We  welcome, all cake makers and bakery owners to use the cake order invoice template in word, excel, or PDF format. You can download and personalize these invoices before you give it to your customer.


Are you wondering about how are templates and cakes connected? Yes, they are as every business transaction must be documented appropriately. Cake shop owners can make all their purchase by making use of the free cake invoice template.


Bakery Invoice Templates


You can now feel glad to run a bakery business as I have provided all the details about making an invoice. Also, have provided the bakery invoice template for free.

Different Types of Bakery Invoice 

All that you sell might not require invoice until and unless your transaction is booked in advance requires an invoice. Therefore when you sell cake in your shop, you can just use the bill to record your sales and amount received.

However, every order taken to bake in your bakery must have an invoice in place. This will help you to track the payment and also customer will know the pricing break up. Baked goods can be cake, cookies, etc. Bakery invoice template can be used for any of your baked goods sale on demand.

Difference Between Invoice, Template, Bill 

Bakery Invoice

  • Recorded with details about the baked good transaction between the buyer and the seller.
  • Will consist of invoice number, contact details, description of the order, quality, price and total amount.
  • Tax details and signature also is a must in the invoice. Mode of payment also will be mentioned in the invoice.
  • An invoice will consist of the term of payment by the buyer and the seller order delivery commitment.

Bakery Bill Format:


Invoice raised does not confirm payment. It is only to record the transaction, and the details provided the seller for the clear understanding of the buyer.

Bill is given to receive payment within the stipulated time and bill gave confirms the order completed.

Bakery bill format usually will consist of the bill number, contact details, and order information. It will include the cake description, quantity, amount etc. Only upon receiving payment bill is provided. Most of the time it is across the table.

Sellers, please be aware not to give a bill before getting paid as it is a legal proof for payment maid. Unlike invoice is just a document for reference and will not confirm payment.

Cupcake Invoice Template 


Cupcake invoice will have the same essential items, and additionally, include the number of cupcake order will be mentioned. It could be banana pudding cupcake, plain cupcake etc. So your invoice must consist of all details about the cupcake.

You can find several cupcakes printed invoice template for your perusal. All kids love to have a cake and so you can flourish in your business by making cakes. They are also looking cute with minimal ingredients that are safe for even infants. Attract more customers with your professional work and feel glad to made use of many Cupcake Order Invoice from here.

Baking Invoice Template 


Apart from cake, any baking orders you deliver can make use of this baking invoice template. This will be useful for your cookie business where baking is the primary process. You can include all the details in description, and mention the quantity to raise a bill. 

Top 5 Reasons To Invoice For Cake Order 

When you take an order, it is an excellent practice to invoice your cake order for the following reasons.

  1. You can document for financials for tax purposes.
  2. Customer will get a bright idea about the work done.
  3. It helps you to keep reminders and get paid.
  4. You can also refer to document in future when you get bulk orders.
  5. It projects you as a professional, and you can get more business.

Bakery Receipt Template

The receipt is for the benefit of the buyer to have a proof about the payment made. Buyers must demand receipt after they make payment. As a bakery owner, you can use the bakery receipt template given here for free. The details to be included in a bakery receipt are as follows.

  • Date when the amount was received
  • Seller address
  • Name of the buyer
  • Total amount received
  • Details about the transaction
  • Signature

Bakery Bill Format

I am sure you have a question in mind. When there is a word template for an invoice which is easy to edit why opt for an excel? Your problem is right, but I want to give you some details about the importance of an excel template.

5 Benefits of Using Bakery Bill Format In Excel to Increase your sales 5x

Excel format proves to be more beneficial than word bills for the following reasons. Pre-made excel with a formula for your benefit is given here. Download and quickly complete your job.

  • Excel supports many formulas, and you can prepare your bill quickly. But in the word, you must enter all calculations manually.
  • Excel has preformatted tables allowing you to fill details quickly. You need not invest time in excel to draw the chart.
  • Tracking details also can happen quickly with excel bills and filter option will allow you to hide any detail when it is not required to.
  • Every time you need not make any changes and automatically will do the calculation when you enter the formulas in the respective cells once.
  • It is easy to verify all the details before you send it to your customer.

Necessary Components Of Cake Order Invoice Template 

Every invoice will have the same format and how does this cake order invoice help you better. It does it as I have provided different invoice templates and each has unique inputs. One is a cupcake invoice; another one is cake order, and so on. So download the respective template and edit only your contact details and quantity to bill your customer.

Your cake invoice can be prepared in a different format based on specific criteria. Yes, every invoice will consist of the contact details of the parties, price, tax and signature. However, not all invoices can have the same information in the pricing section. Therefore find how to make an invoice with the essential elements.

The title, contact detail, invoice number, signature, and PO number will remain the same in all invoices. Irrespective of the business carried out these components will remain the same in the invoice.

Understand the cake pricing section to keep your invoice clear and help your customer interpret the invoice appropriately.

You can take a cake order for a bulk requirement like a wedding reception, corporate parties etc. Also, you will take orders for a single cake for a birthday, baby shower, graduation etc. Minor tweaking of the invoice with few details will help you submit the right invoice to your customer.

When you go for bulk orders, include the following details.

  • Service Name for your reference.
  • The quantity of cake – 2Kg / 4 Kg etc
  • Number of cakes
  • Ingredient cost – Sugar, Icing, Flour, Egg, and other stuff. You will know better as you’re the best chef to bake your cake.
  • Labor Charge
  • Tax
  • Miscellaneous purchase – Beverages, Snacks etc.

When you edit the same invoice for small orders, then you can remove the quantity and mention on the top as 1 KG Birthday cake etc.

There will not be a separate labor charge for general cake orders, and also ingredients cost need not be mention, In a nutshell, mention the cake name as blackcurrant cake and its price. Include tax and different purchase details to find total amount due to be paid.

Therefore your cake invoice must have the basic elements before you share with a customer asking for money.


If you have worried about starting a bakery business only because you did not know how to manage your transactions, then this page will provide you with all templates. Invoice, bill, receipt etc.

Start baking your cake now and download templates from free to grow your business. Few tips to become a professional bakery business person include using formal bills and invoices. Also, you must have a logo to be pasted on the template, and then your business will soar, and you can feel glad.

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