Welcome entrepreneurs in the contract labour business. You have good news! Now you can download parts and labor invoice templates for free from this article.

Yes, I understand your business method. Also, I agree that you handle numerous parts (small and big). Managing labor is not a joke I can empathize with you. But, I will not stop just with words and help you in action as well. I am not aware of your parts technically. However, I can help you with preparing a professional invoice to quickly download and share with your clients.

Free Parts and Labor Invoice Templates

  1. Parts – This portion of your invoice will contain the details about the parts replaced in the existing machine as they were not functioning. When you replace a part, it has to be billed. Thus this section will contain details about the spare parts.
  2. Labor – You deploy a person to do the work at the client place or your work unit. Either way, this person must be paid for their work. Those details about the cost and number of hours he worked are calculated in this section.

Parts and Labor Invoice template put together all details about the complete service done on a machine. The parts used to fix the machinery and the labor charge. This one document will help you to manage your tax calculation appropriately.

Now, let us deep dive into details about each invoice separately. You can download these invoices and use them for parts cost individually if you’re providing service during warranty period as the labor cost will be free during that time.

Likewise when you just do service and not changed any parts of the machine, then you can use labor invoice alone.

But, if in case you provide both service and part replacement you use parts and labor invoice as one document.

Labor Invoice Template 


Use the labor invoice template for requesting payment from your customer for any of the following types of labor. Maintenance, electrical work, plumbing service, construction, car repair, cleaning services etc. This labor template is one stop solution to bill your client for any assistance you provided. Basically, this will have the number of hours work is done and the cost per hour.

Parts Invoice Template


In this invoice template only in the table section as mentioned in #5 will differ. Find those details for your understanding. In the four columns mention Quantity, Description, Price Per Unit, and Amount respectively. Under that in the next row, specify the details of the parts below every heading. You can press tab to get more such rows with four columns. Enter the quantity details as 4, 12 etc. below the heading quantity. Then in description give the name of the part. Under price, unit mention the cost. The amount, column calculate the total amount by multiplying the number and rate per unit.

Rest all will remain the same. Sounds interesting right? Yes, it is.

Parts and labor invoice


Now if you want to include both parts and labor cost in one invoice for a work such as flooring job on a contract, then you can use the template with a simple modification. Quickly copy the parts section and paste it above the labor section. You will have two tables.

Finally, calculate the total cost from both parts and labor section and mention the same to the customer for payment. It is effortless now you can have one invoice with both details.

Receipt For Labor Invoice 


If you prepare an invoice to bill your client, then you can not necessarily prepare separate receipt. You can make a paid seal and mention the same on the invoice customer copy. Use the original text for tax filing and all other references.

However, in the event you require a separate receipt, then you can use the template given here. This template consists of the details about the service done, amount paid, date, and contact address of the business owner and the customer.

Receipt need not be as detailed as an invoice and merely mention the total cost paid just for reference. If you wish to, then specify the charges against service/labor and part prices in detail individually.

Labour Charges Bill Format 

Preparing a bill for labor charges is no different from an invoice. However, you must understand that there is a minor tweaking in a bill when compared to an invoice. Labour payment bill format will contain the Bill number in the place of the invoice number. Invoice is a document prepared to claim payment in parts. Bill is prepared to get paid at once. It is an immediate settlement.

An invoice will contain the money payment mode like a check, bank transfer, Paypal etc. However, the bill is given after receiving the payment in cash, debit, or credit card. Most of the time bill and money settlement happens hand in hand.

The table part will remain the same in bill and invoice that calculates the labor charge per hour against each work description.

Trust you understood the difference, next time remember to give a bill or invoice for immediate payment. But only an invoice for payment to happen in parts. As invoice will help you to follow up customer until full and final settlement. Mention the clause of delay in payment on your invoice. Bill does not require such details as you will collect the amount across the table. 

Steps Involved in Making a Labor Invoice in Word 

#1 Open Microsoft word document and type your company name, also insert your logo if you have one.

#2 Mention your contact details on the left side including website ID, email address, physical address, and name.

#3 On to the right-hand side, give the date, invoice number, and customer ID.

#4 Below that write “Bill To” and give the complete contact information of the customer who must make payment for your services.

#5 Now insert a table mentioned 4 X 2. You can increase the number of cells later. Give heading in each column in the first row hours worked, work detail, the rate per hour, amount. Multiply rate per hour and hours worked to get the amount. Work detail should contain the explanation of the work done.

#6 Add the total amount and include tax to find the final price to be paid the client.

#7 Mention the amount in words.

#8 Give details about your preferred mode of payment and based on that furnish your account details, Paypal id etc.

#9 Append your signature, and the invoice is now ready for dispatch. Print it.

#10 Save the document for future reference.

It is straightforward, and I would like to make your job better and hence wholly included everything in the word template. You can directly download that and edit only the required details. You need not spend time making table etc. everything is pre-made for you.

Make the best use of the template and get all your payments collected.

Labour Contractor Bill Format In Excel

 Yes, the bill can be quickly prepared in excel when compared to other formats. Excel format is the best format preferred by many business owners who have several parts to be replaced and hence labor charge for each work can be calculated at once.

5 Advantages in using Bill Format in Excel to Increase Your Collection 5x

  1. Excel bills can be prepared or edited quickly.
  2. Including and deleting rows and columns happen within the blink of the eyes.
  3. You have made the total labor cost after the complete contractor detail mentioned and what if you want to change one cell. No worries, you can change it because you want to give that service free of cost to the customer, or that amount in excess, or for whatever reasons. Simple right click on that cell on the entire select row and press delete. You will find them vanishing, and at the same time, your total cost will get adjusted on its own. You don’t need to redo the calculation again.
  4. Excel is formula driven, and you can do all math using formulas and use the same excel format to create multiple bills. Just make them once and use it again and again.
  5. You can save time and don’t need to draw any table as excel contains nothing other than a table.

Thus excel contractor bill makes your life easy to claim payment for your work. The general details like the company name, date, customer details are also editable as you do in a word. Therefore it is one simple format to bill many clients at the same time by only making changes in the appropriate cells.

Unlike per hour labor bill, contractor labor bill will be based on the service rendered. Irrespective of the time taken to complete a task contractor bill have a specified amount as agreed by both parties before starting the work.

So, what are you waiting for? Download these templates to grow your business acquiring many customers.

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