Frayer Model is a Four Square Model Which helps to improve the Vocabulary of the students and analysis the meaning of the word.  Dorothy Frayer and her classmates developed Ultimate Frayer Model in the year 1969.  It was invented in a classroom at the University of Wisconsin.  There are many students who are not so good in terms of vocabulary, so The Frayer model will be helpful for them.


Frayer Model Vocabulary Template

The Frayer Model Vocabulary Template is an effective chart for word examination and vocabulary building. It helps to introduce new words or concepts which make vocabulary guidance conventional and dynamic at the same time.

  • Frayer Model Vocabulary Template is an instant realistic coordinator that provides a motivating visual.
  • When paired, Frayer Model Vocabulary Template provides give a solid establishment to creating and expanding vocabulary in any subject area.
  • Students can effectively pursue their subject along with the Reproducible_ their own smaller version of the Chart.

Free Frayer Model Templates

Purpose of the Frayer Model

There will be four boxes in the table, which are classes by Definition, Characteristics, Examples, and Non-Examples. To use the Frayer model, students need to understand the meaning of four square tables.

They have to write one word and then explain the definition along with characteristics and some examples. By doing this process, students will remember the meaning of the word for a longer time.  So this is the manner by which it works.


  • Frayer Model is a strategy that basically uses for the students who want to develop the level of their vocabulary.
  • It is also can be used by the teachers of the school.

The Scope of the Frayer Model

It is quite obvious to learning English is not different from learning its vocabulary. To learn the language, first, you need to understand the grammar and pronunciation section. Vocabulary is basically a word that is used while communicating. It is necessary to send a text or to speak to anyone in the English language. With the help of the Frayer model teaching methods, students can learn new words so quickly.

Why to Use the Frayer Model- Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Learning vocabulary regularly needs practice and consumes time as well. But, with Frayer Model, students can study vocabulary with more depth. It also makes learning enjoyable for the learners.

This ultimate cheat sheet helps students to learn the meanings and utilization of new words and concepts. This strategy assists the students to distinguish, comprehend, learn new vocabulary and build their dictionary.

One of a kind strategy of this model is the visual representation, which encourages simple maintenance and review.

Why Is the Frayer Model Template Effective

The Frayer Model can use with much stretch in the class, little gatherings, or for single work. The Frayer Model draws on a student’s information to build connections among new ideas. It also visualizes reference by which learners figure out how to analyze characteristics and examples. Frayer Model- ultimate cheat sheet also effective in

  • Increase the understanding level of concepts and vocabulary.
  • It’s also effective to draw previous knowledge to make connections between the concepts.
  • Also, compare the attributes and the examples.
  • It also helps to think differently to search the connection between concepts and develop deeper
  • Understand the meanings of the word.
  • Effective on the visual relationships and individual associations
  • Before starting the test or quiz, it also reviews the Key vocabulary
  • Also, make the vocabulary wall for immediate reference of word meanings

How does The Frayer Model Works?

The Frayer Model has been systematizing in four boxes or division which encompass a general concept or vocabulary word in the middle of the organizer. The four boxes encompassing it are named Definition, Characteristics, Examples, and Non-Examples by default.

Definition •      The “Definition” section of the Frayer Model is an explanation of the term.

•      This segment characterizes the vocabulary word.

•      By using this concept, a student will easily summarize and define the topic of study.

Example: Take Mammals as the vocabulary term to characterize. This section not only defines it but also consolidates visuals to understand the definition.
Characteristics •      The “Characteristics” segment of the model is an approach to develop the definition.

•      In this section, students can compose and demonstrate different qualities for the word based on the definition.

•      Through this concept, students will get the unique qualities of that particular vocab.

Example: In “Characteristics” section, the definition of Mammals is based on further knowledge which defines its quality.


Examples •      The “Example” segment helps students to recognize the word in a great way that helps them to demonstrate the concept easily.

•      To accomplish this they need to use words and visuals.

•      The best methodology is a multi-sensory approach and Storyboard that makes it simple.

If a student can comprehend the definition and are able to recognize the characteristics, then they can easily list words that are good examples of the Mammal.
Non-Examples •      In “Non-Examples” section, learners are able to recognize what something is as well as what it isn’t.

•      Non-Examples can make the definition more real.

•      As with the “example” segment, this box also includes visuals and composed words.

