As stated earlier, a relationship report card provides a simple way for couples to explore, develop or amend their relationships. This template allows them to find out more about each other. When having problems due to lack of proper communication, this report card template allows them to know each other’s likes and dislikes, their favourites and the stuff that bore them just by filling it truthfully.

Relationship Report Card Templates

  • Segments and Topics available for Grading

Depending on the nature of the relationship, the categories and topics can be varied. Most of the time each individual has to give grades on the three separate segments:

  1. The Relationship – In this part, the topics denoted allows the individual to determine how healthy the relationship between him or her and the concerned partner is.
  2. The Partner – In this part, the individual can give grades to his or her partner denoting his or her performance on various topics
  3. The Individual – In this part, the individual grades himself or herself, showing one’s own performance as per his or her perspective.

Each segment may comprise about 15 to 20 items (or even more) plus instructions for use. The most significant aspect of this exercise is to be truthful while grading. This enables both parties to realise each other’s view and sort them through a healthy dialogue.

  • Grading Scale

The relationship report card template has various points on which each person has to grade the other. The range of grades available are listed below:

  1. A – The partner is passionate, extremely understanding, considerate and fulfilling. He or she may not be the perfect one but is still the most amazing one.
  2. B – The partner has good behaviour, a calm, likeable atmosphere around him or her. He or she may take time while improving on various aspects, but still, the person is better than the rest.
  3. C The partner has average qualities which are adequate in most situations. He or she can be relied upon, but the satisfaction is just acceptable.
  4. D The partner’s performance is unsatisfactory most of the time making the atmosphere between us an unhappy one. Yet, there is hope if he or she becomes serious and shows passion.
  5. F – Complete failure. Even after trying, adapting and compromising, the situation still remains hopeless.

Structure of the Relationship Report Card Template

As stated earlier, the report card template may have extra segments, depending upon how detailed one wants it to be. A table is present where the first column has the name of all the topics related to the relationship that one has to grade up on.

The first row has the headings and in each successive row, one has to grade both himself or herself and the partner beside each concerned topic with the grades mentioned above.

  • Grading and Evaluation

This part has various steps that one has to strictly and carefully follow:

  1. While grading oneself and the partner, the key element is to be truthful to one’s heart. One must grade each topic as per how they really feel about it.
  2. The goal here is not to obtain perfect ‘A’s, but to explore and improve the relationship between the individuals.
  3. After grading, both the parties should compare each other’s relationship report card template and discuss the reason behind each grade given/obtained and how to improve upon them.
  4. One must be ready to hear things from their partner’s point of view and sort out the discrepancies regarding how each other grade themselves on the same topic.
  5. One must also discuss the feeling which one has when seeing and comparing each other’s grades. Whether it may be satisfaction or dissatisfaction, happiness or embarrassment, one must accept the results of both the report card template and help themselves and also their partner while amending the relationship.

Boyfriend Report Card Template

This report card template is mainly focused on the boyfriend in a relationship. It is filled up by the female in a relationship as how much she is happy with her partner and his feelings towards her. The male can use this to confirm the root problems, which his partner feels annoyed with.

  • Concerned Topics

The female can express the extent to which she is satisfied with her boyfriend through these questions. She can grade the following questions which express their relationship overall. Even specific questions can be added so that she can express about how she feels about her boyfriend on them specifically.

  1. Are some habits of the boyfriend causing conflicts/issues?
  2. How the male takes steps to increase proper communication (this may involve being both an expressive talker and a good listener) between them?
  3. How he tries to repair the relationship if gets strained due to any type of frustration and/or anger?
  4. How to he assists both himself and her in other situations and how much does he try to have a more romantic relationship?
  5. Does he keep track of whether the relationship makes both of them content and happy and whether he is developing some old negative habits which may harm their relationship?
  • Grading and Evaluation

The grades used can be the same as those given to the relationship report card template – A, B, C, D and F with each having the same meaning. The female can grade as per her feelings and satisfaction towards her male partner in the different fields.

After grading, the boyfriend must read and understand the report card template filled by his female counterpart. He should respect her views and try to discuss the problems she has mentioned.

