What is legal invoice? Invoice created to get paid for the legal service rendered is called legal invoice. Therefore this invoice is used by lawyers, advocates, attorney, and all others who provide legal services to the public. There are several legal invoice generators, and this page contains several types of legal invoice templates.

The purpose of this site is to provide you with the templates for free. In that way, this page will provide you with different arrays of legal invoice templates. You can download them and edit to use per your requirement.

Legal Invoice Templates

Sample Legal Invoice for Services Rendered 

We would like to explain to you all the services rendered in your legal business and that which needs to be added on the invoice.

  • Corporate Services – Services offered to companies in dealing with their employees will all be covered under corporate services.
  • Civil – Handling cases related to movable and immovable assets. Issues about the relationship are primarily handled in public
  • Criminal – All offences like rape, murder, burglary all cases will be handled under criminal services.

Find below the difference between invoice templates in word and excel. Both are equally helpful however we have listed the difference between both.

Legal Invoice Template Word Legal Invoice Template Excel
Designed using Microsoft word and can be edited quickly. Made using Microsoft Excel and a basic understanding of Excel working must be known to carry out editing effective.
It is possible to add or remove information based on the services you provide. Only if you know about formulas then you can remove cells otherwise the format will change.
Cannot provide inbuilt calculations and must manually enter details every time. The formula can be fed and simply can enter values to find the total, calculate tax in one shot


Components of Standard Legal Invoice 

Apart from the usual date, description, invoice number the standard legal invoice consists of the Line item details. Every line item will have an identification number, line item amount and total cost.

Law firm ID and timekeeper details also will be present in a standard template. Write in detail about the client matter giving a specific ID to each one of the clients and their issues.

Advocate Invoice Format 

For all the advocates must know the primary format for invoicing their clients. It is no different from the legal invoice. The advocate if practicing individually then must include their name and address. In the case of a firm, he must mention the firm’s details.

The other details like date, the description can remain the same, and only services rendered details must be written in the invoice. Make use of the invoice format provided here and get your payments done. Most of the time advocates will charge advance, and hence in this template, you have a section to give details about the advance paid and the due amount to be paid along with the services information.

There are multiple templates provided which can be beneficial for attorneys and law firm. Use any of the following invoice based on your services.

  1. Attorney Invoice Template 
  2. Law Firm Invoice Template 

Advocate Bill Format 

Alternatively, if you want a Legal Billing Template, then understand the bill format. Bill and invoice are considered the same and different by people. Let me give you a clear explanation to understand both. The invoice can become a bill after the payment is received in full part. However, the bill cannot become an invoice as the invoice is given before making payment.

Bill is given only after collecting the payment. Therefore details like due date and mode of payment will not be stated. Alternatively, details regarding the payment mode offered by the client will be provided.

For your convenience, you can find Sample Attorney Billing Statement and Attorney Billing Template. Click on them to see the difference and then use them based on your requirement.

Advocate Fees Receipt Format 

Finally, you need to give a receipt to your clients after they make payment and that is called the advocate fees receipt. However, again a bill can become a receipt if you put a seal mentioning paid.

The receipt is a particular document which will carry a heading called fees receipt and does not require a paid seal.

Legal Invoice Requirements 

To begin with, you must know what the required fields are in a legal invoice. Find below each one of them listed with the reason behind why they are needed.

  • Logo – You’re no longer doing a small service like ironing or car wash. You’re a professional, and your legal service helps people to resolve their problem at the need of the hour. It could be related to civil or criminal legal service is considered supreme of all services, and hence you must have a logo to project your professionalism at the first cut.
  • Invoice – Certainly the name invoice must be there, and that is the identification of the document for both the recipient and you.
  • Invoice Number and Date – You can have your own numbering order to track the invoices you submitted, and it will be helpful for audit purposes.
  • Contact Details – Your address, phone number, and email id. Try to give a landline number and a website address that will add a better image to your service. Next, write the clients address.
  • Description – This is the essential section where you must write the details of the services rendered and the respective charges. You can find the list of services rendered in the below section. Quote the cost of each service. Include tax and finally mention the total amount to be paid.
  • The amount in words – Once the description is written in a table format, it completed you must mention the amount in words to avoid any numeral confusions.
  • Payment Mode – Mention the mode of payment via cash, card, or check. Appropriately give the bank details.
  • Due Date for Payment – Give the date until which the payment can be made without late payment fee. Then mention the penalty clause for paying beyond the timeline.
  • Signature and Seal – Provide the signature and seal of your firm. Again be professional here and try to affix your signature manually every time than using a seal. However, use a seal for your address.

How To Create A Legal Invoice – The Basic Steps 

Now, you know the requirement of a legal invoice and the elements used in it. It’s time to understand the basic design of making an invoice. Here you go with the details.

First, decide if you want it in a word document or excel. I will elaborate on the uses of using both in the coming sections. Either way, both are gifted to the world by Microsoft, and there will not be many changes.

So we begin here, open the document and click on File – New. Then click File – Save As – Mention a name and save the invoice. Tip: Save the name as Invoice_Invoice Number_Name of the Client. This pattern will help you to identify invoices easily. It will look silly when you have less number of clients. But trust me this practice will avoid many confusions when you get more clients. 

Once your document is ready, you must now begin with the layout. This you can either design on your own or use an existing layout. This you can do it at the first step when you open a New – Document. Go to step 1 and click File – New – Document (Not a blank one but any template). You will find Invoice templates. Choose one.

After the layout is ready, you can start writing the details one after the other in order as mentioned in the previous section. Invoice Number, Contact details, Description, etc. Write them with the details. For description, you can insert a table and column wise mention the service rendered and price adjacent to each service. Tip: After each step make sure you save the document.

And now your invoice is ready to use. There is a catch and ask me what? Instead of spending time in performing all the steps mentioned above you can quickly download the template given here and get going with only filling in the details. 

How to Download the Legal Invoice Format 

In continuation to the previous section where I mentioned about download and use it, here I will brief you about the steps involved in downloading the ready-made legal invoice template.

Step1: Click download given below each template and save it to your PC.

Step2: Double click on the document loaded on your PC to open it.

Step3: Start editing them from the invoice number, date, contact details etc. You can quickly type the details of your law firm. Tip Leave the particulars like payment mode etc. as it is or selects the type of your payment mode and delete the remaining.

Step4: Calculate the total amount and include tax based on your country law.

Step5: Save and Close to send an email or save and print to send the hard copy.

Yes, it is straightforward, and you can generate any number of invoices using these ready-made templates.

In summary, you have all templates for the legal services you provide, and we welcome you to reach our site any number of times to use all the templates for free. 

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