Today we have come up with a new and an interesting topic nothing but ‘Flash Cards’…Sounds interesting right!! So let’s get in to the topic without any delay.

A Flash card is one of the classic study tools and is called flash for an important reason. It is a card bearing some important information in the format of words, numbers, symbols, shapes and much more. The purpose of flash cards is mainly aids in quick learning and memorizing the subject in an easy way. But now-a-days many are utilizing them in a wrong way that putting too much information which makes children to read and memorize. If the flash cards are used in right manner, then they are awesome on the go study resource which allows you to study and learn virtually anywhere.

Basic Shapes Flash Card Templates                                              

Now, you are thinking of making your own flash cards right!! Do not worry we are here to help you making creative flash cards using our great collection of Flash Card Templates that lets you to create your own vocabulary and picture templates. Each and every card has been specially designed in a number of different sizes and colours.

We are providing you and your children the basic shapes to learn about. Your children will love these fun and colourful shape flash cards. Please have a look!

Flash Card Template Arrow

Flash Card Template Circle

Flash Card Template Heart

Flash Card Template Hexagon

Flash Card Template Oval

Flash Card Template Pentagon

Flash Card Template Rectangle

Flash Card Template Square

Flash Card Template Star

Flash Card Template Triangle

All our flash card templates offer flexible customization both to teachers and students. What are you waiting for!! Start teaching your students or children with these fantastic and fun shape flash cards.

There are 10 cards in a set which are simple and easy to recognise comes with simple to advanced colours. Simple shapes are in simple colours where as advanced shapes are in advanced colours. Anyone can teach basic shapes, colours and matching skills with our Free Shape Flash Cards.

As different versions of flash cards are available, just click to download and print your favourite ones which are most suitable for your child. All our templates are free and can be used for personal, commercial and educational use.

Why use Flash Cards

  • Excellent resource to introduce new vocabulary
  • Creates and builds enthusiasm in children for an activity
  • Helps children to connect with textual description to an image
  • Great for contrasting and comparing objects and basic ideas
  • Appeal to a high percentage of learners
  • Many children are stimulated to visual learning

Activities for using Flash cards

  • Drilling Activities
  • Memory Activities
  • Identification Activities

Tips for using the shape flash cards

  • Make sure your child is alert
  • Use in short and frequent bursts
  • Get rid of distractions
  • Give plenty of praise and encouragement

Here is the resource where you can find more about shapes flash card templates

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