Girlfriend Report Card Template

The girlfriend report card template is mainly focused on the part a girlfriend has in a relationship. It is filled up by the male about how much he is happy with his partner and her feelings towards him. The female can use this to confirm the root problems, which her partner has with her.

  • Concerned Topics

The male can use this template to grade his partner in various fields. He can also add some specifically if it concerns him.

  1. Some specific habits or tantrums that causes him to feel dissatisfied?
  2. How the female takes steps to increase proper communication (this may involve being both an expressive talker and a good listener) between them?
  3. How she tries to repair the relationship if gets strained due to some misjudgment on her part?
  4. How she helps him in handling other problems? How much does she allow him to help her?
  5. Does she try to make their relationship more healthy and romantic?
  6. Does she keep track of whether the relationship makes both of them content and happy and whether some of her old habits are coming back?
  • Grading and Evaluation

The grades used can be the same as those given to the relationship report card template – A, B, C, D and F with each having the same meaning. The male can grade according to how he feels about his female partner’s performance in different fields.

After grading, the girlfriend must read and try to understand the report card template filled by her male counterpart. She should respect his views and try to discuss and amend the problems he has mentioned.

Spouse Report Card Template

The spouse report card template allows the married couple to detail out the things they are both satisfied and dissatisfied with each other and how they can work on those and develop their relationship.

  • The Wife’s Part

Following are the questions which a wife can ask her husband whether he is happy with her on different fields.

  1. Do her actions make him happy? Any specific habit which dissatisfies him?
  2. Does she properly understand his work and goals? Any type of help she can provide?
  3. Anything which he is hesitant in sharing with her? The reason for it.
  4. Something she does which makes him feel proud or in other case embarrassed?
  5. Any way in which they can have better communication?
  • The Husband’s Part

The questions mentioned below can be asked by the husband that whether he is satisfying her expectations or not.

  1. Does he play his part in promoting a healthy and romantic relationship?
  2. Any of his actions which disrespects her. How should he act if such situations happen in future?
  3. Does he understand her wishes and desires? How can he fulfil them?
  4. Any attribute or habit he should develop or completely stop?
  5. How can he make her feel more secure and loved?
  • Grading and Evaluation

The grading can be the same as that followed in relationship report card template – A, B, C, D, and F with each grade having the respective meaning.

After filling up, the couple should exchange and discuss their grades, answers on each point and also the reason they feel that way. They should respect each other point of view and should discuss how should they tackle and solve the problems together.

This card template can be used in various situations after just slightly changing the content to match that particular situation. Some of the cases are:

  1. Premarital Counselling – It allows the duo to know more about each other before they finalise their marriage. They can get to know more about each other’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, comfort zone, etc.
  2. Marriage Counselling – The template, in this case, allows the married couple (especially those without children) to express their problems and satisfaction levels with their partner. The list may vary from completion of household chores to even their sex life.

This allows them to efficiently recognise and tackle each other’s failures, whereas compared to before, they hesitated during pointing those points out.

  1. Divorce Counselling – This is mainly sought by those thinking of a divorce, undergoing through it or want to deal with the after-effects of it. There are many cases where both the husband and wife realise that they are just not suitable for each other. Hence when all sorts of adapting or compromising fail, they decide to end their marriage as it would be beneficial for both of them and would less hurt them in the long run.
  2. Family Therapy – The template, in this case, allows the family to sort out the misgivings they have towards each other. The strain in relationships may be in between siblings, the concerned parents and children or even in between parents which in turn affects the whole family. This template allows the concerned parties to realise the emotions and feeling of each other towards their behaviour and conduct respectively.
  3. Parenting Classes – The template in this situation is mostly used by teachers for parents and students. It is mainly focused on how much the parent knows about his child’s academics and extra-curricular activities. It also allows the parent to give feedback regarding the teachers and school’s impact and approach towards their child’s education.

When filled up honestly, the relationship report card gives us a rare feedback where one can recognise most the problems that each person faces. Most of the topics are regarding those on which each person hesitates and hence these troublesome issues are left unexpressed.

Following are the links to different sites providing renowned relationship/marriage report cards.

  • The following link provides a detailed relationship card template with regular and important topics relevant in every relationship. This can be used by especially those who are doing this for the first time.

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