Do you want to find someone missing? You may look at a wanted poster template to use for a fun purpose or looking for one poster that will help to find the missing person. A missing person could range from a kid, innocent, or a criminal; there is a need for a wanted poster to be placed in places. This is usually done as paper posters and put in the areas where more people notice the posters to report and your job will become natural.

There is a catch with the development of technology that you can make these posters electronically and publish them to find the missing person at the earliest. But don’t worry you can save time by using the wanted poster template given here to quickly look for the person who is most wanted by you or your department.

Come on, read through to deeply dwell on this subject and download as many  wanted poster templates to find all the necessary ones.

Free Wanted Poster Templates

Personalized Wanted Poster Template For Teachers

Now, for customizing wanted poster template for teachers, you must use the free templates I have shared. Why should you use my templates when it is not very difficult to design one on your own. It is because you can see the templates are designed professionally, and the graphics are fantastic. You must only modify the information about the wanted person. You will get several types here and can quickly pick one template.

Make sure to match the style and format in line with the background to make it more coherent.

Wanted Poster Template For Reading

For reading purposes, the wanted poster must be customized in the following ways. Find the person photo if you don’t have one from the social media pages. Get the right picture which is clear to the viewers.

Write the details about the person legibly. First, download the template. Second upload the photo from your PC that you have captured or taken from the site. Third mention details of the missing person. Fourth either print or send emails based on your choice of shipping printed posters or email format.

Photoshop Method To Create Wanted Poster Template For Middle School 

For a middle school assignment, you must create a wanted poster template using photoshop for better clarity and precision.

Five Steps To Make A Wanted Poster Template To Increase Your Search Efficiency 5X More


  1. Start with a new File in Photoshop and mention WANTED in the Name section with the same width and height as done in Paint.
  2. Now browse open to find a photo from the file menu and insert the picture of the person whom who are searching for. Use the Ctrl key to drag the photo. You can also feel free to edit size by resizing the photo. Explore options transform and shrink.
  3. Then using “T” icon, you can make the necessary text work on your poster. Type MOST WANTED, WANTED, etc.
  4. Under the photo give details and warning if any of the missing people.
  5. Now save the poster using Save As option in the menu File.

Yes, it is done. Try using photoshop and its fun learning. Also, use the Wanted poster template photoshop to customize as well. 

FBI Wanted Poster Template Word

You may feel surprising that wanted posters are in use since 1930 and FBI used it to keep the public informed about the renegade. This will help criminal from escaping punishment as the public will report to FBI upon seeing any person whose photo published in the wanted poster.

They had more than 5200 billboards to spread the info across locations. Later on, not only fugitives but also thief’s photos started getting published in 1950. Kidnappers were brought to light by 1960 using the wanted posters. By 1970 people involved in all kind of illegal activities were exposed to the public using the posters. Electronic FBI wanted posters became favorite since 2007.

Wanted Poster Template Old West 

Old west used Wanted posters to enforce the law and keep public alert by mentioning the crime that happened with the photo of the illicit. They made sure to list the picture and in the worst case at least a drawing of the dishonest to make sure people are aware and not ignorant.

One drawback about old west drawing photo was it depicted wring person and many innocent were punished by law. But the rise in technology has allowed computer drawing and hence identifying the guilt has become easy and straightforward.

Making a Wanted Poster Template Black And White

Yes, your concern is addressed in this section and agreed that not many wanted posters to have color photos. Hence the wanted poster template is given compatible to make black and white images.

All you need to do this use the template mentioned black and white. Then use the editing software to change your color photo. Directly convert them to black and white. The template is made suitable for such photos, and you need not worry about the alignment. It will look professional.

Wanted Poster Template Big Bad Wolf

For those who want to teach students about the big bad wolf in the little red riding hood used these posters. You may be a teacher, parent or a student to do any project. This wanted poster template big lousy wolf is apt for you. The moral of the story is a significant bad wolf as a character is the most requested and likewise in life, the most wanted lousy guy and yes the criminal is looked for using wanted posters.

Western Wanted Poster Template


You may wonder about the specific mention western wanted poster. These wanted poster templates usually consist cowboys. Does not stop with that will also include gunshots and that is how these posters represent themselves unique. You have different collections here and use the one you require.

