In these days due to the domination by technology and gadgets, people don’t have time to think from the bottom of their heart. Most of the time we live in a fast-paced world and run behind money, material, and forgot about feeling.

But don’t worry and we can quickly come back to connect with our heart with the help of the heart map. We can understand that you need more clarity and yes we are here to do that. We would like to give you free heart map templates. Also, we will let you know what is heart map, how to create one as a detailed tutorial. Including the DIY of a heart, the map will be dealt with in this article.

Here you go with all the required details.

Printable Heart Map Templates (Free Download)

What is Heart Map

As the name implies heart map is a drawing. One needs to draw the heart on paper using pencil, sketch etc. Then you need to write the details about what you feel. It could be anger, happiness, sadness and the person you like, the secret you want to share and much more. So let’s see how to create a map and use them effectively.

Step Wise Heart Mapping Procedure 

Basically, heart map is used to write or capture details felt at the heart. It could range from anything to everything. It can be writing about some information about an object or an image. About what you feel about someone or something. It could be about recording what is important to you or what secret you want to share. It can also be a few things which are registered in the memory which you want to recollect. So there are several things you want to map. Follow these steps to map in the heart map template.

Step 1: First choose a heart map from the template given here. There are two ways in this step either deciding on the theme and choose a template or edit the template based on your thought.

Step 2: Save the template on your PC and click open to start customizing.

Step 3: You can also print it and then partition it to write the details.

Step 4: Make partitions like dividing them into few parts within the heart shape. You can divide based on the number of points you want to record. Say for example if you want to write about the most important thing in your life, then divide into these areas each mentioning the following.

  • What is important in your life – Leave small space to mention that important thing?
  • Why is it so important – Here allocating space based on the list you have is your choice.
  • How did it become important to you?
  • How much important it is than anything else?

Likewise, write all details under headings and you can give the topics on the outside and then give the details inside.

Step 5: You can color them with different shades and decorate them which is purely optional.

So these are the basic steps, you can cut the heart from the paper and paste it. Or frame the heart on an A4 sheet and hang it.

How To Do Heart Mapping Test

It is a great idea to do heart mapping as it is a visual representation of what is in your mind. You can take time to think and pen down your thoughts. It helps in a lot many ways to provide you lot of calmness from within. So let’s understand how to do a heart mapping test.

Download a free template from here by finding a relevant heart map and then start the process. Save it is in your PC and double click on it to open it.

Start thinking about what you want to write in the heart map. Once you decide to give a deeper think on how to present it in writing. Select an area to draft your thoughts in the heart map. Maybe on the peripherals where you can quickly collect the points that run in your mind. After you feel you have poured your thoughts, you need to sit down to make it a good writing.

Focus on the central area of the heart map and start organizing all the points you collected one by one. If it is a happy feeling, then cherish every moment and pen them down. You feel really great when you start expressing it in writing. Make sure you’re alone when you do this test as you can talk to your inner self.

In case of hatred, hard feelings, sadness, grudge, frustration or any negative feeling, then you can write them to feel lighter and lighter as you go down. Yes, it is because this test is not a question and answer test to prepare, but it pours as a thought from your mind and when you put them in writing you feel better and you will attain inner peace.

Try this map testing to become strong.

How To Create – DIY Heart Map Art 

Let me give you an insight into Heart Map Art in Photoshop

Open Photoshop and make an outline of the heart. Then split that into two equal half vertically. You can take an outline of the map and paste in one section and erase all the excess. Follow the same on the other side too.

Now, start adding your text and remove the layout. Save it and print it. Alternatively, follow the instructions given below to make it more exciting. Print the heart alone in its shape and put stick pad on its back. You can use nice textured paper to give a glow to your map. Frame it and all done.


Top 10 Heart Map Writing deas 

Based on the questions you can design the heart map. If it is for kids you can ask them to write about whom they love the most. What do they like to do in free time? Etc. For elders, this heart mapping art can be a relaxation at their stressful life. You can make it pencil sketch, use photoshop, paint or other computer software to design. Can color it or paste images and do whatever you feel like doing based on your creativity.

