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10+ Hard Drive Certificate Of Destruction Templates: Useful for Audits in your Company (Free to Download)

Certificate of destruction is a legal or formal document that contains the detailed information about the items or property being destroyed. For example, if you own a company or office were you deal with lot of data and hard drives containing all critical information, and at later point in time you would like to destroy the hard drives, then Hard drive certificate of destruction is very important. It fact, it is mandatory, as it will help your company during audit times or in case of any legal action.

Are you going to destroy your company hard drives? Do you want to be on a safer side? Then you can download the various hard drive certificate of destruction templates available in our page, according to your requirement and destroy your hard drives in a safe and secure way. But ensure to get it legally attested. If you are part of the data destruction company and looking for the templates to issue your clients, well, we are here to help you. You can download these free printable hard drives certificate of destruction templates asĀ  per you need and enjoy issuing it to your clients.

Components of Hard drive certificate of destruction template

Let us look into the list of mandatory fields that needs to be included as part of a Hard drive certificate of destruction template.

Instructions: Mention the details of the certificate well ahead for the company to understand on how and what needs to be filled as part of the certificate and the use of it.

Company Name: Specify the name of the company who’s hard drive needs to be destructed.

Company Address/e-mail/contact: Detailed Address, their contact number along with the mailing address also needs to noted.

Date of destruction: Mention the date on which the hard drive is destructed.

Details of the materials destructed : Mention the details of the hard drives being destructed. For example, the Model number, serial number if applicable, total volume of hard drives destroyed and so on. Include all possible information about the material being destructed.

Methods of destruction: Mention all possible ways in which you will destroy the Hard drive, which will help your client to decide which service to avail. For example, Disk wiping, Shredding, Dismantling the hard drive, burning, overwriting, Re-formatting, Burning, etc. Include Others option as well, for the clients to specify any other way of destruction they like to opt.

Hard Drive destroyed by: Name of the person in-charge during the destruction process.

Destroyer company details: Name, address, contact number and and mailing details of the company involved in the destruction process.

Witness Signature: This is very important for making the certificate a legal document. Authorized signature of the official who has witnessed that the material has be destroyed.

Witness affiliation/company: Company Details of the authorized witness.

Department Manager: Signature of the client who’s Hard drive was destroyed

Note: Do not forget to mention if any thing is not covered in the service.

Mentioned here are the mandatory fields to be included as part of the hard drive destruction certificate. There are various other formats in which the hard drive destruction certificate can be prepared. We have also created few sample templates for your perusal. All you have to do is to just download it as per your requirement and start using it right away. At the same time you are always free to include or exclude any part or phrase of the template.

Why is it important and the uses of hard drive destruction certificate

Not only Hard drive destruction certificate, but in general any document or material or any kind of destruction has to be legally certified. Be it a small or big company, any small piece of information is very important and the data privacy needs to be maintained properly in order to not let any data out of the company. When the hard drive gets older or time to destroy it, take proper care and ensure to destroy it in a safe and secure way, so that it does not go to any wrong hands. Here are few points to know why is it important and the uses of the destruction certificate.

  • All your hard drives may contain more confidential data of your company and it is very important to destroy it properly when not in use, which in turn will help your company to be complaint with the data privacy and in-turn will legally help you in case of any future problem.
  • This will also help you to stay in line with the latest recycling and destruction processes.

Sounds right? Then the wait is over you can download any of the destruction template as per your need and get your hard drives destructed legally.

Types of Hard drive destruction services

Apart from the above, few companies may indulge employees in such destruction activities which in turn may affect the productivity as well as the data security for the company. To avoid such instances and the the same time increase the productivity of your company, you may reach out to the hard drive destruction company for assistance. You may do it in two different ways.

Offline Destruction services: Here you can directly drop your hard drives that needs to be destroyed at their office and they will take care of the process. This is recommended for those who destroy the hard drives once it a while.

Online/Mobile Destruction services: This is direct service where there will come to you place and destroy the hard drives. This is identified to be the most safe and secure way to destroy your materials as it will happen in the clients place, leaving no chance for any data theft.

How to create/use the template

Are you ready to document your hard drive destruction in the form of Certificate? Are you already part of a hard drive destruction company? Well, our Hard drive destruction certificate templates would be useful for both of you. All you have to do is just one click away. Select the template as per your need, download it, modify it as per your need if required, fill it and most importantly get it authorized from a legal official and destroy your hard drive in a safe and secure way.

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