If you are looking for free email signature templates, then you are at the perfect place. Here you can download ready-to-use signature templates of various types and attractive designs for both private and business purposes. Depending on your requirements or any special needs, you can select email signatures with a basic design or advanced projects with logos, graphics, user photos and marketing banners.

Let us get into the details without any late!!

Having a lasting impression at the end of your email message is a bit confusing and tricky. This is one of the main reasons so many of us end up looking for professional email signature templates or examples whenever we change our jobs or gets a promotion. Leaving a lasting impression through a strong signature is attention-getting and professional looking. It must not be a flashy one but it is not a bland one too.

Importance of Email Signature

Email is one of the most widely used forms of correspondence within the modern business, instant messaging, far exceeding letters, and social media. Let us begin to see how important it is to develop official and professional email signature templates that everyone uses.

With some creative thought and a little effort you put into your email signature design, it will positively impact your brand image as well as offer you an additional opportunity to promote or market your business. Here are some reasons why an email signature is important.

  • Your email signature is more than just your name and title.
  • It’s also a part of your personal branding.
  • It needs to encourage reader response, provide contact information, and catch the reader’s eye in a way that’s positive and memorable.

Important Tips for a Good Email Signature

In this document, we take a close look at creating professional email signatures. Here are ten important and must follow tips for creating stunning and attractive email signatures. Your reader will want to respond when they see a professional and informative email signature at the end of your messages you send through email.

  • Get Social
  • Keep it simple
  • Make sure you use a profession photo finish if you are including an image in your email signature.
  • Grab attention through a signature with a pop of colours.
  • Go for bold black and white colours since a flashy email signature does not work according to some corporate policies.
  • Since your email signature signifies your personal brand, it’s always better to have choices or options. It’s also a good idea to have choices if your email signature needs a change.
  • Incorporate a corporate logo if you want to create a corporate look email signature that suits for your business or an organization.
  • Design an email signature using an online editor that helps to customize your signature template without any HTML coding.
  • Use Builder to easily and quickly edit the colours, text, company logo, and export the customized results.
  • A modern email signature design is perfect for many brands. The fresh look, sleek and clean font conveys a timeless feel without seeming outdated.

Basic Elements of a Good and Professional looking Email Signature

The two main purposes of a good email signature are:

  • to convey information about you to the reader
  • to attract the reader’s attention

Let us learn some basic key elements of a good email signature:

  • Name, title and company- Mentioning the name reveals the reader who has sent the email. If you are representing any company, then you need to include the company’s name as well along with yours.
  • Contact information- This category should include the business website and phone number.
  • Social Links- It is highly recommended to include social media information as it is in demand now and easily reachable to your readers. LinkedIn is a good one to attach. Avoid linking to irrelevant social accounts.
  • Photo- Adding an image or photo to your signature is optional.
  • Logo- If you are running your own company or working for a company, it is a good idea to include a logo to your signature.
  • Design- The usage of smartphones and other mobile devices is highly increased than earlier. Hence, a responsive design adjusts or allows the readers in their mobiles.
  • Legal Requirements- Some companies in some countries works according to their legal policies. So, it is better to know the legal requirements before you design your email signatures to avoid unnecessary situations.

How to write an Email Signature in simple points

  • Keep colours simple and consistent.
  • Use the design hierarchy.
  • Include a call-to-action (and update it regularly).
  • Include social icons linking to your social profiles.
  • Make links trackable.
  • Use space dividers.
  • Let people book your calendar right from your email.
  • Include an international prefix in your contact number.
  • Make your design mobile-friendly.

Email Signature Dimensions

The recommended dimensions for a good email signature are:

  • A maximum email signature width of 650 pixels and a maximum height of between 90 and 150 pixels are preferable for any basic email signature design.
  • The email signature banner size file should not exceed 10kb (when optimized for web).
  • There is a possibility of converting all email signatures to HTML, therefore it is recommended to use only ‘web safe’ system fonts in your design.

Fonts suggested for a professional looking Email Signature

It is highly recommended to use ‘Safe Fonts’ (fonts that are available on most devices) to write an email signature in a simple and professional way. No matter if this is PC, iPad, Mac, iPhone, or Android – you can be pretty sure and confident that the font you use in your email signature is also installed on the recipients’ side. This means your email signature will look just the way you see it on your screen.

It is also easy to use, read and understand Safe Fonts. Avoid unnecessary decorations which would sometimes create a negative impact on the readability of the signature’s text. Having this in mind, here is a list of the best fonts for email signatures:

  • Arial
  • Verdana
  • Helvetica
  • Georgia
  • Tahoma
  • Courier
  • Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet
  • Palatino
  • Lucida

The above-mentioned fonts can create nice and neat email signatures. Create an email signature that looks very elegant and allows the recipient to easily find and read all necessary contact details.

Final Conclusion

An email signature is not only just professional email sign-off but a valuable marketing space or tool that you should not waste. You can make it as your opportunity to create an impression through every email you sent to your clients. So, make sure to design your email signature in a professional, positive, and a memorable one.

A winning, great, and well-designed email signature doesn’t need to be clever-clever, complicated or crowded but it should be communicative, creative, and compellingly clickable.

Finally, when you design your email signature, have fun with it, but consider keeping it fairly simple. Also, do not forget to keep your type legible, your graphics scalable, your colours beautiful and I am sure you’ll have no issues leaving the best kind of lasting impression on all your email contact.

What is an email signature?

Email signature often called an email footer is a block of text (about one’s personal information) at the end of an email message. Generally, email signature is used to provide the recipient with one’s name, address, and business contact information. Also, it is a part of your personal branding and mainly does the two jobs-
1) to attract the reader’s attention
2) to convey information about you to the reader

What are the basic elements of a good email signature?

Here are some basic and important elements of a good email signature:
1) Name, title and company
2) Contact information
3) Social links
4) Logo
5) Responsive design
6) Photo
7) Legal requirements

What are the tips for an unique and professional looking email signature?

A professional and good looking email signature makes a statement about you and your business. So, we are providing you few tips
to create an awesome email signature.
1) Keep it simple and include professional social media contact information
2) Use only professional photo if you want to add an image to your email signature. No selfies strictly!
3) Use bright colors as readers are more likely to get attention to attractive colors
4) Using too much colors also makes your email signature flashy. In that case, use white and black to make it look bold.
5) If you are working for a corporate company, give it a formal look by including corporate links, corporate colors, format, links etc.

How to create an email signature using our templates?

1) Download your favorite template and open it in word
2) Select the content of the signature from the template you downloaded and copy it
3) Open Outlook and select New Email
4) Paste the copied contents of the signature in the email message body
5) Customize your signature template by editing the text, font style, colors, changing the photo/logo, adding hyperlinks to your website/social.
6) Select OK and close the email

What are the benefits of adding email address in your email signature?

Including email address to your email signature allows the clients easily contact you if they need to. Also, some applications scan your email signature to create a contact and memorize it when they need to contact. When you include your email address, it is easy for the clients to screenshot and send your contact details. It is also easy to contact you since it automatically start a new email with you when you add an email address in your email signature.

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