If you are providing makeup services, then you would be looking for a suitable invoice for your makeup services. You have come to the right place.  In this article, we have provided stunning makeup artist invoice templates that you can download and use right away. These templates are completely editable and easy to customize suiting to your need. 

Makeup Artist Invoice Templates


We agree that there are several experts to provide business suggestions and all you need is concrete support from us. That is where we want to make it different, and we decided to collect as many types of the invoice and provide you with the same for free. Documenting your work and receiving payment can be effectively done with the invoice.

Invoice is used to list down all your services and give clarity to your customer and get paid. Feel free to get inspired by the tips provided below to start your makeup business and also use these invoice for free and grow your business.

How to Make a Makeup Artist Invoice 

Good, you have a business in hand, and you understood the need for an invoice. Now, we will walk you through the detailed step to create an invoice for your makeup business.

These lessons are for your knowledge only as we have provided different types of a makeup artist for your best use. You must understand how an invoice is created and that will help you to edit the premade invoice and personalize per your need.

First, have a name for your business and preferably a logo. You can place this on the top of the invoice. When you grow, bigger a unique name will fetch you the identity. So make sure you name your makeup business.

Next, give details of the invoice namely the date and the invoice number. Then provide the address of your customer and your contact details.

Now you need to give the service description and cost. In a makeup service, you will have to include the charges for every service you provide which will consist of your labor cost and the cosmetic cost which you used for doing the makeup. So mention the details like date, some hours worked, and cost per service. For instance, you must specify the time spent on facial and price. Time duration utilized for a manicure, pedicure, waxing, bleaching, hair cut, hair coloring, hair styling etc. Likewise mention all individually and mention cost.

Add all the cost and include tax to find the total amount to be paid by your customer. This is quite simple, right? Yes and you can fill details within no time.

Alternatively, you can also charge the customer based on the package service you provide. It all depends on what your client asks for and how you want to execute it. In a nutshell, any work done including the material used must be charged, and that must be explained in detail in your invoice. 

Sign and send your invoice to your customer. 

Why Do You Require Makeup Artist Invoice Template 

So far we saw the importance of the invoice and how to make a foolproof one. Now we would like to highlight the need for using a template. We would not want to self-boast but took time to collate the best invoice and would like to let you the advantages of using ready-made invoice templates.

Now coming to its benefits, you can download them instantaneously to fill and send it to your customer directly.

They are custom designed, and you can find a variety to use it for showing your professionalism.

These templates are decorated with utmost care as you do makeup on your customers. So they will look attractive and help you get more customers.

Lastly, it does not cost you anything, and you can use them for free.

Where to use Makeup Contract Invoice 

The next section we will talk about a contract invoice. Here the business model is slightly different and you will not charge for each session but will bill as a whole for your makeup work.

Typically when you do makeup for brides and other for a function, then you can prepare invoice as a whole document to collect payment in one go.

This invoice is no different than the other invoice. But, you need to mention the day, dates and hrs worked for each person and every service to list them and do the calculation. You can enclose a sheet separately listing all the details.

You must also remember to specify the date of payment in a contract invoice individually. What I mean here is, you can collect payment in parts like some in advance to help you purchase all materials. Another payment during the middle of the work and one after completing the task. These dates and details must be specified to avoid any misunderstanding with your customer. Also, you need to stay assured that the client pays and they will feel glad about your services. 

For your benefit, we have given specific contract invoice templates and use them to get going.

Terms and Conditions in Invoice For Makeup Services 


We have spoken at length about the invoice, and I would like to take time in discussing the terms and conditions to be mentioned in your invoice. You can create an agreement with terms if you get a much makeup order on contract. But for small orders, you can specify these terms in the invoice itself.

Let’s understand the need for terms and conditions. Every business agreement must have some defined conditions to prevent both the customer and the service provider from getting into any troublesome situation.

Mention about the dates of the services, duration, and number of people involved in the work. This point will make things clear to the client to know how much time they will need to spend for getting the makeup done.

Next mention of the materials which you will purchase and that they need to provide. Like when you visit their place for makeup a few things like mirror must be present that the venue. You cannot carry them along. Likewise, you may ask for an induction stove to heat anything during the process etc. These things must be discussed to let know the clients to stay prepared and save time.

Let them know the do’s and don’ts before and after the makeup session. This will protect their skin from hazardous chemicals.

Finally, keep them informed about the payment clause and also indicate the penalty for late payment. This will help you to steer clear payment terms, and you can get paid on-time.

I am glad that you will become a pro in your makeup business with these instructions and will start getting more clients looking at your professionalism.

Freelance Makeup Artist Invoice Template 


If you are a beginner, then you must start your work as a freelancer, and that will prove to be economical. Here you can make use of the freelance makeup artist invoice to collect payment. Even though you’re a freelancer and individual, it is a good practice to prepare an invoice for every work you do. This will help you to maintain your professionalism; you can use this as a proof and get more orders from customers, and also use for tax purposes as you grow.

Bridal Makeup Invoice Template 

The bridal makeup invoice is an exclusive invoice created for charging a customer who took your service for applying makeup to a bride in the marriage or engagement function. Bridal makeup can include both bride and bridegroom makeup. Some people might require your help to get makeup done for all their ladies in the purpose etc. This time you can make money and have fun.

Top 5 Steps to Start a Makeup Business  

  1. First, understand that a makeup business need not require a significant You can start your beauty salon with or without infrastructure. Quickly promote your business online and start visiting customer to provide your service. There is no need for a salon in the beginning. Once you get some customers, you can choose that area to set up a shop.
  2. Remember to invest in purchasing the right materials to be used for makeup. Go for branded products and never compromise on the quality.
  3. You now have the products with you, and you know how to start doing a makeup. Slowly start contacting people in corporate, movie industry, and marriage halls to let you’re your expertise.
  4. Print a business card and make sure it reaches people and also provide some initial free service to get attention from people.
  5. Once you get customers, they will spread the word, and you can expand the business. Now, it’s time to create a Makeup Invoice to collect payment. If you think that only for few customers is there a need for an invoice, then you’re wrong. One must be professional from the beginning. Make a habit of doing things correctly from the start, and that is the stepping stone for success.

But, remember to list all services in a professional manner and the invoice given here to get timely payment.

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