The most demanding service across the globe is the cleaning service. Yes, office cleaning, house cleaning and much more. So, if you are planning to start a business or already into a cleaning service business, then you can download free invoice templates to bill your client. Even a self-employed cleaner can take help from this page and download templates and raise an invoice to your customer to get paid.

We will walk you through the need for an invoice, how to design one and bill the client also what all services must be mentioned etc. In a nutshell, this page will address all billing details about the maid service and their billing methods.

You may hire maids and outsource them to your client on monthly basis, or send them on a need basis and bill the customer. Come, let’s get into deeper analysis about preparing and raising an invoice.

Components to be Included in a Free Printable House Cleaning Invoice 

Begin with the title for your invoice. It can be any of the following janitorial invoice template free, maid service invoice, house cleaning invoice, cleaning services invoice and like. A title is required to make the receiver understand the purpose of the document.

Next, give your business address with a contact number and also provide the contact details of the client. Then mention the invoice number for your identification. Type of the invoice date.

Make a table to list out the details of the service provided and the amount. Cleaning service includes, brooming, mopping, washing vessels, clothes washing, minor repair works in plumbing and electrical. You can mention each work and their charges. Specifically, list the dates during the month the work was executed. In short, give details of all the work related to the cleaning and the charges.


Finally, make a total, including the tax and write the total amount to be paid in words. Below that mention comments like late payment fee and other terms. Give information about the payment mode and bank details.

At the end sign the invoice and it is ready for dispatch.

Make a note that a ready-made invoice is available for your perusal. Download for free and edit your details to bill the client for the service you offered.

The 5 Step Process to Use Free Cleaning Service Invoice  

Step 1 – Upon receiving a query from the client regarding the cleaning service you need to visit the client place. This is mandatory to understand the size of the place and the kind of work expected from the client. You can talk to the client whether they require to need basis service or regular one to discuss the charges.

Step 2 – Talk to the client the work hours and timing. This will help you decide on the number of workers required to work at the client place.

Step 3 – Get the house or office key where the service is needed. You may want this in case the work hours are assigned when the client is not around.

Step 4 – Provide a cost quotation and get into an agreement with the client. You must have a clear communication with the client and avoid any last minute confusion. 

Cleaning Services Quote Template – The cleaning service quotation must contain the charges for each service, the number of days and hours when the work is planned to be executed. Let know your payment terms, mode of payment, advance payment clause etc in your quotation. It has to be signed by both the parties and can be considered as an agreement. However, the actual invoice may vary from the invoice as sometimes work will include the purchase of products and extra work hours. Therefore quotation is a base for the invoice but not the actual invoice. Feel free to use the maid service quote template also for free from here and start your business.

Step 5 – Now you agreed on terms and started working. It’s time to prepare an invoice for getting paid. Fill all the details as mentioned in the components section and complete your invoice. Send your invoice via email or postal mail and request payment from the customer.


How to Bill for Cleaning Services – Self Employed Cleaner Invoice Template

In case you are a beginner or an individual in offering cleaning services, then you need to follow these tips and bill your client.

It is always good to prepare an invoice with all the details to help you collect the payment on time. You must have a record note at the client place to make a note of the work hours. You can use this log book for verification. It will help you to precisely make the calculation.

Provide the invoice with all details to the client and follow up for payment. You can also have a clause for late payment which will speed up the process.

Need For A Maid Service Invoice  

Even though we have given so many invoice templates, we think it is a must to convince you of the need for an invoice for the maid service. We understand that your mind thinks about why an invoice for cleaning service. But, we will explain the importance of an invoice and then you may decide to use the same.

  • Submitting an invoice is a professional way to collect payment for your service.
  • It can help you to maintain a record and follow up payment.
  • You can show that document to prove your professionalism and fetch more business.
  • This document will support you and your customer from filing tax and maintaining a clean record.

Trust these reasons will convince you for the need for an invoice and yes, you can use these templates for free.

Grow your cleaning service business and get paid on time using the invoice. List down all different services you wish to provide and do a research about the market price. This will add to your professional service and you can get paid at par with the industry. 

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