Life is full of adventures, important challenges and hurdles. And the luck is always taking the side of those who face the tough situations with courage. Apart from the luck, a warmest and encouraging Good Luck Message on a card inspires a person to face all the hurdles and keep moving against all the odds in the life.

So, you all might have got my point on which topic we are going to discuss today..! 🙂 Yes, if you are searching for Good Luck messages to wish Good Luck for your family and friends, you are in right place where you will get great collection of good luck card templates that convey good luck as well as some ideas on how to create good luck cards with some nice best of luck messages. Have a look! Good LuckJ

How to wish Good Luck in a Greeting Card—Create Perfect Good Luck Message on a Card

Sending Good Luck wishes with some motivational good luck message not only inspires the person to face the hard times but also drives his/her fears away and keeps them at peace. A simple and sweet good luck message brings a huge difference in a person’s personality and motivates the one to think positively.

Hope our awesome collection of Good Luck Card Templates help to you and your friends. Cheers!

Good Luck Card Templates

Good Luck and Happiness Card

“May your coming years surprise you with the happiness of smiles, feeling of love and joy”, “I Wish you all the success and Happiness in your life”, “I hope you will find plenty of sweet memories to cherish forever” etc…These are the variety of Good Luck wishing messages wishing for loads of love and happiness. You can use these wordings to make a perfect Good luck and Happiness card Template.

Cute and Funny Good Luck Card

You don’t need to write a lot on a Good Luck Wishing Card formally all the time. Sometimes keep it as simple as that with some cute and funny messages. Here you will find some templates that express your feelings of wishing best of luck in a fun and cute way.

Congrats on the New Job

“Best Wishes for a successful interview”, “Congratulations! You got the great job, Wish you all the best for your new job”, Employment is like full of promises and I hope each promise you made be fulfilled, Good Luck on your new job.  With these inspirational good luck wishes, you can wish your friend or someone to boost confidence in them.

Good Luck and Good Bye Card

You can use these card templates to convey your best wishes to the person who is leaving you forever or your colleague is leaving for a new job.

For Example:

“We have organised a “Good Bye!” party for you. The Reason why you are not invited is because it starts after you leave! We are joking! We will miss you a lot! Good Luck and Best Wishes.”

This is the fun way of expressing good luck and good bye message to your friends and family.

Microsoft Word Good Luck Card Template

You can design free customizable good luck card templates in word format to create your own card templates with a good luck charm.


Wishing good luck for someone brings charm in their lives and is a great way to support each other by wishing one another on any occasion that brings peace in everybody’s lives. Feel free to download our good luck card templates and design your favourite cards with your own texts, photos, and styles. Hope you will enjoy our templates. Cheers:)

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