Welcome, all anxious parents who are looking forward to your kids first day to school. Irrespective of the age and grade your child is progressing, the fuss about going to school is always there. You as a parent want to give all the comfort under the roof to your kid.

One great idea which you can think of to motivate your kid to start to school is giving them a first day of school sign printable card. Yes, take a pic of this card in their hand and promise them to frame it and hang it in their room. Taking pics is always exciting for kids and they get ready to school on their first day to hold this board in hand.

We understand and your next concern is about finding an image that suits your kid’s grade and how to print it. So we are here to provide you with free printable PSD files. Also, your last worry of how to edit and use the PSD file is addressed by us. We will provide you’re a step by step guide of how to design a PSD printable first day of kindergarten school sign. This will help you know the basics and even you can design one on your own.

Sounds great right? Yes, it is our pleasure. Come let us understand some details and start looking at a variety of image options to print the best one for your kid.

Printable PSD Files – First Day of School Signs

We will now display all the first day of school sign collections from kindergarten to 12th grade. Feel free to download them, personalize using Photoshop and print it to gift to your little one on their first day to school.

  1. First Day and First Grade

“This brilliant design of first day of school sign contains all the elements of perfect school.  You can use this sign from preschool up till 10th grades. The words can be customized and interests can be modified using Photoshop. The bus and school bag vector make the sign appealing for elementary and middle schoolers. ”

  1. First Day to School 4th Grade Printable

The PSD vector file given here is a simple black and white first day of school sign on a black background. Beautiful depict of the cloud and the wordings are awesome. You can customize this to any grade and remember to change wordings too. The chalks and crayons lying around make it the best fit for kids from age 5 to 10.

  1. Kindergarten printable first day of school sign

The color pencil, eraser, pen and geometry box component as a vector is a nice representation of this image. You can use this for your kid’s first day to school. Quickly download the file and edit it using Photoshop. Change the school name, teacher’s name. Mention date and record the ambition of your little one to get it ready for a print.

  1. Go Green First Day to School Printable

This green themed PSD file has loads of information in it. Have them edited with all personal details of your kid and then print it. Look at those vectors representing apple, pencil, test tube etc. All these funny depictions of images enthuse kids to get ready to school. These are customizable and feel to change anything to suit your imagination

  1. Back to School Printable

Very simple gray scale background image with contrasting blue and orange writing gives a great look to this image. You can find pencil drawing vectors of leaf, apple, envelope, and others in the top and in the bottom. The rainbow coloured pencils with sharp edges are waiting to be used by your kids to become a great artist


  1. Checked First Day to School Sign Vector for 3rd Grade

Use this when your kid goes to the first day for school 3rd grade. Yes, it says 8 yrs and the little one will go to 3rd grade. They are grown up now with no cry and sad face to go to school. See the 3D color pencil vector that gives a 3D effect to the whole pic. The checked background adds a professional look to the entire file.

  1. 7-year-old first-day school experience

Find this file best suited for your 3rd-grade kid. You can edit this using Photoshop to change the grade to 2nd as well. 7 years some kids go to 3rd grade and some to 2nd grade as well. The little dolphins are all set to go to school. Fill the teacher name to see your kid blushing. Print this to get your kid ready for a photo. Those animated books, pencil and eraser vector makes the card a perfect one.

  1. Toddler First Day of School Sign Vector Image

The aptly suited first day of school sign for preschoolers. This image looks as if made on a plain paper a broad ruled one. For the kids to hold a pencil, crayons, and ruler those vectors are nicely given. They will learn to write and color their first stroke. It’s a pride to a 4-year-old to take a picture with this file. Get them customized and make your prince/princess happy.

  1. Reflection of thoughts by a 2nd-grade kid

Look at this brilliantly designed image which resembles a mirror. Wordings in white on a green background. It talks about the ambition of the kid, teachers name, age and date. Also, the yellow overall background with plus symbol, pencil, eraser and ruler are cute to be given to a 7-year-old.  The best part is the graduation hat vector.

  1. Elementary First Day of School Printable Sign

You think it is a simple image file? Then you’re wrong. It is an elegant file with neatly written wordings. Note: You can personalize the font size and fonts as well. Find the gorgeous vectors of pencil, test tube, notebook, and set square. Ideally matching for your first-grade kid with the globe at the bottom of the image.

  1. Printable First Day of School Backpack

This a fantastic representation of first day to school. Edit this for your 9th or 10-grade kid. Ask me why? Because you can see the vector of a calculator. Don’t hesitate to edit the age and playschool.

  1. One More Printable with Backpack

Find another first day of school sign backpack that is colored in blue and orange. The green background adds picture perfect combination to the image. Yes, the writing is blown up on the bag and kudos to the designer. It looks great for your kid to take a photograph with this image.

  1. Blue Printable PSD file for your toddler

The boy blue is the beauty of this image. Yes, I cannot control exclaiming my thoughts after giving a deep look at this image. You can find a deep blue sea background with pins, pencil and clip vectors. Wordings are apt for a play school going, kid. Use this to cherish your kids first day to school. Allow him to learn writing numbers.

