Bored of throwing routine and traditional baby shower parties!? Why not think in a different and creative way!? If you are looking for an alternative to the routine baby shower parties, just follow me. Yes, today I have come up with a great idea of throwing baby shower party in an innovative way i.e. “Diaper Party”!

Diaper party is easy to plan and set up. I have done some research and listed few ideas and tips for planning a great diaper party. Continue reading to make your baby shower party so innovative and fabulous.

Invitation is a must for any kind of party. There is no party without inviting near and dear ones. So let us start creating innovative diaper invitations in order to have a wonderful and cute diaper party. In this article, you can expect free and ready to use diaper party invitation templates absolutely for free. As it is the most awaited party for the parents and the child to celebrate, we provide great looking sample diaper party invitation templates along with unique ideas which can be integrated in the invitation. Check out our new designs that are really appealing and enhances the overall look of the invitations. So, download our awesome diaper party invitation templates and customize to suit your style and make your event even more memorable for the guests. All our templates are available in PDF and word formats. Give it a try!

Diaper Party

A diaper party is nothing but celebrating the baby shower party with a popular theme i.e. ‘diapers’. It is an alternative to a traditional shower party. Guests instead of buying and bringing common and regular baby gifts, they bring diapers and wipes as a gift. Bringing diapers as gifts help out the expecting couples. Also, they replace fancy baby shower foods, and desserts with beer and BBQ. The other funny names to this party are “Huggies and Chuggies party”, “a man shower”, or “Beer and Diaper parties”.

Diaper parties are often exclusively planned for the new dad and his friends. It will be more low-key. There is no need of any special dress up for beer and diapers party. Guests can come up as they are! Sounds simple and cute right!? In fact, diaper parties sometimes take place on the same day as the baby shower, and may be in a different location (another house, or the back yard, basement or garage).

A Small Tip for the Guests: Since it may be difficult to return or exchange diapers, it can be helpful for the expecting couple, if the guests specify brand or size preferences. Even the host can ask for sizes 1-5 since no one wants to get stuck with a ton of new born diapers that won’t fit for long.

Reasons for a diaper party

Who doesn’t love a good party!? Do we need a perfect reason to have a great baby shower? Absolutely not!! A new baby is the perfect reason to party and it is always amazing to celebrate the baby’s arrival with the family and friends.

Diaper party is actually an easiest baby shower party to plan and also fun filled for the guests as well. As we already discussed, diaper party is considered as baby shower for dad with his friends. But it doesn’t have to be! You can throw a great diaper party for many other reasons like following:

  • Alternative to a traditional baby shower
  • Works well for babies after the first
  • Great theme for a dad or a coed shower
  • Easy to plan for the parents who already have everything!

The whole concept is to keep it as simple as possible but you can elaborate according to your wish and needs. Give a rewarding experience to your guests by tailoring some innovative games that suits everyone in the party.

Right Wordings Make a Great Invitation

The wording of the invitation needs to make the nature of the celebration clear. Also, the wording could be formal or informal which depends on the theme of your shower party. In fact, you can play with the wordings to suit the theme of your shower party. Here are few right wording ideas perfect for adding to the diaper party invitations. Have a look!

First insert few introduction lines to the baby shower in your invitation card. The introduction lines include little information about the parents and their new expected baby. After that add some phrases to invite the guests to attend the event. You can use the following phrases or lines to invite your guests in a pleasing way.

Diaper Party Invitation Wording #1

We are looking forward to see you at the baby shower. We have just one request, we hope isn’t too hard. Please bring a pack of diapers instead of a card. You will be entered for a grand prize! So that mom and dad will be ready when the baby arrives.

Diaper Party Invitation Wording #2

We hope you can make it to the baby shower party to celebrate the baby of the hour! However we have just one small ask, Please make this your number one task…To help dad and mommy get ahead through their budget, please bring diapers instead of a gift. If you do, we’ll enter your name to win a prize in the diaper raffle game!

Diaper Party Invitation Wording #3

Babies need clean diapers when they do their doodie. That’s why we give them diapers to wear on their batootie. Please bring a pack of diapers, and also confirm about the brand or size. We will enter your name in the diaper raffle game, and you may be the one who win the grand prize!

Finishing wordings:

Since the main concept of the diaper party is to get diapers as a gift instead of other baby toys etc., finish the invitation with a brief note that recommending for diapers and explain whether they should bring cloth or disposable diapers or both. Also mention the preferred size and brands if any in case of parents have a preference. If diaper-related gifts are welcome, then you can also give your guests few options or provide suggestions like wipes, baby powder, diaper rash creams and lotions, and diaper pins etc. Ensure you are not confusing and make it simple and clear.

Most Magical Diaper Party Invitations

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Welcome your closest guests to your festivity using our professionally designed and super cute basic invite’s baby shower invitations. Just download your favorite invitation template and personalize it to your style. Make sure your guests should feel adored and surprised learning that you personally sat down to make exclusive invitation cards. Envelope background, personalized text, font size and style, and color options are simply a few of the ways that adds a unique touch to your personally shaped diaper party invitation cards.

What is a Diaper Party?

Diaper Party is a straight forward and uncomplimented baby shower only for guys. Diaper party usually involves 3 things like BBQ, Beer, and lots and lots of diapers. The
common theme of the party is a “beer and diaper party. Diaper parties are often planned by the new dad’s family or friends. Now-a-days, some couples are having joint
diaper baby shower parties.

What to bring to a diaper party?

Diapers! Diapers! Diapers! Yes, all you need to bring to a diaper party is some diapers. You could even bring some wipes and your own beer if you have particular preference
You don’t need to bring any baby clothes, accessories, toys, or anything like that. Make sure to consider not only new born but also healthy babies while buying a pack of

4 Kinds of Diaper Showers: Which one is right for you?

There are different ways to throw a great diaper shower party! Let us know few of them.
Diaper Raffle
A Manly Shower
Diaper Throne
There are also some great themes and design options when throwing a diaper baby shower party. A diaper cake, diaper wreath, or diaper bouquet are some fun additions
to the diaper party!

What is the standard diaper party etiquette?

Follow the below mentioned etipuette to make your diaper party a great success.
1) Stick to a Small Guest List
2) Make it clear on the invite that diaper donations are much appreciated
3) Convey your sincere thanks to each guest who attends at the party. You can send handwritten thank you notes to the guests who attended the party.

Why Have A Diaper Party?

It is a non traditional baby shower diaper party for dad’s and of course dad’s have the hand in mom getting pregnant. So, he is special and deserves some special parties
for his child too. Hence, the party is also referred as Daddy’s Diaper Party. Another important for having diaper party is to stockpile diapers by requesting each attendee
contribute a case of diapers because diapers are expensive. During first two years of child’s life, buying diapers is the parent’s biggest expence. These are the two main
reasons for having a diaper party.

Who are invited and hosts a diaper party?

It is completely a dad’s wish to whom he wants to invite. Generally, family are invited and of course, dad-to-be’s friends, associates and co-workers. Typically the
dad-to-be’s family or friends will plan this diaper party. Just like with baby shower etiquette, a dad should not plan his own diaper party.

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