It’s indeed a pleasure to invite friends and relatives to the party. But, the catch is arranging for food. You need to either fix a catering service or make your own food. Do you want to know the secret behind the best party food? Yes, it is always great to opt for a potluck way when you invite many guests for food.

Potluck meal is to let every guest prepare a recipe, cook and bring them to the table. You can have variety, and share responsibility as well. Sounds great right? Yes, it is. Now, let me tell you something about this post. We are not going to provide you with any recipe to make for a potluck. But, we will provide with many potluck invitation templates, and tips to write a potluck invite.

Even before asking the guest about what food they can make, you need to let them know in a nice way to cook and bring. Inviting for a potluck requires few skills and all that can be designed in your invite. A nice way to involve the guest in the party and still have all the fun is by preparing the best potluck invitation.

Without debating further, let’s get into business and learn many aspects of making a potluck invitation. And finally, we would like to announce that you can freely download any potluck invitation template from here. Also, copy the wordings given here. Yes, it is for you no copyright questions. Beware! Do not paste it in any other site but use it in your invitation to get people to your party. Let us have a look at different types of invitations of Potluck.

Types of Potluck Invitation

Potluck Lunch Invitation / Potluck Dinner Invitation 

Structure – Every invite has a typical structure that will help the host to create and the guest to interpret the details. In potluck lunch/dinner invitation you can have the following sections as the structure. The program details namely the time, date and place. Purpose of the lunch and the participant details. Then comes the message like what you expect them to bring etc. Finally, their confirmation.

Sample Wording – Inviting you to take part the potluck lunch/ dinner with an interesting non-vegetarian starter. Join us to have a whole meal and just contribute a starter as an appetizer.

Etiquette – Based on the reason you are hosting this lunch and the location mention the dress code. Also, let them know whether they need to bring kids and another guest. This will allow them to understand the basic expectation of the party.

Thanksgiving Potluck Invitation 

Structure – The Thanksgiving potluck will be a general event and the purpose section is not required as everyone is well aware of the same. The title itself talks about the purpose. However, if you specifically host the party to thank someone who really contributed to your life, then do not think twice to mention. Also, let the guest know whether the person whom you plan to thank is aware or a surprise party. You can give thanksgiving party making it great suspense to someone who is valuable in your life.

Etiquette – It is important to dress well and arrive on time to the Thanksgiving potluck to respect the person to whom gratitude is expressed. Therefore mention the etiquette and the kind of food you expect the guest to bring.

Thanksgiving Potluck Invitation Wording – Feeling glad to invite you to the Thanksgiving potluck to our granny. Bring a soft chewy dish to let granny enjoy the taste. Come dressed in with ethnic wear and give a great treat to the old woman eyes as well. 

Halloween Potluck Invitation 

Structure – Again mention the time, date and venue for Halloween potluck. No need to mention the purpose because it is obvious that nothing other than fun will be in a Halloween party. Request confirmation of the number of kids and adults in Halloween party to plan for the food arrangement. Mention food list commonly liked by kids and let them choose one and get them on the table.

Etiquette – Getting kids well dressed is the main etiquette for Halloween potluck. Yes, well dresses here means the terrifying kid. How the kids to behave to be mentioned in the invite. Kids age group and dress code also can be mentioned.

Halloween Potluck Invitation Wording – Dress your little angel as a daredevil and join the potluck to have a tremor in the terror. Bring some pumpkin pudding to munch before lunch. 

Christmas Potluck Invitation  

Structure – It’s a big party and you need to decide the number of people and your venue. Now, go forward and provide all details including date, time and venue. Explain the meal theme and ask them to bring traditional turkey biryani or an apt side dish to make Christmas eve felt in the mouth. Don’t forget to mention your contact details and confirmation request of their presence and the acceptance for bringing food.

Etiquette Christmas cannot have fun without drinks and dance. Mention the protocol of who is allowed and who is not for the party. The party behavior and kind of dress to be worn.

Christmas Potluck Invitation Wording Lets have potluck dinner with dance and alcohol. We will cherish turkey dishes and bring in your master recipe to let us share the food with you. 

Office Potluck Invitation / Company Potluck Invitation 

Structure – The office potluck invite will typically have the date, time. The venue will be your office cafeteria. Discuss the food menu and freeze the same before printing the invite. You can thank the colleagues for contributing to the potluck. Remind them to bring the dish on time. Make sure you also take help for cutleries as in office you might not have many. The structure goes this way, date details, food item list, and dress code.

