Get these professional dance invoice templates for your dance studios and bill your client in a perfect way.

Dance is a beautiful form of art, and every country has some dancing in their culture. To name a few who comes to the top of my mind at this moment include belly dance, ballet, jive, salsa, and disco dance. The list is enormous, and every movement to perform in rhythm to music is called dance.

Ok, why have you visited this page is the question lingering in your mind. I agree that there is no online dance class taught on this site. But, why am I talking about dance? It is because you are either a dance teacher in a school, institution, corporation, or a freelancer and you wanted to bill your client for the dance lessons you taught them.

Dance Invoice Templates


Yes, precisely that is where I would like to help you is with dance invoice templates. You must use an invoice get paid by your client to avoid any tax problems. Also, it will show your professional approach to expand your business.

Apart from asking you to download dance class invoice templates for free, I am also providing you with insights about the different types of invoices presented here. Also, have thrown some light on the components to be present in an invoice.

Additionally different types of invoices are explained here. How to modify one blank invoice for multiple billing is also taught here.

Dance Teaching Artist Invoice 


When you want to provide dance training to children in your community, then you can always do that by following the simple steps given below.

  • Look for a place that is airy to let children practice dance with proper ventilation.
  • Try to find a place like a hall which is calm and free from pollution.
  • You can inform in your locality about your skill and let them know that you want to teach dancing.
  • Slowly once you get a couple of students, you can start teaching them. You can charge some small amount or even make it a standard business.

In either case, you need to prepare an invoice and bill the parents to show professionalism in your business.

Dance is an art, and you are blessed with that, therefore, provide service in your area and spread the cultural value across the minds of people.

Invoice is a document that can be used for reference and it is a record to help you in managing your finances. You must understand that maintaining invoice will allow you to conduct your classes in an hassle-free manner without fear of collecting your payment.

Dance Foot Step Invoice


Dance can be taught with footsteps, and that is the primary class, and you can call it a beginner’s class as well. You may get several enquiries to these beginning sessions, and only those who learn well will continue to practice dance.

Therefore you must make sure invoice is in place to handle the volume. Also, this invoice will consist of all the usual details. The only difference is the price will be calculated on the number of steps taught in each class.

You need to go slow during the steps classes and hence customize your invoice that will help both you and your student get benefitted.

Components of Dance Teacher Invoice Template 

Ok, now let me explain to you the essential elements of an invoice. Without boring you further, I will directly start with the message.

Have you dance class logo on top of the invoice. Create one logo if you don’t have one to represent your uniqueness. Then type the name of your dance studio.

Now, mention the date when you raise the invoice, invoice number. Maintain a series of number with year/month to track your invoices. For instance, keep it as 18/07/001 this means your invoice is for the year 2018, month July, and 1st invoice.  Alternatively, you can also give an ID number to your student and add to the invoice number for better tracking.

Then give your address and contact details. Address and contact details of the student are optional. This is a service invoice; if you prepare sales invoice, then you require receivers address.

Now fill in the cost column-wise. Name of the dance, duration and rate. You can charge per hour or class basis. It is up to you to fill in these column names. It can also be some classes and cost etc.

Then add the cost to include tax and mention the total amount to be paid.  Below that let your student know the mode of payment. This will help them to pay you. In general dance, class fees can be collected at the month beginning or the end. Decide based on your expenses. Sometimes collecting fees before will make the students attend without fail as they feel committed.

Three useful tips to make the best dance foot step invoice

  1. Make your invoice editable, and you can add on price every time the student learns. It cannot be a planned one as every learner will take their own time to master the steps.
  1. Include rates after calculating tax to make learners feel glad about the discount you offered. Also, adding tax component every time will be a burdensome exercise for you.
  1. Be prepared to give details of each step taught as it will help you to have a track on the duration taken by an average learn to complete each level.

With these tips, you can modify your invoice and get paid. Feel free to use the templates given here for your use. You can quickly download these .doc invoices and open in Microsoft Word to edit with your class details. Just within a few minutes of tweaking the invoice is ready.

Finally, remember to include the due date for invoice payment. In addition to that add the terms which you feel like mentioning. This will avoid confusions in any form. This can include the class timings, how will you compensate when you take leave for the class and if students miss class still do they need to pay etc.

It is good to mention all details in the invoice so that you can conduct classes without fearing any legal consequences.

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