Home repair invoices can also be called as the charges or bills. These are the invoices that will help in providing the list/details of charges/costs of the materials bought during any repair, along with a detailed description of the material purchased/changed by the respective service provider according to the kind of repair or service they do. Home repair invoices can be used for any kind of home services provided like domestic repairs, minor renovations at home, carpenters or other building repairs. Home repair invoice makes the business smooth and easy between the customer/client and the service provider and makes the deal transparent.

Are you a Service provider for any home repair works? Are you an individual/organization who provide different kinds of home repair? Are you an organization who do the home repairs through labor? Are you looking for any of the invoice templates to provide the customer based on the type of service? Then you are on the right place, yes, we have done lot of research over the different types of home repair activities and come up with the best possible home repair invoice templates with all necessary conditions included and placed it here for you. All you have to do is to just download those for free and use it according to your kind of work. You can also customize these as us wish post download.

Components of home repair invoice template

The Home Repair invoices should be simple and precise at the same time must contain all the necessary information about the service with the required descriptions. In this section we shall see about the various components and information that need to be included or provided in the invoice.

  • Company Name – if you are an individual company who provide these service then this can be the header for your invoice and you can mention your company Name on the top. If required you can also put your company logo. If you are an individual service provider then there will not be any header and it will be blank.
  • Bill To: Name and Address details of the customer to who you have provided the service
  • Bill For: Service person name and their contact details.
  • Date or day: Mention the Date on which the repair was done
  • Service/Nature of Work: Kind of service provided needs to be mentioned here like Plumbing or carpentry or electrical etc
  • Quantity: Number of quantities purchased for the repair
  • Unit Price/Cost: Cost of single material purchases made
  • Amount/Net Total: Total cos of all the Material purchased.
  • Labor charges – Can mention the labor charges if any made separately that will be helpful during reimbursements.

Apart from these details you can also mention the signature, warranty and guarantee details regarding the service provided as this will help the customer and service provider a proof for reference in future.

Having said all these, you find different kinds of such Home repair invoice template here with all required details which you can download for free and modify if required before using those.

Home repair invoice form

            Home repair invoice form as mentioned above is nothing but the billing made by the service provider to the client depending on the service requested by the client. Various home repair invoice templates available here can be downloaded for free and modified according to you service provided and used for invoicing your clients.

Home repair work order form

            Work order form in others words is a customer request. When a client or customer requests for any kind of home repair service then the work order can be created and assigned to the service person to work on it. Work order basically will contain the detailed description of the service that was requested by the customer. It might also include the customer/labor/material description and the charges applicable for the service along with the company name/logo if any. You can download the free printable Home repair work order forms from our website and customize it according to your need and use it handy for invoicing the your customer.

Best practices while billing client for home repair services    

In any human service it is generally a common tendency to make mistakes and later correcting it through experiences. But these mistakes can be avoided by following appropriate best practices meant for those. In that way we shall see some of the best practices to be followed while billing client for home repair services.

  • Formatting – This is most simple thing to make the Invoice look neat and elegant. Extract care needs to be taken to align the Invoice with proper formatting in order to look appealing.
  • Billing and invoice processing – It is always the good practice to bill the client once the work is completed and not in advance.
  • Pricing/Time transparency: It is very important to have a discussion with the clients regarding the materials/time required for the service in order to have a smooth and easy deal for both the parties at the time of billing.

Apart from the once mentioned above few things like training the employee on the invoicing the service, having a proper billing procedure for the billing process are also few other best practices to be followed due the time of billing any home repair service.

How to bill parts &labor

An invoice can have two different sections, one is the parts and the other is the Labor section.

  • The Parts section will contain the details of the machinery parts which was under repair and needs replacement andwas purchased or installed during the time of service
  • The Labor section will include the details of the service made by the labor depending on the type of work.

Not all repair service might include the labor service, as for certain works only the machineries needs to be replaced which can be performed by self. Or in other scenario the parts might be available and only a professional technician is required to install it properly. The invoicing can be done accordingly. Here we have created plenty of such neat and appealing Home repair invoicing templates with and without the Parts and labor sections that you can download it on spot for free and use it for invoicing your client or customer.

Terms & Conditions that you can include

Terms and conditions is one of the most important part of the Invoicing that contains the details of the criteria applicable post repair service. We have gathered here few of the important points to be included in the terms and conditions of any Home repair invoicing for your reference.

  • Validity/Warranty period for any parts installed during the period of service can be mentioned.
  • Payment process can be mentioned if the billing is being received before the service.
  • Payment timelines and methods needs to be included if in case of any late payment accepted.
  • Refund process and timelines if any
  • Discounts that may be provided

These are few the possible terms and conditions that may be included in the invoicing made to the clients. But we have made you job easy by including few of the possible terms and conditions in the templates here and made ready for your perusal. All you have to do is to just download these free printable templates according to the type of your service and use. You are also free to customize these templates as you wish and can include/exclude terms and conditions according to service provided.

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