Etiquette – On an office day dress code may not be an issue. Let know colleagues about their limits during the potluck. What are they expected to bring to the party? Alcohol is strict no if in office premises. Allow bachelors to contribute eatables like chips and dessert which can be bought readymade from shops.

Office Potluck Invitation Wording – Long waited potluck is arranged on ________date and time at our office. Skip breakfast to have a great feast during lunch. Contributors make sure you bring food sufficient for 100 people. 

Potluck BBQ Invitation Wording 

I am planning to give my backyard for free on ____ (date) for a BBQ potluck. Conditions Apply. All I would charge you is to come with an idea and all things required grilling.

It’s a vegetarian BBQ feel free to choose paneer, bell pepper, baby potato, mushroom, pineapple, melon, or anything you feel can please the taste buds. Let’s join together to grill and eat. Help us to serve you better.

Potluck Party Invitation Email Sample 

Fine, now you want to invite guests for a potluck just in an email. You do not want to make an attachment. Yes, you can simply write your mail and invite them. Hang on, there are few ways in which you can catch their attention. Among 1000s of emails let your mail not be ignored. Find below three samples and a brief explanation of how it makes the difference.

Example #1

Subject Line – Lucky you invited for the Potluck

Inviting you with your family to join us on _________(Date and time) at __________ (venue) for a potluck party. Feel free to bring one main course dish.

Confirm your presence to make the event a grand success.

Example #2

Subject Line – Potluck Party on _______ (mention date)

Looking forward to taste your appetizer on the potluck party at ____________ (venue) on _______ (date and time).

Example #3

Subject Line – Just cook one dish but have a full course meal – Potluck Invitation

Let’s meet together to wave send off to Smith on _________ (Date and time) at our office. We will surprise Smith with a grand food party. You are requested to bring one dish that Smith loves. Let’s all share joy and food together.

In all the samples you noticed three things in common and they are a must for potluck email sample is.

They are

  1. Subject Line – Let know the recipient the purpose
  2. The body of the Mail – Must contain the date, time and venue
  3. Closing – Should have a mention that they are expected to cook and bring one dish.

How To Write Potluck Invitation 

Let’s start from scratch. We will walk you through the detailed step of making a potluck invitation. Ok, it is good to let the food menu to the guest, but still, need some amount of planning to organize the entire event.

Open an MS word document and save it. File ->New. File ->Saveas. Yes, I always mention saving as step one in any template making as you need not worry about losing your hard work in case your system shuts down without your concern

Draw a border using the Page Layout -> Page border option. Click on this to get detailed a view as given in the image

Now, choose the border, page border, and shading option. Every time you choose you can concurrently see the preview on the section on its right. Then apply to the whole document. You can design too!

Inside the border, let’s begin typing in the order mentioned for your reference. Begin with the heading and it is nothing but POTLUCK INVITATION. You can also be specific and state YOU ARE INVITED FOR A POTLUCK DINNER, or POTLUCK INVITE FOR CELEBRATING RIYA’s GRADUATION etc.

Next, mention potluck event details as follows.

  • Date
  • Time
  • Venue
  • Purpose – The event purpose is a tricky way of throwing your expectation from the guest to prepare a meal If you cannot directly ask for what they will bring, then let them know the event theme and they can think of food that will match the show.
  • Programs If any – Let the guest prepare for the event by making themselves available on time and bringing any things required etc.
  • Who can accompany you – This is important because some potluck might be reserved for adults. Few will be within the known So let the recipient know their limits and make sure they do not embarrass you at the party.
  • Dress Code (optional)

Coming to the potluck details, ask them to bring their serving dish or let them know if you have arranged them in a uniform manner. Check if they bring extra spoons, forks etc. Also, inform them to keep you informed in case they need your kitchen on the day of the event to freeze something or heat or for any other purpose before serving.

Close the invite giving your contact details. (Phone, email, and request for an RSVP). If you feel okay, then ask them to confirm the dish along with the RSVP. This is one step forward to better planning.

Suggestion: You can also print the list of items behind the card to help guest choose their favorite to cook for the potluck. This will not only help them decide on a dish but also can make them understand that these are the food items you plan for the event.

Your invite is all set to be printed. Use font and colors based on your creativity. But before, that we would humbly remind you that you can use our templates for free in just one click.

Potluck Invitation Wording 

Ok, let me touch base on this topic here. However, have given several sample wordings in the coming section under each theme. So, good luck to either get inspired by my wordings to create one on your own or quickly copy my wordings.