  1. Elegant Printable for Preschooler

Once again a simple, yet elegant printable for your preschool kid’s first day to school. Find the apple vector colored in bright red that attracts me to go to school again. The pencil, paintbrush, compass vectors are really kindling the want to march to school and your kids will love to take a pic with this image with all pride.

  1. Stop Crying First Day to School Printable

Yes, I remember my princess asking me on her first day to school to stop crying. She did grow up and was ready to go to school with her backpack. The bag vector, book, and the shoes make all kid love to go to school.

  1. His/her First Day of School Sign Printable PSD File


Wow! I am feeling great to see this vector file with a cute little boy and girl. They have their bags filled with books, pencil, ruler etc. The wordings are neatly presented on the ruled notebook with a graduation hat on the left side top corner. Personalize this cute card to file it in your album of memory.

  1. Flag printable for back to school

The pretty flags make a banner with a pencil, books, apple, ball, and hat. You can also see rainbow colored triangular flag both in top and bottom of the image. Have them printed to stop crying and send your kid to school on his her first day to pre-KG.

  1. Doctor Ambition For a 5-year-old

Kindle the inner fire of your 5-year-old with this PSD file that has a writing pad clipped with a paper and neatly phrased words. The table lamp, globe, protractor vectors depict a brilliant first day to school picture. Customize and print this to motivate your kid’s doctor dream come true.

  1. Kinder Garden First Day to School

Dads are fussy too about sending their children to school.  The image given here with compass, book, pencil and ruler vectors looks great on a green background. Feel free to edit the image using Adobe Photoshop and get going.

  1. Froggy Bag and Jigsaw First Day to School Sign

One cannot stop appreciating this file. The cute froggy bag vector is the highlight of the first day to school sign file. The music notes and the blue, red jigsaw vector fits aptly to the theme. Download and personalize the image to make your little princess feel happy about her first day to school.

  1. Chalkboard First day for school signs printables


Make use of this chalkboard first for school sign from pre-Kg to 12th grade. The flag vector top is colored with three different colors.

  1. Unique First day for school sign printable

Yes, I must agree that this is indeed a unique first day for school sign which can be used from preschool to high school. With a pleasing green background, you can find this template unique which can be used for photo and interview for your first day at school. Download and print it. Have it handwritten by your kids to make them involved in the activity. Trust me this signboard will make them the most memorable first day to school for kids.

  1. Flower First Day of School Sign Card

On the blackboard background, it is written with color chalk. These vector representations are typically suiting for your child’s first day for school sign. Good start for the first day. Feel glad to use this printable for free.

  1. Lesson Learnt First Day of school sign


No, not for kids but this file teaches a lesson to the crying mommy. See the nice wordings written on a blackboard with white chalk. Even the superheroes need to start school one day. Today is the day your little one is marching to school on the first day.

  1. Grade 2 first day to school


The simplest card for your child’s first day to 2nd grade. Print and let them have filled by your kid with his/her handwriting. Yes, at the age of 7 they will feel excited to write their wish, what makes them feel nervous, exciting etc.

  1. 12th Grade First Day to School


School life comes to an end in the 12th grade. This grade is crucial and life deciding. The image shows a blackboard with wordings written in white and green chalk. The flags in multiple colors give a dashing look to the image. Customise and make the last year of school education memorable on the very first day to school.

  1. Pinkies First Day of School Sign


The backpack vector is also a reminder to use this for a grown-up school going kid. Try editing with Photoshop following the steps are given above. Pink is her color and uses it for your angel when she goes to middle school on the first day.

  1. 11th Grade Printable Sign


The very simple first day of school sign on a white background written with a color pen. The 11th grade is written in a double line and colored inside. The vector of 20 and 20 is left blank for you to fill the academic. Personalize the image and fill the year to make your child important to step into 11th-grade class.

  1. 2019 – 2020 First day to school



Written on a ruled paper letting kids go to school the academic year 2019 – 2020. Simply typed with the usual font. Colored with different colors and different flags representing geometric images. Use this printable for any grade and record the first day of school to let this day get registered in your kid’s mind.

  1. For the worrying mom and dad – My First day to school


On a brick background, two boards with colored flags with a mention to mom and dad not to worry on their kids first day to school. Different image giving a great look.

  1. First day of Pre-K

On a green board with wordings written in chalk is the best part of this image illustration. You can change the class, age, ambition and include additional details by opening this image in adobe Photoshop.


  1. Colorful Back to School printable

With jumbled alphabets, acrylic paint, pins, pencil, compass vector this file really motivates middle schooler to go to school and meet their friends. Get them a picture with this image in their hand and present it to them in the evening. They will rejoice to see this every time.

  1. Plain First Day of School Signs

Third-grade Sarah had all the fun with this printable first day for school sign image. Let Sarah alone not have the fun, you can give this joy to your kid as well. Ask me how? Download this image to your PC. Open using Photoshop, edit and save to print.

  1. Black and White First day of school sign

Each vector including the badge, apple, ruler, sketch has space to fill relevant to the kid’s aspiration. The banner named first day is written in black and white. You can color them too. But, let’s cherish our olden day memories with a black and white image.

