Do you yearn to start a business or you have already started a lawn service job on your on your own in small scale? Then you must know how to come out with flying colors and make money in that business. Feel glad if you know the right way and don’t feel sad if you have some doubts.

We are here to help you. Yes, we would like to let you know about the insight of lawn care service business and also offer you free invoice templates to bill your customer.

Lawn Care Invoice Templates


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How to invoice Lawn Care Clients

Any business requires following a methodical way to bill the client and get paid. Even for those experts in lawn care service, we would like to remind you that getting paid on time will help you grow your business.

The only way to get paid is to professionally raise an invoice to your client and help them pay you. So you must understand that an invoice is a must irrespective of the size of the business.

You must send one invoice per job to the client to keep track of payment quickly. Also, follow a format and prepare your invoice to allow your invoice to be self-explanatory that will tell customers about why and how much they need to pay.

Finally, send your invoice as a printed document to the customer address or send a softcopy via email.

Now, let’s teach you about what you need to include in your lawn care invoice.

Include these details in your invoice and get paid 7x faster

Do you always blame for clients making a late payment? Have ever thought that you are responsible for that act? Yes, don’t get offended. But when you fail to prepare an invoice with all the details and leave the client confused or suspicious about your service, then they think twice to pay on time.

Download these free lawn service invoice template and fill them in the order we have explained and never spend time reminding customers of payment.

  1. Professionalism – Your business could be small, but you have invested some money and so much time. Then you must show your professionalism from the beginning. Identify a company name and logo as a first step you start a business. Trust me this will motivate to run your business long-term, and you will not easily close down for the name you have chosen for your business.

Coming to the point, you must first download the template and copy paste or insert your LOGO on the left-hand side and COMPANY NAME in the center.

  1. Identification – Next, you and your customer both must know a common code to track the invoice. Hence name your invoice. Will does not feel embarrassed if you don’t have a name? Yes, and thus name your invoice with a number. It could be in any format you wish to Month/Year/Number or just number or anyhow. But there must be a unique pattern you follow and stick on to it.

INVOICE NUMBER is what I am talking about here so enter the number.

  1. Contact Details – Will you like to talk to someone who does not have an address or contact number? Same your customers will feel if you do not mention a PHYSICAL ADDRESS, Valid PHONE NUMBER and a Real EMAIL ID. Try to have a website and create an email id to give a professional touch.

Forget not to mention the customer’s CONTACT INFORMATION to help you record their details for your reference.

Both contact details carry equal value and hence fill both. Sometimes customer address and the lawn service location might differ. At such circumstances mention the VENUE ADDRESS separately as well.

  1. Table – This is the important section of the invoice, and you need to mention the details of the work done and the cost for each work.

You can fill in this table format under following names

DESCRIPTION – Detail of the work like lawn mowing, weed control, turning, grass trimming etc. Let me stop here as you will know better details about your business and hence you write the details. It is wise to include both labor and materials cost separately.

NUMBER OF HOURS – How much time taken by you or your worker to complete this work.

RATE PER HOUR – What is the price per hour for the work done. Make sure you follow a standard rate per service based on the country you live in or the country you offer service.

AMOUNT – Calculate the amount for each work and duration against every description.

  1. Tax and Total – Its time to calculate the tax and then sum up to fill the total amount.
  1. Terms – Mention terms if any like payment date, late payment fee, payment mode, and other terms you wish to mention that will legally bind this invoice.
  1. Signature and Seal – Finally, authorize the invoice with the respective person signature and your company seal with DATE.

Yes, these steps taken religiously will help you to get paid from customer on-time and also allow you to document your work for any reference purposes.

Lawn maintenance invoice template 

When you are a professional lawn care service provider, then you will have to prepare a fool-proof lawn maintenance template.

Fool-proof means, you need to mention the maintenance offered to your customer lawn clearly. Instead of just mentioning lawn maintenance cost will it not sound professional to mention each service in detail? Yes, it will and hence remember to mention the work you have done on the lawn.

You must know that maintaining a lawn in summer and winter are two different tasks. So use these free templates and fill description depending on the season.

Lawn care invoice template 

Caring for your customer lawn is as caring for your lawn. Whereas, maintenance could be one time or regular based on the client need. But lawn care should be round the clock and sign an agreement before you start with the service.

Lawn care includes watering the lawn, trimming grass, decorating the space as per client request, lawn levelling, top dressing, etc.

Mention all the service you offered and the equipment rental charge such as lawn mower, trimmer etc. used for leveling the lawn in the invoice.

Lawn service invoice template 

You can also offer lawn service as a package. This will include developing lawn from scratch and maintaining the same. Here you need to make things clear in an invoice mentioning each work and maintain separate invoice on a monthly basis.

For large projects, you can also use these templates and fill service charge separately, and the product purchase charges separately.

However, feel free use the templates for free and edit the details to customize per your need.

Lawn moving invoice template 

This free invoice template is a simple one which will just talk about one service, and that is lawn mowing.

You need to mention whether it was only lawn moving the grasses or snow clearance based on the country you provide service.

Fill the remaining details in the template and print them to send as hardcopy or make it a PDF to send via mail. 

How to create a lawn care invoice template in Excel

You can use the array of templates given here for free. But we would also want to let you know the simplest way to create your own lawn care invoice. Amongst the many templates available including word, excel, and PDF format excel format is the best one. It is because you can quickly add formulas to excel and drag the cells for any number of additional columns and rows.

So let’s brief you the simple steps in making an invoice in excel.

Step1 : Open an excel file and save a new document. Click File à New à Excel. Save it using File à SaveAs à Filename. Try to use a standard format like client name_invoice number_date etc. This will help you to track the invoice as you grow big in business.

Step2: Insert your logo on the right-hand side of the excel using Insert à Picture à select the folder and click the logo.

Step3: Type the company name in the next line and merge the cell to make it in the centre.

Step4: Below that write the contact details of your company and then customer one below the other.

Step5: On to the right adjacent to the address type the date and invoice number.

Step6: Below this section write the four headings column-wise. Date, Description/Service, Hours worked, Rate per hour, and Amount.

Step7: Use the formula in the Amount column to multiply the rate and the number of hours worked. 

Step8: Drag for any number of columns you want. Finally, you can sum them to find the total.

Step9: Write the amount in words, sign and make a seal to complete the invoice.

That is quite simple, and you can do it yourself within no time. However, you can use out templates and follow these tips to edit the sections only to save time further.

Wishing you good luck to prosper in your lawn care service!

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