The non-example Frayer Model demonstrates the lists that are not good examples of the word. Often these are antonyms.

How to Use the Frayer Model Cheat Sheet

The Flayer Model Chart furnishes you with plenty of space to write the four columns of new word or idea to clarify meaning. Before giving a start, you have to opt one concept through which students can understand it easily. For instance, let’s take the example of Mammal.

Step 1:  First, Divide students into groups and then introduce the topic “mammals”. After that, set a list of many examples of a “mammal” as they can come up with. Then, back to class and list the examples on the board.

Step 2: Put all examples in order into a hierarchical map. For instance, comprise common and analogous curriculum that are indirectly an element of the “mammal” conception. This will also assist the undergraduate to notice the connections b/w concepts.

Step 3: Attach to the guide every item and models. You should also talk about the description of the illustration of the core conception with the students.

Step 4: After that, help students to find those examples which are antonym or not related to the word.

Step 5: While understudies read about the idea, urge them to care for more data. They can dig for fact set that fits into any of the four classifications.

Frayer Model Example — Mammals

Essential Characteristics Nonessential Characteristics
Has lungs

Has four limbs

Has hair on a body

Can give birth to young






Examples Non-examples








Other Strategies to Use Frayer Model Template

There are some other easy and practical ways to introduce the Frayer Model in the classroom. Through these tactics, students will begin to love learning. Here take a look:

Guess The Word: You can show a Frayer model to the students without making any reference to the word or concept. Thereafter, take a suggestion from the students based on the clues given in the other four sections. Do this activity by dividing groups in the class. And the group that demonstrates the word first wins.

Give Incomplete Templates: Give a task to students to fill the incomplete portions of the concept. Through this, students can comprehend this ultimate cheat sheet in improved ways. Instruct students to rationalize their answers as it will encourage them to learn new vocabulary or concepts.

How To Fold the Frayer Model Template

Flayer Model Template helps you to learn and understand the different words and ideas related to the vocabulary, science, maths or any other subject. You can use the Flayer Model by simply folding a square piece of paper. By following below provided steps, you can make your own Flayer model. So let’s take a look.

Take a sheet of 8 ½ x 11 inches which looks like a portrait. Thereafter, fold it in a half in the horizontal direction.

After that, students need to fold the paper in half vertically. When you open it, it will divide the paper into 4 sections.

Where the folds meet with each other, you should overlap a right triangle with the bottom edge of the triangle parallel to the base edge of the paper.

After that open, the paper level, write a word in the center diamond and mark the four segments like they are on a customary Frayer Model.

Frayer Model for Other Subjects

How to Use the Frayer Model in Maths

Utilizing a Frayer Model in Mathematics uncovers a lot of proof exhibiting that understudies can without much of a stretch get explicit scientific thoughts. Let’s take an example; if students in maths start their study of a “Quadrilateral” word, then a teacher will guide them through the Frayer model of Quadrilateral as a concept.

In this “Quadrilateral” concept, students first have to define the word in terms of their general knowledge. After that, teacher and students would then discuss and note the characteristic of “Quadrilateral” like its degree, size, and angle.

Then, students have to mention the example like parallelogram and non-example of Quadrilateral like a circle. In this way, the teacher could access the prior knowledge of the concept and also add extra knowledge to it.

How to Use the Frayer Model in Science

Through the Frayer Model Cheat Sheet, one can easily teach content vocabulary in science at any grade level. All you need to prepare a large version of the Frayer Model template and choose “Physical Property” as a concept. Then, illustrate the concept through definition. Definition of “Physical Property” should have a broader discussion of the concept.

After that, generate discussion about the characteristics of “Physical Property” such as it can be measured. It can be touched etc. After giving some time, take student’s response for example, and Non-example of Physical Property. Must add easy concept with which all students can easily relate.

How to Use the Frayer Model in Social Studies

Frayer Model is a graph which is divided into four sections. The oval box indicates the term human migration. The upper-left section is named “description,” the upper right segment is marked “description,” the lower left section is named illustration and the lower right section is named “Non-examples.”

In the definition section, people moving from one place region or country to another. Its qualities include a noteworthy change (long separation or extensive gathering); could be constrained by cataclysmic event, economy, and fighting; could be a decision since somebody needs an alternate climate, calling, settled or transitory.