  1. 10th Grade Printable First day to school


Make your 10th-grade son or daughter edit this image following the instructions are given above. Yes, they will feel proud of doing the same. Then print it to take a photo and frame or even stick it on a popsicle.

  1. 7th Grade this year 2019 – 2020


Simple wording on a black slate with white chalk. Use this when your kid begins their 7th grade in the year 2019-2020. You can find the blackboard giving you space to write any wordings you wish and cheer up as it is your kids first day to school.

  1. Mathematician First day for school sign


Why did I say, mathematician? It is because you can find an arithmetic book vector. The bag vector adds value to the image. So fill the details and march to the first day at school.

  1. Middle School get Ready – I am coming


On a brick background board with colored flags with a mention to middle school to get ready welcoming for your son or daughter’s first day to school. Personalize this PSD file using Photoshop and get going.

  1. Balloon Printable for preschooler first day


The flying balloon vector printed with the first day to preschool aptly suits the 3-year-old. Blue for the boys and pink for lovely girls. Customise to fly the balloons high in the sky.

  1. Bunny First day to school vector

The bunny teeth jiffy vector, books, and apple are the highlight of this image. Save this to your laptop. Then open Photoshop CS6 to customize image size, color, resolution. Now, print it to add another year’s first day to school album.

We are tired of selecting so many PSD printables representing first day for school. But, we enjoy giving these to you for free. Follow our instructions and edit them and cherish every moment.

 Where is it used


Do I need to say where the first day of school sign is used? You all very well know that it is used by all parents who send their little one to school. Also, some preschools use these signs to take a pic of all kids and frame to hang as a memory every year.

Use these signs in schools to add fun to kids to color these printables per their creativity. Yes, you can print these printables grade wise and make copies to distribute to kids. Ask them to paste in an A4 sheet and write what they think about their first day to school.

You can use this for any creative purpose involving kids and add color to their life.

Why is it used

Understand the importance of using the first day of school sign in your real life. Let me list them one by one and you will feel glad.


  1. Edit and customize these PSD files and print them to take a photo with your school going kid to make it a memory.
  2. These photos will let you kid share their memory with their little one and it passes on to generations.
  3. Use these signs and cheer up your kids to get ready to school quoting that you will present a beautiful pic when they are back in the evening.
  4. You can also capture those moments when your child feels a mixed emotion of going to school after a long vacation. These signs in their hand and a smile in their face is a way to go.
  5. Finally, you can take a shot of your kid with these signs and send it to their grandparents to make them feel glad about their growing grandchildren.

Where to put one


Now, you are looking for ideas to put these signs. Let me help you there as well. Print the images and take a pic with your kid and frame to hang it in the drawing room, bedroom study room or anywhere at home. Doing so will offer a good vibration.

Alternatively, collect all pictures to make an album. This you do for all your kids and store them for your memory.

Every year you can include the latest pic to your clock to remind you that your kid grows with time. DIY clock with first day of school sign photo.

How to design one? – First day of kindergarten signs


After all the long talk, let me tell you about the long-awaited detail. Yes, how to design the first day of KG sign. You can use this lesson to design for any grade. Edit and customize and keep going. The PSD files are the Adobe Photoshop file and hence find the step by step instruction to design one on your own.


Open Adobe Photoshop and you will find a window as given below.

#1 Open File, Name it and Save it – Once you click on the Adobe Photoshop and click Choose File à New option, you can see the above window present. First things first and you must name the file with a file name. Your child name_grade. Follow this naming convention to remember. Beware, if you fail to do this, then photoshop will automatically save with a name. It is good and bad as your work will not be lost, but will be difficult to search without knowing the file name. Therefore it is a good practice to name it soon after you choose a new file.

#2 Image Category Selection – The new file you have chosen is the image from your clipboard. Yes, first download the PSD file from our site to your PC. Then open that with Adobe Photoshop. Now, you have done this and named your file as well. You can find a preset drop down from which choose the photo type as web, film, video, mobile etc.

#3 Image Size ­ – The size of the image is predefined. You can also opt to match the size of your file by selecting from the list given in the bottom. So now for the category you defined, there will be size defined. You can enter the height and width to define the size you wish to. Remember to check the image size displayed at the right side bottom corner to ensure it does not become very big. Also, look at the image quality when you drag the image size. This step has to be considered while tuning the image resolution as well.


#4 Background Color – From the color menu which is again a drop down menu choose the background color of the image. For black and white images only one-bit color depth can be chosen. However, for color photos, you can choose between 8 and 16 bit. Interestingly you can create 32-bit new image both in Grayscale and RGB mode.

#5 Resolution – Even the resolution is set automatically in the preset option and still you can modify it based on your need. Change resolution during the creating step otherwise image quality will degrade.

When you’re done, then its time to close Photoshop. You can print the saved image and it is ready to be given to your little one for a photo session before starting to school.

Note: One good thing about Photoshop is, it will allow you to define and customize your picture. Also, it will have its own definition on occasion of you failing to define, then it will predefine.



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