Find below top 10 ideas for which you can write in a heart map.

Using a heart map you can list out all that makes you happy. It could be your childhood candy or your dream job etc.

  • Make a map to understand what you love the most. Why do you love it and deeply analyze your inner self?
  • Now let’s make a heart-filling map with the entire funniest thing ever you underwent in life.
  • It’s time to recall favorite memories in life and you can fill them with joy and cheer. Even your life has a tragic memory by filling it here you will feel light. Try it making in a heart map and do a hand drawing that will give you peace.
  • Here you can recognize the important things in your life starting from your toys during school days to anything today.
  • Write about the sad things is another idea to make a heart
  • Anything you could not share which is a top secret? You must make a note to fill them in this heart
  • The most liked work or the work you procrastinate. The reason for your liking and otherwise. All these could be noted in the heart
  • You can even write a description of an Best way to make children study using this map activity. Ask them to study and then draw a map to recollect all that is there in their heart regarding that object.
  • Use a heart map to scold someone whom you think is bothering a lot. You cannot do it in person. This is the right way to protect your health but let out your feelings. Try to discard these maps as they may hurt if the concerned person looks at it. Still, you need ventilation and this is the best way to vent out your thoughts.

How To Create Heart Map Lesson Plan For School Kids 

Kids the blooming buds really require some fun activity. That does not end there and I also want to let you know that these days kids must be taught to understand the feeling. In the gadget world heart and feelings and pushed behind. So we must teach them the exercise of making a heart map. Let them not do the map work but you can ask them to use a map template and fill it with what they feel about the different situation.

Here you go to follow a lesson plan for kids to make them work on a heart map.

Quickly download the template from here and print number of copies required. You can print blank heart to make kids color or use any pre-animated templates as well. Have a sufficient number of copies so that if children mess up with the one you can another.

Lesson 1 – Explain to them about heart map and its importance. Give them real time examples and add fun in the lessons. Once they are through with why is this exercise required, you can start giving the heart map.

Lesson 2 – Ask them to fill the map with the people they like the most whom they see on a daily basis. This is the easiest task as they will start with their mom and dad. Let them also draw the images which will add more excitement.

Lesson 3 – You can increase the level of toughness by allowing them to think and write about when they were sad recently and reasoning for that. Likewise, you can connect with their thought and let them write them in the heart from the bottom of their heart.

Lesson 4, 5, — 10 Include different writing ideas from the topic discussed at top 10 list and children will graduate in terms of associating with their heart.

Finally, let them write a test. This time ask them to choose an idea and make a heart map about that. You will be surprised that kids will come out with different ideas. Also, kids will sometimes reveal a few things that we never expected could have affected them. This exercise will help us to support kids who really need help.

Also, ask children to pass on these lessons to their parents and you can give some assignments involving parents. This way parents and children will grow more close to each other. You are providing an opportunity for the same it is really nice to initiate such a bonding in the heart of the small kids.

Feral Heart Map Making Tutorial 

Height Map

The most important thing to start while making a feral heart map is the heightmap. Choose the heightmap based on the image size. Also, heightmap should be square in shape. The formula to choose the size is (2 ^ n) + 1. Based on the number of tiles you can fill ‘n’ and do the calculation.

Use a grey scale for height map and save it only after merging all layers into one. Use both 8-bit image mode and 16-bit mode. Usually, 8 bit is used but 16 bit also comes out in a good manner. The 16-bit terrain in gentler when compared to the 8-bit terrain.

You’re done with the height map. and save your image in PNG format.

Terrain Mask

This is projected as a difficult but actually not if you can follow these simple tips.

Use mask image in RGB mode (color mode). Use red, green, and blue color.  Adjust size according to the height map. Let this also be in square shape. Use at least six textures to the map namely square, star, grass, circle, and leaf. Color the elements in multiple textures. Save it in PNG format.

Map codes, object maker and sky maker are the advanced classes in FH heart mapping. You may begin with these and once you master making height map and terrain the remaining can be learnt in the advanced tutorial section.

So now you know what is heart map, why to use it, where it is used etc. Make the best use of this page and also use the templates for free to start heart mapping sessions.

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