If you are running a security guard agency, then we have something for you. Alternatively, in case you are an individual wanting to work as a security guard for the home, factory, educational institutions or bank, then you must also stop by here. Yes, we would want to give you some insight about the invoice. For any service rendered must be invoiced to get paid. This page consists of different invoice templates used by security guard agencies and individuals to bill their customer and get paid. You can use them for free and also read the information shared for your benefit.

Why Security Guard Invoice Template is required?


Ok, let me ask you one question? You go to a shop to make a purchase and then pay for it. Does the shopkeeper prepare a bill? If yes, then why does he do that? Will you take things and elope without paying if he does not give a bill? Will you refuse to pay if he orally tells the total amount? The answer could be no and yes it all depends on the shop, the purchaser and the situation. The real reason behind preparing a bill is mentioned as follows.

  1. It is a proof for the person who sold the product or did a service.
  2. It helps the buyer or the client to know the details for which he/she paid.
  3. The document can be used for tax calculation by both parties.
  4. Also, it can be filed to verify in the future and to acquire more customers.
  5. Lastly, it makes you and your service professional.

Did I deviate from the shop scenario bill and invoice here? No, I did not as the invoice is like a bill prepared by the service provider to get paid from the party who took the service. I am sure now you will be convinced about why you need to make an invoice for your security guard services.

Things to be included in the invoice


Now, you have agreed for the reason to prepare an invoice, and then it’s time to understand what your invoice should consist of.

Let’s attack one element at a time and understand why it is required.

Title – The heading of your invoice is the title here. It could be like simply invoice, or invoice for security guard services, or security guard services invoice etc. Even you can mention your agency name here. This is required to let know the client that you represent the security guard agency and sending an invoice for billing.

Contact details – When it is said contact information, then you must remember to mention your contact and the recipient contact. Mention your business name, address, email id and number. Likewise, on the right-hand side adjacent to your details specify the details of the client.

Invoice Number – Generate an identification number here to create a record. It is a good practice to mention the year, month and a serial number. For example 2018/07/050 means in the year 2018 during July month, this is your 50th bill. This will help you for easy reference.

Service Description and Charges – Make a table for this section and list down each service and the charges against them. The description could include the name of the security who worked, the duration, and the charges.

Tax Information – Once you add all the charges make the total at the end of the column and find the total. Now include the tax for the amount obtained after totalling. Depending on the country you live you need to understand the tax and include them. For instance, in India, you may want to add the GST and likewise, every country will have a definition of tax and make sure you include them.

Instructions if any – Include inputs like time for payment, a penalty fee for late payment, mode of payment and any other which you think is important for the client.

Signature and Seal – Provide the seal and signature of your business and now your invoice is ready for dispatch.

Best Way To Bill Your Client For Your Security Guard Services




Follow these simple steps and bill your client to get paid in a hassle-free manner.

  • Download invoice from here and save in your PC. Fill all details one below the other and ensure you write details clearly including the contact details, invoice number etc.
  • Pay special attention to the description column. First, collect all the name of the security guards who worked during the month from their work register. Find the dates when they worked in a particular client place. Write their name in the service column and mention the duration in the description section. Specify the cost. This way you should be able to tally the total hours worked. By doing so you will land in getting the total cost.
  • Also, check for any security software or hardware installed during that month and mention that in the invoice. So you have given details of products cost and manpower charges.
  • Make a total and include tax wherever applicable. After printing the invoice sign it and it is now ready for sending to the client.
  • Send it to the client via email or registered post to ensure it reaches the customer. If it is an email, then keep a read receipt and that will help you to know it reached the client. Wait for 2 days and then call to remind. You can follow up after a few days based on the client response.
  • Keep the following with you handy in case of client reaches out to you for clarification
  • Terms for payment
  • Timesheets of the guards
  • Description of hardware and software
  • Spreadsheet program and aging details


We are glad to furnish all the details for you to bill your client and get paid for your security guard services. Feel free to share your feedback for improving our templates.

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