If we talk about the examples that suited the term human migration which are as tag along from Israel to Dubai

In the last section, we have given the non- example which is just opposite the term, that are people staying in one place all their lives; birds migrate from America to Europe; somebody departing from Los Angeles to Europe for the day.

Proper Lesson Plan of the Frayer Model

Basic Explanation of Vocabulary

Vocabulary plays a very important role to learn the English Language because English is a language where you should be aware of the grammar and pronunciation while talking to someone. Basically, vocabulary is divided into two parts which are active and passive vocabulary.

Active Vocabulary is used while talking to someone orally but passive vocabulary doesn’t use through orally. It can be understood or read by the person. Combination of the active and passive vocabulary called expressive vocabulary. People can’t communicate with anyone without using expressive vocabulary.

Teaching Vocabulary

For the students, the classroom is the best place where they can learn new words from the teachers. They can also learn from the teachers how to use those words through reading, writing, and discussion. In the classroom, students can hear the words in many different ways so they will understand better.

The Rationale of using the Frayer Model in Teaching and Learning Vocabulary

As we are aware of the fact, that the Frayer model is very helpful for students to learn new words. This model provides the visual representation through its definition, characteristics, examples and opposite’s examples.  By using the Frayer model, students can get a deep understanding of words.

It is not necessary that students need someone to use the Frayer model. They can an individual learn either they are in the classroom or at home. The Rationale provides the format for the students, so they can understand the meaning of the word along with concerned examples and non-examples.


  • Concept- the key idea
  • Essential Characteristics- qualities which are considered as well accurate for the concept or idea.
  • Non- essential Characteristics- those qualities which are factual but cannot be considered as the constant.
  • Examples- objects that illustrate general rules
  • Non -examples- list of those items that are not factual for the concept or idea.

Before class 

  • Before explaining the Frayer model to the class, you have to make sure that the slider of the Frayer model can be projected to show and use during instruction.
  • Then you should make a list of those words that should be pre-taught.
  • If you are using an online dictionary then you must have an internet connection.
  • According to the strength of the students, you have to make copies of the Frayer model graphic organizer.

Introduce the Strategy 

  • After starting the class, you have to explain to the students that they are going to learn vocabulary in a different way. You should tell about the graphic organizer which can be used to learn the new words.
  • You should ask the students that they have any knowledge about the graphic organizer like how to use it or if anyone has used it before.
  • After that tell them about the Frayer Model, they are going to learn vocabulary through the Frayer Model. It is a four-square model that helps to remember a word in four different ways.
  • Now it’s time to show them Frayer model slider, tell them about the four sections on the slide. Describe them about each section which is divided by definition, characteristics, examples, and non-examples.
  • Point out the center part of the box where you have to write the word.

Tell Them About the Frayer Model 

  • Now you need to distribute the papers of the Frayer Model to the students and tell them that you are ready to show them how to use the Frayer model (graphic Organizer).
  • Show the list of vocabulary words or can open the online dictionary.
  • Now tell them to fill the Frayer model graph according to you.
  • The First word on the list indicated the adversary. You should type the word in the search bar and remind the students that this is a sign of searching.
  • Display the features of the website and tell them that they can click on the speaker button to hear the word, so they can pronounce correctly.


  • Students can write the word in the middle of the Frayer model and meaning of the word in the definition section.
  • In the second section, instruct them to describe a character or a relationship between characters.
  • The third one is the example section and students need to tell the perfect example related to their word.
  • Fourth one if fixed for non- examples, the website also provides the antonyms. So they choose the antonyms in the non-examples section.
  • Ask students if there are any questions. Address and answer all questions.

Guided Practice 

  • You can divide the students in a group now so they can do it with their friends.
  • If you think, students understand this completely then you can give them some words and tell them to complete it together.
  • If they are following the steps correctly that means they have understood the model in a correct manner

Independent Practice: Applying the Strategy 

  • You can assign them some words that should be done independently.
  • If they complete it independently that means they have got the complete procedure and strategy.


Now you should call the students together and check their answers. If there is any missing information then encourage them to complete the graphic organizer. Lastly, you can also explain why it’s important to learn new words. Words and why we are using this Frayer model to increase the vocabulary. Tell them about the benefits of the graphic organizer, the Frayer Model. Give them a complete guide.

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