Are you looking for stunning invoice templates to invoice your customers for your flooring services,  you can download Flooring invoice templates for free from here. We have collected many invoices related to flooring business like hardwood installation, tile flooring, carpeting services etc. March forward with your business need and give a professional touch with the tailor-made flooring invoice templates. 

We will provide you with details about how to prepare an invoice for your flooring business. Also, we will help you understand the calculation to make a profit from your business. We will also give you tips to create an invoice and save tax.

Flooring Invoice Templates

Hardwood Flooring Invoice Template – How to make one?


You need a word doc, excel, or PDF to create an invoice. All these invoices are available with us for free. Feels great right? Yes, it is you can download them to use it. If you can learn the basics of making an invoice, then you can quickly edit the templates given here for your business.

Open the doc and first save it with a file name on your PC. This will help you not lose any data. Begin printing your business logo on the top left, right, or centre and the choice is yours. Then write the title called Hardwood flooring invoice template or just invoice.


Now you must give a unique identification number to your invoice to track in the future, and this is called invoice number.

Next print the date when the invoice was made. Write the name and address of your firm. It is a good practice to give your complete address which will project you as a professional business person. Indeed you’re licensed.


Write the clients name and address and then move to the critical section called description. This is the place where you will fill the material details used for flooring along with the cost, labor charges and the tax to be included based on the country you live in.

For hardwood flooring, you will have the following inputs with you. Wood cost per square foot, how much space is required to be floored, the price of wood for that area, how many workers will be included in the job, time duration and their labor charges. You must mention all in detail to sum it for letting know your client about the amount to be paid.


If it is servicing or floor cleaning then, you may not have the wood cost and prepare bill accordingly. For tile flooring, you may want to include the tile variety like marble, granite, vitrified tiles etc. and their respective value. Remaining things will remain common in an invoice.

Finally, mention the total amount to be paid, mode of payment, and due date for payment. With that, you can sign the invoice and send it to the concerned recipient.

These instructions are applicable for the following invoices as well.

Tile Installation Invoice Template


Carpet Installation Invoice Template


Wood Floor Installation Invoice


Why Use a Flooring Installation Invoice Template 

  • By using a pre-made template, you can save time by making an invoice from scratch every time.
  • It is possible to maintain uniformity on your paperwork, and thus you can become a professional player.
  • Can stop worrying about paperwork and focus on getting more business.
  • It helps you to save money by using our free templates that are as competitive as the paid

Flooring Estimate Template 


We would like to let you know that the invoice template and estimate template is more or less same but different. Flooring Quote Template is prepared to calculate the total cost of the work to be done to do a proper planning and purchase materials accordingly.

Estimate template can be used to calculate the total cost involved in completing the flooring work. An invoice will be final with all rates freeze
The estimate is done as the first step while visiting the site before you begin the flooring work Invoice is the last step to get paid by your client after completing the task.
The estimate may change after the actual work depending on the material used and the time spent by laborers. Invoice rate will remain the same as it is prepared after completing the work
An estimate can be used as invoice when there is no change in the work estimated and executed. Invoice template cannot be used as an estimate template because it is done only after completion of the work.

Flooring Contractor Invoice Template 

  1. Are you a flooring contractor?
  2. Do you want to get more business every day?
  3. Are you not able to manage your clients and payment due to heavy workload?
  4. Do you get caught in paying more tax than what you ought to?

If the answer is YES to one or more of the questions given above, then you must use the invoice templates provided here. They will solve all concerns in one go. Being a flooring contractor is not a joke as you must manage several works at one time and hence we recommend you to use the templates given here to reduce your workload.

Flooring Work Order

Fields Present in Flooring Work Order Template 

  • Name of the person who submits the work order
  • Email Id, contact number, and Date
  • Expected Completion Date
  • Work Description
  • Who is assigned to the work
  • The time duration of an action executed
  • Materials used details
  • Quantity used
  • Materials ordered from outside
  • Item purchased from a vendor
  • Cost
  • Signature

The work order is a document which may or may not be an invoice. In some firms, both are the same, and sometimes people use two different for invoice and work order.