BTW, What is potluck invitation wording? It is nothing but the phrase you use to invite a guest for the potluck. Hey welcome to potluck on ________(date, time) and at ___________(venue) is the most simplest wording. But, you can move forward and let them know the event theme and you expect what kind of food from them.

Inspiring 5 Funny Potluck Invitation Wordings 

  1. The freezing cold has tucked you in the jacket. But tongues are out to taste the great food. Yes, a potluck is waiting for and do join us.
  2. Don’t shy to eat as much as you can, after all, you are going to contribute to this potluck.
  3. Check your dish before you get into the car as the doors are opened only for those who come with a dish for the potluck event.
  4. Never criticize others food in the potluck for you never know when is your turn.
  5. I am proudly inviting you to the potluck to just make sure I get a full course meal and the courtesy is you.

How Do You Create A Potluck On Evite

Evite is a free online invitation maker. You can send email from Evite and also get responses. Follow this guide to create your potluck invite on Evite.

Open and register your account click the link REGISTER found on the right-hand side of the page. You need to create an account filling a few basic personal details. Get a confirmation mail to the email id you mentioned and open your mail to click on the link and confirm. Now, you have linked your email with Evite. Remember the login credentials to make Evite invite for your potluck party.

Design and Details

Once you have obtained your link now you can start. Look for the Create Invitation icon on the evite page. Click on that and you will see a page as given in the image below. First, choose the design style and then proceed entering details. Fill the event title, type, host details, date, and all other as requested in the link.


In the message, section fills the potluck invite wordings. Here you can tell them what is the purpose of this potluck and what you expect from the guest. Let not your message be lengthy at the same time giving clear details. Whether you want to bring a specific dish? What do you plan for the meal etc?

Preview and Invite Options  – How Do You Ask Guests On Evite

Now, your invite creating part is over. You can take a look at the preview of your invite and edit until you feel satisfied. Save draft to continue. Learn the many invite options.

  • You can make a list of the food menu and request guest to click the dish they prefer preparing along with the RSVP. The catch point is when one guest chooses a dish that will be removed and hence will prevent another person to choose the same item. As per the saying goes, first come first serve Evite is first to come to first choose your dish. Remember to have not possible options as well. There could be few not able to bring anything but still, you can let them take part in the event. Avoid awkwardness of any kind.
  • A recorded message can be included by selecting the music playlist adding a link and display any music or a message that you wish to convey to your guest.
  • Guest Polling – Enable the poll option to let your guest give their feedback. You can use this by including 3 polls and allow them to mention about the food allergy, disability, or any concerns they have.

Now, you can include the guest email addresses and send the invite to them. In your account section, you can now track the responses. The event name will appear which you created to check for the specific event.

It is very simple to use this online tool for free which will save you time and money. Feel free to create great invites and get the best food on the table. 

Know More about Potluck Invitation

Is It Rude To Ask Guests To Bring Food To A Party

Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes, it rude to ask the guest to bring food for a party. But, no when you tell it is a potluck. Potluck the very name indicates that it is a party that will require the guest to bring food. You can use some nice wordings to let them know their help is required.

Elaborate the event details and seek their help to make it is a tasty treat. Depending on the guest, you can plan an invite and request them for their contribution.

One example for your suggestion – I am planning to arrange for a potluck party to celebrate New Year in our apartment. Would like to invite you to make the event a grand success. Please do not bring any gift but make some nice dish to start the New Year with great taste.

I am sure this does not sound rude but you made your point clear. No guilt, be tactical to ask your guest to prepare food for the pot luck event.

How Do You Say Bring Your Own Alcohol On An Invitation

Yeah, this is little complicated to ask the guest to get alcohol to the party. But, there is a way and I will share the secret tip with you. The party you host is with your close circle, then go ahead and ask them to get the drinks. Otherwise, use one of the following wordings and make things happen.

  • You are invited for the potluck and I am glad to provide a satisfying meal to prevent stomach ulcer after drinks. Get alcohol of your choice to give us a surprise
  • Potluck Alcohol party. Do not bring kids but don’t forget to bring beer and wine
  • Let’s dance on the floor after sipping a peg of rum. You are the sponsor.
  • There is a surprise party and the surprise is not known to me as you will bring alcohol with you.

Potluck Invitation Wrapping Thoughts

We are extremely pleased to share so much of exhaustive details with you. Wishing you to have a great potluck party. Accept our small contribution of these free invitations to spice your party a flavor.

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