases like “this is to certify that”, “this certifies that” etc
  • End the certificate by adding signatures and date. Also, do not forget to state the organizations which are going to sign the certificate.
  • At the foot of the certificate mention the awarding organization’s name, brief address details, plus website, as applicable.

Different Types of Training Certificate Templates in different fields

Find and try new and innovative training certificate templates for all the fields in current society. Learn more and create your own certificate of training according to your brand and organization.

Computer Training Certificate Template

Computer Training Certificate Template

The computer training certificate template is a kind of award that is rewarded to the person who has successfully completed the computer course or training. High quality and printable certificates available readily for instant use. Download for free!

Training Certificate of completion Template

Training Certificate Of Completion Template

This template is given to the individual who completes the particular training program or course successfully. Free downloadable templates with stunning outlines and graphic design borders and easy to edit!

Safety Training Certificate Template

Safety Training Certificate Template

You are just a click away to download safety training certificate templates! These certificates are given to those who participates and completes the safety training programs.

Personal Training Gift Certificate Templates

Personal Training Gift Certificate Template

Get inspired by our free downloadable and printable professionally designed personal training gift certificate templates. These certificates are perfect for gifting to those who are interested in personal fitness.

Hippa Training Certificate Template

Hipaa Training Certificate Template

We are excited to provide you comprehensive Hippa training certificate templates. These are useful for many organizations who offer their employees for attending security certification course.

Drivers Training Certificate Template

Drivers Training Certificate Template

This certificate is given to certify a person’s qualifications in driving. Also, recognizes the completion of driver training program. Fully layered and easy to edit templates available right now for you to download for free.

Dog Training Certificate Template

Dog Training Gift Certificate Template
Dog Training Certificate Template

Check out our professionally designed certificate templates for dog training programs. You will be able to design your own certificates using our well layered and high quality layouts. Easy to edit and ready to use templates!

Dementia Training Certificate Template

Dementia Training Certificate Template

Get free dementia training certificate templates perfect for professionals and family carers who understands and care for people dealing with dementia.

Blood borne Pathogen Training Certificate Template

Bloodborne Pathogen Training Certificate Template

The blood borne pathogens course is designed to train people on how to reduce the exposure to common viruses in work place. Also, a blood borne training certificate is given to those individuals who participate in this training program. Immediate downloadable and printable certificate.

Blank Training Certificate Template

Blank Training Certificate Template

Browse and download our free blank certificate templates to your desktop absolutely for free! Colourful and professionally designed blank training certificate templates are available right now for immediate use.

Asbestos awareness Training Certificate Template

Asbestos Awareness Training Certificate Template

Get the interactive training course specially designed to bring awareness among duty holders and workers who are working with asbestos. Download our free templates to give those individuals who work in a risky place as a recognition. An asbestos training certificate template includes your name, company details etc.

Army Training Certificate Template

Army training certificate is an official and valuable document for army officers generally issued after the ongoing training program and for the daring accomplishments during any kind of training course. We have templates to help you download instantly and customize to your needs and style.

Army Training Certificate Template

All our templates are available online and absolutely free! There is no need to have designed skills to make your own certificate template and also no need to purchase any of our certificate templates since they are completely free. All our templates include high quality Images, original artworks & fonts, original suggestive Headings. Also, take the advantage of instant download, editable & printable. Happy browsing!!

What is a training certificate?

A training certificate is an official document or record that shows that the holder has completed successfully a specific course of training. It is generally rewarded
to the awardees at the closing ceremony of the course along with the trophies and medals.

How do i get a training certificate?

Many organizations belonging to different fields like health department, IT, Industrial companies, education department etc. hold training sessions within the company
to train the employees or students on a variety of procedures and skills. A training course may include employee orientation, human resourse training, training
specific to a person’s job, and a safety training. When a person successfully completes any of the training course or session, then that person can get the training
certificate as a reward. One can obtain the training certificate from government or recognized training institutions as well.

How to create a training certificate?

We help you to create unique and awesome training certificates using our templates. We provide you an abundance of styles from which you can choose your favorite one.
Select the template to use for your certificate and download for free. You can personalize the template with your own individual company training information. Once
you finish adding the right wording and text, take out the print of your document. Now your certificates are ready to present the participants after the completion
of training program.

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