The Assessment and review program carried out on an employee’s work performance evaluated through the document. The evaluation and communication tool, done traditionally, on the trail of paper efficiently outlining the accomplished goals.

The comprehensive form adapted by supervisors for providing a rating to the employees by their overall job performance, strength and weakness points in the job, etc. These form further communicates an employee‘s ability to work as a part of the team, evaluating productivity.

Employee Performance Evaluation form tabulates the result by including the feedback and notes analyzed and evaluated after employee performance review. Let’s have a look at the following some of the Employee Performance Evaluation Form Templates.


Employee 90 Day Performance Evaluation Form


The 90-day Probation Period form evaluates the new employee performance and defines whether the employee is suitable to fit for the position and company. Feedbacks and other coached comments are assessed in the form and supervised only at the supervisor’s discretion.

An organization must follow the approach regularly by appraising its criteria for the probationary period which will help in retaining the reliable employee in their organization.

Probationary Employee Performance Evaluation Form


The Performance Evaluation Form fortheProbationary Employee is intended complete summary form that includes performance review components with overall ratings. The review period is not limited to 90-day cycle. It could be for 60-day, 120-days evaluation cycle.

The Probationary Employee Performance form covers the important things like

  • Employee Job performance
  • Establish objectives
  • Work Evaluation
  • Skills
  • Set work goals for development
  • Discuss Employee expectation and accomplishments

Employer observes the described information in the form, notes the employee propriety and efficiency and ascertains whether the employee is qualified to meet the standards for becoming a permanent employee of the company.

This is not only about receiving feedback from the employee, but through the form, the employee can provide feedback to the employer as well. The form covers the section where a probationary employee can mention areas which need improvements. All these feedbacks should be entertained at that very minute rather than delaying them for later.


New Employee might not be well aware of the policies and that;’s why might be lacking in fulfilling some responsibilities on a personal level like filing an expense report for travel and food, taking a day off while in a probation period, etc. It’s a good thing that new employee constant reminder about the policies.


Employee Self Performance Evaluation Form


Through Employee Self Performance Evaluation Form, a voice is given to the employee instead of sitting and hearing the managers. By doing so, this helps the employee to fine-tune their performance and become actively involved in appraisal as an outcome. An employee may no longer feel like a target as they will get invested in accomplishing the objectives.

The form helps the employee to map their career path by seeking the right opportunities that can take steps towards their career to a level up and start asking the questions related to accomplishment and ratings achieved in the review cycle.

Various questions like how they could measure the degree of the performance and accomplishments? On what basis the performance review is conducted and ratings provided? On what groundwork their foreseen future in the company stands? All these aiming questions will be reached and get answered through forms after getting analyzed by Managers and HR.

The form filling is a smart approach to rising employee smartly so that they can measure their achievements in a real-time and could work functionally on their set objectives and goals. The Introduction of the forms is a real deal for the employees to shape and map their career chart.

Sample Employee Performance Evaluation Form Answers


Managers and other supervisors analyze the received Employee Self-Evaluation forms and prepare their results accordingly. They manage their conclusions based on employee responses categorized on following examples

Employee answers based on productivity


Many Employees assesses their productivity and cues on many leverage options like a need a day off, being grateful towards work and employer despite personal problems, etc. Many employees will target management team through their forms by saying that they aren’t getting any productive work opportunities due to mismanagement. They might be indicating or pointing on the person in the management team who is not taking care of the responsibilities.

Such Employee self -evaluation turns into Management evaluation forms.

Employee answers based on the work quality


For appraisal based on the work quality that was done by the employee through the year might get answered in a different tone in the form. Some might say that they had made mistakes and had learned from them. This might be an indication of a good employee, and this answer might help the manager in deciding on the appraisal. Whereas there will be others who might say that they can’t show their best in work every time or they are not perfect might be a point for the manager to be aware of such excuse maker employee.


Employee answers based on Evaluation of Skills


Managers might come across few employees answers where they mention that they have used all their skill to compete for their work and position in the company or they have acquired other skills to improve their work quality and lifting organizational standards. Such employees don’t wait for right time to showcase their talents instead make their work productive by utilizing all the skill set they have acquired.

Whereas other employees might give an excuse for not working on a competing job by saying that their skill set is not getting correctly utilized or might also say that once they get promoted, then they will show it all.

Employee answers based on abilities to solve problems

Many employees may answer the following section related to problem-solving skills by saying that they step forward for addressing any organizational or work-related difficulties and try to get them fix. Such answers will help managers to quickly identify who is the real asset to the company whereas others may answer by saying that solving problems is just not their job or Managers are the wholly responsible for addressing any work-related issues.

Employee Performance Evaluation Form After Training


Whether you are an employer in a startup or an established organization, receiving constant feedback is an excellent approach to improving the areas where your firm lacks. The Employee Performance Evaluation Form filled after training can help the employer of a startup to get a perspective of their process, feedback on how adequate the training is, feedbacks on training format and contents, etc. This will help in tuning the training programs and sessions, and it’s a god away from assessing the employee performance and overall of company performance.

The critical part in these forms is to cover all the essential and necessary questions in the forms that will help in evaluating the training programs. The post-training issues should include the following points:

  • Does employee find the training adequate?
  • Was the training fully comprehensive?
  • What were the attractive components of training?
  • Does employee find himself fully engaged during a training session?
  • Any suggestion and feedback on a training program?

All these questionnaires in the post-training forms will help in elevating the standard and might also assist in recording the valuable feedback from employees for the company.

