These days people have no time to maintain their home and other personal works. They look for support and many of the service providers like you can make use of this opportunity. People visiting pools have become a common affair for learning and relaxation.

The swimming pool maintenance is one such difficult task these days. So they were going for the pool maintenance service to keep it safer and cleaner. The pool service providing companies like you, following some procedures to get paid. Invoice is prepared to provide the service records to the customers.

So if you are providing such a service, then here you go with the details about the service and free invoice templates to bill your customers.


What is Pool Invoice Template

Pool Invoice Template is used to create an invoice and used for requesting payment for various pool services. Some of the pool services include cleaning the pool, chlorination, etc.

The pool invoice template should be designed in such a way a client can understand the bill with its detailed service and materials used.

You can use these pool invoice templates to show the service required by the clients.


With the information of the pool invoice template, you will maintain the client’s pool or spa enabling them to bill in a proper manner. Pool Invoice Template can be created in MS-Excel for your business or service.

How to make Pool Invoice Template in MS-Excel


There is a huge number of free invoice templates available with us. Start with us and follow the steps

  • You can download the required template from online and save it to your mobile, computer, Tablet etc.
  • You can add your company logo in the upper left corner of the template
  • In the Heading section, write your company name, its address, contact number along with Email ID or URL.
  • After entering this write the invoice service number and date in the template.
  • Fill the client’s customer number, name, and other contact information in the Bill Field.
  • In the Job field box, write about the main tasks that are performed in the service.
  • Also include the terms of the job, payment’s due date and the sales representative who involved in the work.
  • In the description column, you have to mention each service or materials used line by line.
  • Then enter the quantity of material and price for every unit to the right side of the template.
  • So each price in the right column of the table is taken into consideration for getting a subtotal.
  • You can also include the tax amount to get the final total
  • At the end of the template, enter the payment details in the receipt of the payment.
  • When you complete these steps you can print this pool invoice for later use.

Steps to make pool service invoice template in MS- Word

  • Download the Pool Invoice Template and save it in Microsoft Word
  • The heading section must have your business name or logo. Also, the ‘invoice’ should be entered in a large font.
  • Then enter the name of the company, address, contact number as well as fax number at the top of the template.
  • Next step is to write the invoice number and the date to the right side of the template. You can select the automatic date feature in Word to insert the date.
  • Invoice numbers are available in two options
  • Sequential numbering – It stores all invoices in a folder so that the client doesn’t want to arrange it
  • Individual numbering – In this, you can create a separate folder for every client and can add the name along with the invoice number
  • Below the template enter the customer’s name, contact address and mobile number
  • Then enter the total services that are offered to the customer on a separate row of the template’s table. At the right side, enter the amount cost for the service and materials if any used.
  • Finally, enter the total amount of cost in each row on the right side of the template. Since MS-Word doesn’t have the facility to calculate the total. So you have to calculate the total manually and insert those numbers into the tables.
  • Make sure that information provided in the invoice template including heading, logo, and other details are in the same font for the consistency purpose.

6 benefits of using weekly pool service invoice template to boost your business 6x

  1. The weekly pool service invoice template consists of fields such as pool owner or customer’s contact information, pH level measurement of a pool, chlorine level, and swimming pool maintenance service provided to them.
  2. From this template, you can easily reach the customer if there is any issue related to the maintenance service.
  3. The pool measurement levels are helpful for both to know the pool’s stage and quality of the maintenance provided to the pool.
  4. Pool service invoice template helps you to calculate the materials used discounts, taxes and service information. So you can easily get the final total without any mess weekly.
  5. It helps both the contractor and customer to sign and view the total quickly. It helps the client to know the maintenance of pool or any repair caused in it.
  6. Weekly invoice template also makes the payment mode easier rather than paying on the last day of the month.

What all components will be present in the Pool Spa service invoice


The components of the pool spa service invoice are

A field to record the client’s billing address. Name of the technician who is offering the service to that particular client. Time of the service

The middle of the Pool and Spa service invoice has an area to take down all of the remarks as well as a list of services performed.

In the bottom of the template, there is a table for writing the chemical reading and its level.

Finally, it has a separate area for recording the corrective actions taken to repair the pool

You can design the pool and spa service invoice in the standard size. For an instance, you can print the pool and spa service invoice form in a carbonless paper with the dimension of 8.5×5.5.

As this is a customizable invoice template you can change the design according to suit your need and requirements

Pool Service Contract Template


A pool service contract is like an agreement used to confirm the contract between the client and the company. So a client can get the maintenance service from this company whenever they need it.

Pool Service Contract Template states that a client has granted access to the specific contractor whose name is mentioned in the template.

On the first day of every month, the client will pay the cost for regular maintenance services that are to be carried out for the rest of the days.

If any additional maintenance or done to the pool, the client should pay the above and beyond amount. This additional repair above and beyond is termed as ‘ad-hoc work’.

The regular maintenance cost deals with the

  • Removal of waste in the pool
  • Inspection of the overall condition of the pool
  • Manual adjustments made to pool control
  • Testing chemical level in the water
  • Maintaining the water up to the standards set by industries
  • A contractor will perform the required service correctly on the scheduled date
  • When these terms and conditions are accepted by the client and contractor they can sign in the pool service template
  • In any case, if you don’t want to continue the contract either client or company can terminate it by sending a notice at least two weeks before for the date of termination.

How to charge for pool service in a labor invoice template

A labor invoice template includes the job description, working hours, cost and total amount. In addition, invoice fields like invoice date and payment terms are mentioned.

In Excel sheets, these all can be used to calculate taxes, subtotal, deduction and final total using the formulas.

The design of the labor invoice template can be changed according to your need. For example, you can change the company logo with your image.

You can calculate the total cost by adding the tax amount and subtracting the deposit. Then note down the final due amount and the type of payments received. This helps the clients to have all the necessary information for paying the cost.

What are the processes involved in pool cleaning service invoice

A customer will contact the pool service providing company when there is a need for pool maintenance. The service provider can give the details to the clients and analyze the service required by the client.

Then they will set up an agreement called the pool service contract template to accept the service. They will enter all the information that is required in the template and get the signature from the client.

At the scheduled date, a service providing agent will reach the customer address and carry out the maintenance service.

This will be continued until the termination of the service happens. For the payment process and to record the pool’s stage they follow the pool service invoice.

In pool cleaning service invoice they note the listing like customer contact information, invoice details; the material used, ad-hoc services, chemical level of the pool, pool level based on the standards, maintenance cost, taxes, discounts, and some other details regarding the pool cleaning service. This invoice is produced according to the customer’s choice either weekly or monthly.

Pool cleaning service invoice benefits both customer and pool service providers to calculate the amount easily and quickly.

So, we are glad that we explained all details and also providing you with free templates.

Happy Servicing!

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