Tired of packing and unpacking during relocation? Then, Moving Company will help you in shifting your things when you relocate your home or office to a new place. It is just not shifting, they also take care of proper packing, shifting, unpacking the things and getting it set in new place in the best possible way with safety.

At the same time, it is equally important for the company to get paid for the hard work they do, as it involves a lot of physical effort to complete the job. Having said that billing or invoicing the client helps in getting the payments on time. In order to get that paid, having an invoice template is a safe and prompt way. Are you one such Moving company or an individual doing these relocating services? Are you looking for one such invoice template to bill your clients or customers? Then you are on the right place and the template is just one click away. These free printable Moving Company invoice templates are designed in a simple and professional way and will help you bill your clients accordingly. Download these for free and customize it according to your requirement and start invoicing your clients effectively.

Different Types of Moving Company Invoice Template

Moving company invoice estimate template

Customers who are shifting a large number of items might not directly avail the services rendered by the company, in those scenarios the company might come up with an estimate considering on the volume, the weight of items, relocation place etc. for the customer. Based on the estimates the customer might avail the service or he might reject or might negotiate as well.

Differences with invoice templates

Though estimate and invoice template look similar they both serve different purposes. The main difference between an estimate and invoice is that estimate templates are used to propose an approximate rate for the work requested by the customer. Sometimes we can also say it as a quote, whereas invoice is a bill for the service that is already done to the customer or when a customer hires you.

To get more clarity we can quote an example with respect to this moving service. For example, you run a Moving company and a customer who wants to relocate his office is approaching you to inquire about the kind of services you can provide for various activities like packing, transport, unpacking and arranging the things in the new place. Then you will prepare a moving company estimate template and share it with the client for approval to proceed further. Whereas if a customer directly approaches your and say that they would like to relocate with the help of your company packing and moving then you can prepare the Invoice template and get it paid. Whatever be the case, you can make use of both the templates from our page for free and provide it to the customer as per your requirement.

Moving company contract template

Moving company contract template is a type of agreement between the moving company and the customer agreeing the terms decided for the service
– things to include, headers & sample writing.

                Now we shall discuss on the things to be included as part of a moving contract template

  • Services: Mention the services provided as part of the contract
  • Location/Time: Specify the current and destination address from where to where the items are moved and the pickup and delivery time
  • Payment type: Specify the type of payment as agreed by the customer and other costs if any.
  • Time of payment: Specify the duration within which the payment will be made
  • Licensing and Insurance: Specify the license of the moving company and the Insurance assured to the customer property involved during the movement.
  • Damages in case Violation: Specify the company Terms if the contract is violated or if any damage happens to the goods during the movement.

Components / What to include in moving company invoice

                We shall look at the different parts/components of a moving company invoice that needs to be included in this section. This will help you to include the necessary parts and get your payments quickly

  • Your Company Name and Logo– Mentioned the Company Name and Place your company registered logo. As these are editable templates you can always place your logo in any part of the invoice you wish. But it is always suggested to be on the header portion. Also mentioned the company address and contact details.
  • Bill to–Details of the client to who the bill is sent along with their address and contact information
  • Move from – Address from where the things are to be packed and collected
  • Move/Ship to – Address/place to which the things need to be transferred
  • Start Date/Time – Mention the date and time on which the things will be picked and transfer will start.
  • End Date/Time – Mention the date and time within which all the packages will be delivered.
  • Item description – Detailed description of all the things being moved.
  • Payment date: Specify the date by when you expect the payment
  • Rate description–Mention the detailed description of Rate charges as per your terms, whether it is hourly rates or fixed rates or per day rates or anything else according to your company norms. And have a grand total of all the items denoting for customer payment. You can include the packing charges, Loading and unloading charges, insurance and toll charges if any
  • Terms and conditions – This is a very important section, to mention all the payment term and condition with respect to the service to avoid any future disputes between both the parties.
  • Invoice Notes– This is an optional part where you can give a thank you or happy note to the customer for availing your service.

Mentioned here are the mandatory parts that need to be placed as part of a moving company invoice and the same we have designed and placed in this page for your perusal. At the same time, we also let you add or remove any segment which will help you in customizing and creating your own templates for invoicing.

What should be and should not be included

        Here we shall have a look at the things to be included as part of a moving invoice estimate template.