Volunteers Wanted Poster Template 

This is something different as you are not in look out for any criminals or a missing person. But you want to publish a poster to invite volunteers for some purpose. It could be for organizing a social event etc. The templates found in variety allow you to place the photo of the game and explain details to let know volunteers about the game and make them join your contest.

Victorian Wanted Poster Template 

Feel glad that this collection has wanted posters of the Victorian age. Yes, you can use them to find murderers, thieves, etc. 

Vintage Wanted Poster Template 

You can find the most traditional wanted poster templates used by people before many eras. This can be used for educative purposes.

Viking Wanted Poster Template


A unique idea to make your kids enjoy social lesson is to show them Viking wanted posters. You can ask them to make using the easy tips given above. Thus teaching about how English wanted the Vikings can be illustrated with these funny wanted posters. Make use of Viking helmets to provide a high look to the photos in the Viking templates. 

Police Wanted Poster Template

Since age old days police professionals used wanted the poster to get the most wanted thief. They will publish the photos of the wanted person across location in posters and find them. In the age of computer technology, these posters can be posted online to look out for the missing and the hiding criminals.

Tangled Wanted Poster Template 

Use the Tangled Wanted Poster Template in your party. Yes, it can brighten your party when you adopt for a movie theme, and that will add all the fun. Look out for wanted people in the party and have fun. This poster is dedicated to the movie Tangled. 

Troll Wanted Poster Template 

Troll wanted poster is available both in color and black and white. It includes the luxurious details such as eyes, clowns along with the crime details.

Fairytale Wanted Poster Template 

Fairytale wanted posters can be used when kids are given a project. It will help them to find the villainous person in the fairy tale and prepare a detail about the person to mention in the poster. Use these editable templates to make your kids more creative.

Teaching Resources Wanted Poster Template

One can make use of this template to find the best teaching resource in a short span. The teachers cannot be seen during the mid of the year, and the wanted posters can pass the critical info to a broader audience to refill the teacher position.

Top 10 Most Wanted Poster Template

Most wanted posters are used to find people for the DJ music concert. Also, these templates will be used to find the most critical person or at least to spread the message that people are aware of such a person to stay alert. The word most wanted will alarm people to look into the poster.

Scientist Wanted Poster Template 

Getting scientist is not a easy task, and most of the time they don’t look at emails and social media. Such templates can be printed to paste in places across to get the scientist quickly for any government related work etc.

Roommate Wanted Poster Template Ideas 

This is a fun template used by friends in rooms to mention the most wanted roommate. One can use a template to play a prank.

Wanted Dead Or Alive Poster Template  

Usually, the dead or alive poster templates are used to find the person looked for dead or alive and also a reward amount is mentioned under for those who find this person.

Wanted Poster Template Electronic Vs. Printed

Ok, there is a small insight which I wish to give you here, and that is the comparison between the olden day’s printed poster and the technologically advanced year’s electronic posters. Curious to know the difference and how they help better? Continue reading to become aware of all details.

When you say printed poster it is indeed a copy handwritten or made manually to print and circulate across location to find the wanted person. You may want to paste them on the walls and places that have better public reach. Yes, this will fetch you desired results, and it might or might not take time to find the missing person, criminal, etc.

On the other hand when you use automated way of publishing your search for the wanted person, then you will make a post and send it via email, share it on social media forum, etc. This will also take its own time in finding the respective person.

But the catch point is an automated way of spreading news reaches many people within no time, the cost for sending wanted posters online is almost nothing, and it also consumes hardly any time to spread the word when compared to printed mode.

However, I would recommend you to use both methods when you want to find a person quickly. And I am glad that you can use my desired poster template for both online and printed copy purposes.

Know what all wanted poster templates are available to me along with some piece of input about the respective posters.

Quick Way To Prepare Wanted Poster Template For Students Using Paint

  1. Using paint, you can make a wanted poster for students activity. Insert photo in the paint of the person you want to find. Open Properties and format width and height to “18” and “24” inches. Center the photo.
  2. Then you can make the text tool active by clicking A and then mention WANTED in bold on top of the photo.
  3. Under the photo, you must write the details about the person in the picture to let know people about whom and why you are searching for.
  4. Add colors to the background based on your wish.
  5. Then save the template. Yes, your template is ready.

Good Wishes To Find The Missing Person Or The Person Whom You Are Looking For Using The Wanted Poster Templates.

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