Employee Performance Evaluation Form For Administrative Staff


The Employee Performance Form is not only limited to the organization or firm. Even Universities, colleges and School can use the following forms to evaluate the performance of their administration. The form provides the equal and consistent opportunity to assess the staff performance and provide them appraisal based on it.

Many University administrative employees set their goals and aligned them as per the designed and focused on appraisal performance program. The assessment of objectives carried out by what they have aligned. The values and culture of a university are also assessed through these forms.

These forms are revised and prepared in every 12-month cycle for each appointed employee of the university. If there is any change in an employee’s performance, a separate interview is conducted to measure the degree of the production and evaluate it effectively to provide the sufficient and justified rating to that employee.

Performance Evaluation Form For Bank Employee


The Performance Evaluation forms are equally applicable for evaluating the performance employees of the bank. Many of the criteria are not fit for forms like disciplinary actions taken by an employee, but many other ground areas can be covered.

The form for a bank employee must include

  • Name, Designation, and ID of an employee
  • Rating based on criteria
  • Comments or feedback section for an employee
  • Rating system
  • Manager and Employee signature at the bottom of the form

Yearly Employee Performance Evaluation Form

The Employee Performance Evaluation form is discussed throughout, but the real question is still unanswered which is when should forms be used?

Many organizations use them on a yearly basis. They conduct annual employee evaluation cycle and gives appraisal after completing it. The company employs a different style of templates for evaluating the performance criteria of their employees.


Many companies download the template from online and then make customization as per company and industry standards.

You can also use hourly employee performance evaluation form to evaluate your employees on contract or even a crucial task to be monitored on an hourly basis.


Warehouse Employee Performance Evaluation Form

For Warehouse Employees, their employer also maintains the Evaluation form for analyzing their performance and based on them providing raises in their salary. The employers outline the criteria for evaluating warehouse employees performance based on following:

  1. Keeping a check on Employee’s attitude during work

From Driver to Manager of the warehouse, their attitude towards work and other employees are checked through the form. Whether the employee claims a supervisor position or is a driver or janitor at the warehouse, the performance of each one gets evaluated based on their attitude and likely based on that reviews and ratings are provided. Positive review if an employee holds positive and cooperative position towards other and Negative investigation if the employee is waiving off its superiority attitude on the employees at the junior level.

  1. Employee showcasing innovation and creativity at their jobs

If an employee adds a creative touch to its daily work to make it exciting and inspiring for others, the employer of the warehouse might get impressed and can provide an excellent and positive rating to that employee. Using different and Innovative approach, if an employee solves the problems of others and is showcasing a good leadership quality at work, an employer might have a right eye on him or her and can provide a proper appraisal or promotion.

Medical Office Employee Performance Evaluation Form

Essential Guidelines For Healthcare Employee Performance Evaluation Form


Often during the Evaluation cycle, Employers should practice the friendly yet professional approach of making their employees feel comfortable especially around the appraisal cycle and boost up their confidence. Under pressure, sometimes employee make mistakes or forget mentioning critical points of their achievements in the year in the Evaluation Form. Employees should be careful while outlining their work accomplishment in the form and should maintain the standard and format of Performance Evaluation Form.

The employee should be generous towards the performance and should leave some space for the comments. Based on the performance review and suggestions, the employer should make practical goals and objectives for their employees with a thought of maintaining a high-performance culture among their employees. Employers should use their words clearly and carefully while providing review and setting goals so that employee should not get confused. The employer always takes out time to congratulate them on a good performance, encourage them to keep doing best in their job and should help them in improving the areas where they are lacking. An employee should not fell under pressure of beating the heat of evaluation program.

An Employee should be encouraged on a good performance and shouldn’t just be hearing the word for improvement. They might feel undeserving and may start falling behind in the production. An employers word should be smooth and motivate the employees. The Evaluation criteria should bring the best not worst for the employees otherwise they all will start leaving the employer’s company.


How To Fill Employee Performance Evaluation Form


The Employee Performance Evaluation Form should be compiled in such a way that it should speak on what performance basis their employers want to assess the employee’s yearly performance. The format should be well defined, and all the critical section that will help in employee evaluation program should be distinguished.

An employee while writing all his critical details of the work and accomplishments, they should be careful and attentively read all the aspects mentioned in the form so that he or she should not miss any details. All details related to their health and work at the company must be noted down in clear words and employer should outline the need to improve areas undoubtedly so that in next Evaluation cycle, the employee may get the chance to work on them

One Page Employee Performance Evaluation Form

Below are some of the critical points that must be covered in the form

  • Employee strength
  • Next step for the Employee
  • New goals and objectives defined for Employee
  • Revising previously set objectives and goals of an employee

Five Different Categories and Their Employee Performance Evaluation Forms

  • HR Employee Performance Evaluation Form
  • Hotel Employee Performance Evaluation Form
  • Construction Employee Performance Evaluation Form
  • Church Employee Performance Evaluation Form
  • Employee Performance Evaluation Form For Restaurant

Wrapping Up Suggestions

Few Guidelines for employers for initiating the performance evaluation of the employee

  • The accuracy of every detail outlined as per performance evaluation criteria should be maintained. Depending on them, the decision for retaining an employee, promoting and firing an employee will be taken by the management. Inaccuracy should be eliminated from Evaluation program as it may cause the risk of sacking an employee.
  • Unbiased rating and reviewing policy should be adopted by the employer so that solely based on performance, an employee must get what he deserves. If an employee’s performance is at par, then their ratings should include keywords like Exceptional, outstanding or fully achieve. Scores should be developed and revised as per work done.
  • A fair chance of providing feedback and comments on the achieved ratings and reviews should be given to the Employee to and with their consent, employee performance evaluation form should get signed by them.

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