Doctorate degree, the highest degree in academia identifies that a person have attained the greatest level of competence in a particular field of study. Generally, many who wants to pursue doctorate courses every so often recognizes that academic doctorate studies are something out-of-reach and beyond their academic capacity. In fact, a doctorate certificate offers career-specific advancement opportunities to both executives as well as professionals and allows them to pursue such high-level intellectual accomplishments based on their existing job-related expertise and experience. Needless to say, having a doctorate certificate is both cost-effective and time saving.

As the doctoral studies usually require students to train in methodology and statistics, it is necessary to show analytical skills in order to do rigorous research tasks.

Brief Explanation on Doctorate Degree

What is a doctorate degree?

A doctorate degree or otherwise known as ‘doctor’s degree’ or ‘doctoral degree’ derived from Latin words. It is an academic degree usually awarded by the universities and mostly also referred as ‘research degree’ that testifies the holder or receiver is allowed to reach at university level in a specific profession or else in a degree’s field. There are a lot many doctoral degrees available at university level and the most common among them are:

  • Research or academic (PhD) programs
  • Professional doctoral degrees

A PhD is an academic, high level, and research based degree serves as an indicator of your competence in degrees or particular field of study or subject. The main and primary goal of a PhD program is to acquire advance research skills, creating the research plan, and presenting the research results to the experts in the fields to meet the highest standards of academic world.

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Coming to the professional doctorate degree in which the primary focus is on advanced practice of knowledge and develop research skills in order to apply directly in the industry to solve emerging and new problems.

5 Ways Earning a Professional Doctoral Degree Can Benefit Your Career

Having a professional degree like doctorate degree may benefit you in different ways. Continue to read to know them.

You’ll Be Equipped to Impact your Industry

The professional doctorate degree students will get opportunities to take up existing problems in the industry and submit potential solutions after a thorough research. The possible solutions given can have a significant economic and social impact on their industry.

You’ll Demonstrate Your Higher-Level Skills

As many fields ask for doctoral candidates who have advanced abilities like top-level skills in writing, research, and analysis, a doctoral degree certificate just proves the holder have mastered in all the above mentioned skills.

You Can Qualify for Top-Level Positions

A person holding a professional doctorate degree means that the person is well established in a particular field of study or career.  It will take the doctorate holder to the top-level position where his/her rigorous research skills on complex issues are directly taken to the industry and finds quick solutions hassle free.

You Can Grow Your Professional Network

It directly helps to build your professional network that gives a huge impact on career as well. Also, helps to exchange industry expertise and aids in securing a job.

You Could See an Economic Payoff

This could be an important reason to earn a doctorate certificate because a doctorate degree increases your earning potential. Sounds like a music in your ears right!? And of course, the doctoral candidate deserves to get a higher payoff after sacrificing time and money to achieve a doctorate degree.

Phd certificate template word
Phd certificate template free

Types of Doctorate Degrees

Earning a doctorate degree certificate is rewarding and challenging but what you really learn in different fields:

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

This degree is for those who wants to run a business via Consultant role or C-Suit. The duties may include:

  • Organizational culture and behaviour
  • Leadership constructs and methodologies
  • Modern management theory and advanced leadership principles
  • Organizational strategy and performance
  • Effective decision-making and performance analysis
  • Application of ethical constructs
  • Change management techniques
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Doctor of Public Health (DPH)

This degree identifies the programs that affect population or global health. In simple words, this is tailored to those individuals leading programs and policies in public health sector. The main role of this degree include:

  • Public health leadership and systems thinking
  • Global health and issues in disease prevention
  • Health informatics and analytics
  • Community health assessment
  • Public relations and communication for public health leaders

Doctor of Healthcare Administration (DHA)

As the name clearly suggests, this degree is to maintain healthcare organizations. The duties of doctorate degree in health care includes:

  • State, federal and private policy making
  • Program evaluation models and Health data management
  • Organizational strategies to improve community and global health
  • Quality improvement methodologies
  • Improving health information governance

Doctor of Professional Studies – Instructional Leadership Design (DPS, ISL)

Are you looking for special doctorate degrees to influence organizations through curriculum development!? Then this degree is waiting for you. What you will learn from this degree!? Have a look!

  • Strategic assessment and decision-making
  • Communication theory and strategies
  • Advanced organizational learning theories
  • Knowledge management
  • Emerging trends and technologies for instructional design

Doctor of Information Technology (DIT)

Have this doctorate degree if you want to help businesses succeed through management of technology and effective deployment. What you will learn is:

  • Enterprise systems architecture and data base design
  • IT leadership principles and emerging technologies
  • Information and network security
  • Information assurance
  • Change and risk management

Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

To execute the social justice and reform, or to execute the proper social work, this degree is very helpful. The core course work might include:

  • Contemporary issues and social change
  • Advanced social work theory
  • Policy creation and public leadership
  • Human services administration
  • Program and practice evaluation
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The other Approved Doctoral Certificate Programs include:

Steps to Pursue a Doctoral Degree

Doctorate degree certificate templates
Doctorate degree certificate template

The protocol of completing a doctoral degree may differ from one university to other depending on the state and country laws. For your reference, we have listed some information that may connect commonly to all the universities and which you may need to follow to hold a doctorate degree in your hand.

Step-1 Complete an Undergraduate Degree

Completing an undergraduate degree is the first and primary step to be taken in the journey of achieving a doctorate degree. Complete a bachelor’s degree from your regional accredited university which generally takes years to complete. Do remember to maintain a highest high grade point average (GPA) during undergraduate academic examinations which further helpful for advanced coursework and research in your particular area of subject.

Step-2 Complete a Master’s Degree

Enrolling in a master’s degree is your second important step. A master’s degree generally focusses on the field study of professional theoretical and applied research topics. The maximum time investment to hold a master’s degree is two years. Be aware that some universities ask for the clearance in below mentioned examinations in order to approve your seat in a master’s degree program.

  • Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

Step-3 Complete a Doctorate Degree

After completion of an undergraduate and a master’s degrees, now you are eligible to pursue a doctorate degree program in order to enhance your knowledge on research. Firstly, find a doctorate degree program that best suits your interested fields in theory and applied sciences. Then, look for the best college or university that matches your professional interests. Before moving forward, just check for the admissions requirements, programs, and specialization offerings by the university. Once you are done with all the above instructions, it’s time to work with admissions and start the application process. Typical requirements that are asked by the admissions during application process include:

  • Resume or CV
  • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • Recent GRE or GMAT scores
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letters of recommendation

How long does it take to get a Doctorate Degree?

Doctorate certificate templates
Doctorate certificate template

Averagely, the time taken to obtain a doctorate degree is 8.2 years. But the true answer would be, it depends. The time investment may vary if you have certain reasons like taking breaks in between the courses, schedule doesn’t permit you to complete the full course program, etc. so it is best to discuss with the enrollment adviser about your time concerns in order to obtain a doctorate degree in research program which you are interested in.

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Doctorate certificate sample


Obtaining a Doctorate Degree is the highest possible achievement in your career which firmly establishes you as an expert in your field. The doctorate degree may also offer you competitive advantages like exciting career opportunities and substantial salary hikes. That is the reason, Doctorate programs are growing in both scope and popularity. As outlined above, there are many valuable benefits to obtaining a professional doctoral degree satisfying from personal to professional goals.

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