Flooring work order template will consist of the work details executed by the person, the work hours, and the materials used. This is usually submitted by the person who does the work on the customer site. This can be used as a base document to prepare an invoice. 

Flooring Installation And Repair Proposal Template 


The installation and repair proposal template will contain the following details.

You must inspect the client site to understand the amount of work required to repair the floor. Measure the area that needs repair.

Now use the proposal template to calculate the charges for purchase of materials, duration or work and cost. Provide this detail to the customer, and once they confirm your quotation, you can start working.

Proposal template is similar to estimate or quotation template used to provide cost details before starting the work.

Flooring Installation Agreement Template

flooring installation agreement template

Download the full agreement template here.

3 Effective Tips for Flooring Contractors on How to invoice. 

Now, when you want to invoice your customer remember the tips given below to ensure payment. You must focus on the three areas highlighted to make your invoice fool-proof and avoid any goof up.

  1. Insurance Details

You as a flooring contractor might wonder what insurance to do with your business is. Let us explain. You may get an enquiry from your customer to replace the floor that was damaged due to flood or any other natural calamity which is covered by insurance.

Here you need to prepare your invoice clearly to let know the do’s and don’ts for your client. The insurance company might pay for the full replacement or partial but beware of doing a calculation based on that so that you don’t land in trouble.

How will you land in trouble? If the insurance company pays the amount to the client for the loss, then you can prepare a usual invoice. But, in case the client asks you to claim from the insurance company directly, then you need to understand their policy in detail before you sign up an agreement.

Most of the time insurance company may refuse payment wholly or partially citing some reasons. Hence be careful and talk to your customer before to get involved in floor assignment that has to tie-up with insurance in any form.

  1. Terms and Conditions

In the event of signing an agreement before you provide your flooring installation service, you can mention all the terms in details. But if you go without a contract, then make sure you specify the important terms in your invoice. This will not only avoid confusion but also gives you room to take action against the defaulters legally.

Top 10 Clause to include in the T & C?   

  1. The price includes tax or not to be clearly given.
  2. The validity of price from the date of preparing the invoice.
  • Time duration to make payment must be mentioned and also a penalty clause for nonpayment to be stated in advance.
  1. Cost estimation detail should be explained to steer clear any doubts.
  2. Door trimming charge not included in the flooring cost.
  3. Whether or not material purchase allowed by the client in person.
  • Inform client to provide a conducive environment letting your workers execute work. For instance, the heating system must work effectively during winter to enable labors to do their flooring work.
  • The flooring company can change the surcharge if the client requests for change in installation date.
  1. The client must check the site after the flooring work is done and agree on the completion within a stipulated time. After accepting there cannot be any changes encouraged and the client is bound to make payment.
  2. The flooring company holds the right to change the terms at any time giving a heads up to the customer.

You can feel free to add more to this conditions list. However, these are the basic ten things which you must mention in the invoice and enjoy a hassle-free payment from the client.

  1. Flooring Work Estimation Tips

There are different types of flooring and several factors influencing the installation cost. Take inspiration from this section and give the best offer to your clients.

Wood Flooring – The two types of wood flooring include the 3/4 inches solid wood or hardwood flooring and the other model is engineered wood flooring with 1.8-inch thickness.

Cost for engineered wood will be less than hardwood. So you can suggest client the best qualities of both kinds of wood to let them know the cost difference in calculation.

Laminate Flooring – This flooring installation is always cheap and durable too. Based on eth laminate thickness, brand, and amount required you can provide a quote to your customer.

Vinyl Flooring – These floorings are proved to be very cheap due to their availability in the market. In fact, it is possible to install linoleum flooring even by the customer. There is no need to understand any technicalities. Therefore charge based on your expertise, smoothness of the flooring, and the sealing requirement.

Tile Flooring – Huge options of tiles are available and hence talk to your customer about their need and do the calculation.

In a nutshell, estimate the cost of the flooring installation by keeping in mind about the following factors such as the distance of the client place, amount of work involved, size of the site, the volume of work the client offers etc. 

Yes, it feels great for us to give you so many details about flooring installation. We would want you to use our tips and download the templates for free and attain maximum benefit to grow your business.

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