  • Name, address and contact information of the company and customer
  • Propose your rates depending on the type of movement whether it is hourly or per mile or depending on the volume. Mention the detailed rates for all type of items that will be part of the package.
  • Mention the places and destination points where the service are possible
  • Mention the detailed description of all the work requested with your corresponding rates applicable for the service.
  • Specify if any additional rates or charges are applicable.
  • Specify the Mode of payment.
  • Mention if any particular terms and condition are to be considered.

Considering all these facts we have designed the moving company estimate template and presented it to you on this page. All you have to do is to download these free printable templates and fill out all the required fields and submit the estimate to your customer.

Typical entries (samples) & headers

A moving company might have various kinds of services and all the charges for those services needs to be mentioned in the Invoices. Below given are the typical services that might be offered by a moving company and the same can be included in the cost section of the invoice

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • Handling Charges
  • Fuel charges
  • Additional charges(For example: for climbing up the stairs, carrying for long distance, waiting for charges, warehouse handling charges etc)

Uses of Moving Company Invoice

        If you think why an invoice is required or what the necessity for an invoice is, here are the points to highlight its importance and uses.

  • Helps you keep track of all the boxes, items, bags etc that is being moved and can be cross-verified in case of item missing or lost
  • This will also help you keep track of all the service you do over a period of time
  • You can keep a track of all the client information and please them with offers in next order
  • The quick and easy way to bill your clients
  • Having a track of all the past due balances and getting them paid on follow-ups

In addition to this you can download our simple template format and filling out all the details clearly you will be able to get your payments quickly.

How to invoice for moving services

                Providing invoice for your clients with the service details is very simple and easy with our moving company invoice templates on this page. If you are not clear on how to invoice for the moving services you provide, then this section is for your wherein you will get to know the steps for invoicing the customers for your service.

  • Choose your required Moving Company Invoice Template from our website.
  • Download it for free as per your need.
  • Fill all the required details in the template
  • Add your logos and modify colour and font as required.
  • Mention the address and contact information of both the consignor and consignee.
  • Highlight the places from where to where the movement happens.
  • Mention the total number of all the items and description of the items moved.
  • Specify the rates and amounts applicable to the services and the total payable amount.
  • Mention the accepted mode of payment.
  • Do not forget to specify your terms and condition of payment, refund policy and if any other terms specific to your company.
  • Having completed all the above points you can now send your invoice to the customer for getting your payment.

Terms & Conditions

        This is most important to mention your company specific terms and conditions for the clients to be clear and aware of the company policies. Here we shall look into the important terms that need to be part of your invoices.

  • Pricing – Specify and highlight the pricing options available. For example – If it is an hourly rate or flat rate or rate per mile etc. provide the details of the different rates and which rate is applicable for what kind of service. This will help in providing the correct and clear invoicing.
  • Locations for Service: Specify the locations in which the services are available and their corresponding charges. Highlight if any additional charges applicable
  • Tips for Movers: Mention if the bill includes the tips for movers or the clients need to pay them separately.
  • Damage Claims: Though this is a rare scenario, it is always good to mention the breakage or damage claims. Specify the charges that will be refunded depending upon the item or package.
  • Loss: Ensure to specify the terms applicable for the items if in case of loss. If any item is lost during the transit or while collecting it from the place etc.
  • Rescheduling/Cancellations Policy: There are always possibilities to cancel the service either by client or movers. Mention the Rescheduling or refunding terms in case of cancellation.
  • Payments Method/Mode of payment: Specify your accepted mode of payment. Director online or what type of card is acceptable for card payment
  • Additional Services: Mention if any additional services are provided or any service is restricted. For example, many companies will not shift things like alcohol etc
  • Payment withheld: Specify if any payment withheld is possible, if yes mention the conditions.
  • Excluded Items: Explicitly mention the items that are not included in the service.
  • Timelines/Penalty: Specify the timeline in which the payment needs to do. Failing which the penalty applicable also needs to be specified.

These are few of the mandatory terms that need to be added as part of any Moving company invoice. You can also include more in addition to these according to your company terms.

These are the common terms added as part of a moving contract template. In addition to this, you may also include the modification terms or any other terms applicable to the company. You can make use of the free printable moving template available in our page and create a safe and secure contract term between you and your customer and enjoy services and get paid promptly.


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