Yoga is a kind of exercise or relaxation that helps to keep oneself physically and mentally fit/strong, through means of breath control techniques, different and certain body postures along with some meditation. In other words we can telling yoga as a type of meditation. In this fast moving modern world and work culture people are affected by various illness mainly due to lack of exercise in their daily routine. Though yoga exists from ancient times it got very popular and many started to adopt it in recent times.

There are lot of Yoga centers getting started and lot of yoga classes are being conducted every day in and around all places. Be it any class, the invoicing plays an important role as it is one of the essential part of any service. Are you a yoga teacher? Do you conduct various yoga classes for individuals or as a group? Are you the only person who take care of the yoga classes and feel the administrative tasks like invoicing a big deal to execute? Would you like to make the billing/invoicing part an easy and effortless job? Well, then you have chosen the right place and there is a simple solution for it. Yes, we have provided you with the wonderful set of yoga invoicing templates for various kinds of yoga services, that you can download for free and use it on spot and bill your students or patients with in minutes. And an added advantage is that these are in the editable format and you can even customize and develop your own Invoicing template for free.

Yoga invoice for a freelance / independent professional 

If you are an independent professional or a freelancer who conduct various yoga classes or any yoga training programs then billing will pay a vital role as part of your service. Being a self-employed person, who run the show independently invoicing your clients will increase the trust on you and will help in developing your services. If you are one such person and looking for a yoga invoicing template format to invoice your clients, then you can download these beautiful set of free printable templates from here and bill you clients. Additionally these are in editable format and you can always modify any of these templates as per your requirement and the kind of yoga service you provide and use it.

Yoga invoice for yoga or fitness studio

            Do you run any fitness studio? Do you provide yoga services as part of your fitness workouts? Then this is for you. You can bill your yoga services as part of your general billing process or you can avail any of these stylish, simple, editable and free printable templates by downloading and using as per your requirement.

Components of Yoga invoice template (Things to include – Parts with their description)

Deciding to bill and charge for your services is a wise decision. But at the same time you must also consider an important factor, if all the necessary items are included as part of Invoicing to avoid any future conflicts. To make your work more easy we have mentioned below the different parts that needs to be included as part of Yoga invoicing template.

  • Title – You can mention the yoga center name if any. If there is no specific names you can even mention any fitness related quotes (for example – “ENJOY YOGA AND BE FIT” that will be inspirational and motivational to the individuals.
  • Address: Mention the address and contact details of the center/company or you can ignore this if not required.
  • Bill To: Names of the Student or Patient who attended the classes.
  • Contact details: Details of the person who attended the classes.
  • Description of illness: this is in particular for patients with various illness, it is advisable to mention the type of illness and the kind of medication they undergo.
  • Billing particulars: This is the main part of the Invoice, were in you need to add the details of the classes and the corresponding fees charged for those classes.
  • Date/Invoice Number: Mention the date on which the class are conducted. Invoice number is optional.
  • Invoice summary: this can contain the summary of the amount to be paid and the mode of payment.
  • Slogan about yoga: you can mention this towards the end of the Invoice. But this is again an optional part but will motive them.

Above are the most important sections to be included in a yoga invoicing template, which we have already designed and presented here for you. You can make use of these free printable and editable templates by just giving one click on them, downloading and modifying as per your wish before you use.

Best practices while billing client for Yoga teaching services

            Here in this section we shall discuss few tips and best practices that can be and needs to be followed during invoicing your Yoga services.

  • Remember to bill for your teaching on time – It is recommended to bill your clients on time after your classes, rather than accumulating and billing at end. As it may lead to any conflicts.
  • Decide the Mode of Payment – It is preferable to communicate your mode of payment well in advance so that the clients will be prepared for it. You can even ask your clients on how they prefer to get it billed before you begin teaching.
  • Terms and Conditions – Discuss with the clients on any particular terms and conditions you might consider while billing.

How to bill for different Yoga services

            Yoga is not only meant just for exercise purpose. But it has various other forms like therapeutic yoga that helps in healing various illness, power yoga for fitness workout and lots and lots more yoga services are available. Whatever be the type of yoga classes you take or the yoga service you provide, you can have the same template format and add entries manually according to the type of service. If you wish the billing to be unique for different yoga services then you need not wait any more or search for it in anywhere. We are providing these free printable yoga invoicing template for various kinds of yoga services that you can utilize for free as per your need.

Terms & Conditions that you can include

It is most important to be transparent in your billing terms and conditions with your clients. Here we can see few terms and conditions that you can include as part of billing or discuss it with the clients before they join the classes in order to maintain a smoother process.

  • Mention about the payment cycle whether it will be daily, monthly or weekly. If there are any particular hourly rates then it is preferable to mention those
  • Mention the time of payment whether it will be prepaid or postpaid and the mode of payment
  • If you have the concept of pre bookings, please mention in detail about the booking and refund amounts in case of cancellation.
  • Mention the Refund policy if in case of any classes go unattended in a package.

These are few of the possible terms and conditions that you can add as part of your invoicing. This is also in particular to the yoga center and subject to changes.


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