We know that you are looking for an SBAR template? Also, we understand that your profession demands this tool. Yes, you are from the healthcare industry and you need to converse about several medical terms at ease. For the same, you need a template which will help you record, recollect and exchange information with others. Then, you have to read our page completely to get wonderful templates for SBAR. Let us get into the topic without any delay.

You can download the SBAR templates for free and used them. Apart from giving these templates for free, we would also want to explain about what is this, where to use, how to use, and the ways to write in them. We will give you examples and scenarios to help you fill the template. Further, we will also help you design your own SBAR template.  Finally, you will have many templates which you will need for different health domain.


Best SBAR example for nursing students

The above SBAR template written in black is just the amateur way of filling. If a nurse does this, then the patient may or may not be saved. In case the doctor attends immediately, only then the condition will be ascertained.

Find the writing in red which is the right way to fill the template which will not only provide first aid to the patient but will let know the doctor about the criticality of the patient condition.

SBAR template for mental health

Mental health is difficult to deal with when compared to physical health. I am sure you will agree with me, it is because there is not much of laboratory test to confirm the problem or the cause for the problem. Only trial and error method will help to identify medicines. Also, the professional physician will talk to the patient and patient concerned to rightly identify the illness.

Therefore, the SBAR templates will be of great help to record and analyze the patient condition. Use these templates to fill details in length to help provide proper care and treatment to the patients.

Mental health conditions include suicide attempt, drug addiction, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Autism, Hyperactivity, depression etc.

SBAR non-clinical examples

SBAR works perfectly fine with non-clinical settings just as they do with clinical settings. Below mentioned non-clinical situations can make use of the SBAR template.

Non-clinical roles include

  • Transcriptionists
  • Medical Coders
  • Medical Billers
  • Hospital executives
  • Front office and receptionists
  • Finance department
  • Biomedical technicians

All these people can use SBAR to communicate the update within their department or to the other department.

For example, front office executive can attend the patient to fill SBAR before the nurse or doctor meets them. This is the condition when patients come for a non-emergency regular checkup.

Most of the time SBAR templates are used in the nursing home where the receptionist fills the primary information.

SBAR examples nursing home

Typically in a nursing home, SBAR template can be used by doctors and nurse to treat pregnant ladies and patients who come will fever, and another minor injury. They can use the template to refer the patient to other hospitals or even for billing and internal communication.

Change of patient room or hospital can be indicated in the SBAR by a nurse to the hospital authorities.

SBAR nursing report example


The SBAR nursing report will look the one given above. It will contain all the details pre-designed and the nurse can fill in necessary information only. First, fill the patient name, age, admission date, room number on the top.

Then the situation section is left blank as the nurse must enquire from the patient and update the current situation of the patient.

Then the remaining sections have details with blanks which needs to be filled appropriately.

SBAR assessment example

The Situation section is easy to fill as it represents the current situation of the patient. The background is the medical history which can be checked from the reports. The recommendation can be done only if a proper assessment is done. Clinical staff with less experience might become anxious to assess and recommend. Follow these tips to learn the right way of assessment to fill the SBAR template based on the scenario.

SBAR Assessment tips

  • Have a meeting with the multi-disciplinary team to discuss the case and make note of their responses to take necessary action during the situation.
  • Try to shadow experienced clinical staff to learn a better
  • Refer to previous SBAR and get more clarity on different health conditions.
  • Talk to seniors on duty for immediate help.

SBAR change of shift report template

This change of shift report is used by duty doctors and nurse to share their inputs to the person who takes over the duty. This will contain all details of the patient which will be filled and handed over every time when the shift changes. This needs to file as there is will multiple shifts and every time the update must be recorded for future verification.

You can use the template to download the edit to personalize the details based on the patient current condition during the time you monitored.

What is the SBAR tool

S – Situation

B – Background

A – Assessment

R – Recommendation

This is what the abbreviation SBAR means. SBAR tool was used in nuclear submarines by the military officials in the beginning. Later it became popular among aviation industry. However, it is effectively used in health care business these days due to the many benefits offered. Let us understand them in the importance of the SBAR tool section.

Coming back to the actual definition of, what is SBAR tool? This tool is designed with four distinct sections namely the Situation Background, Assessment, and Recommendation. Each section will have a set of standardized questions. These questions are prompt and will bring all health care staffs into a common platform. This will let them exchange information effectively and assertively. The right amount of detail about the patient is captured using the questions listed in the four sections.

How To Write an SBAR

Let’s assume you have an SBAR template with you. You are expected to write the details in each section. So you must understand each section’s purpose and the right way to write details.

Situation – Identify yourself and the patient. Patient identification is by their name and the report. Your identity is the department where you work. Based on this you need to talk to the patient to collect details. Also, explain the concern or the reason for which you viewing or making the SBAR.

Background – Mention the reason for which the patient visits the hospital or getting admitted to the hospital. Record all the medical history if any. The details must be clear so that receiver should know the purpose of the patient visit and the background. This will include patient health condition, drug allergy, previous treatments, present medications, lab results etc. Check from the patient and from the reports to fill this portion.

Assessment – This is your understanding of the patient based on the health conditions, signs and symptoms. You need to indicate your assessment with necessary test results etc. Even if you are not able to assess, then mention the same and let know the receiver that you are not sure of the condition to help them make a call.

Recommendation – Record your suggestions. Clearly mention the procedure or recommendation you suggested. Ask for clarification if you require any. Make sure to understand patient details accurately if you happened to talk to the patient over the phone. Your recommendation matters a lot to the patient and the next level care provider.

Where can SBAR tool be used

  • It can be used for admitted patients and outpatients.
  • Any kind of communication both formal, informal, urgent or not so urgent every form can make use of the SABR tool.
  • It can be used as a communication tool between doctors, lab technicians, nurses etc.
  • It can be among the same discipline as a doctor to doctor, nurse, to nurse or cross-functional as well.
  • For escalating things it is used.
  • In order to recommend another treatment also this can be used
  • Night shift and day shift nurse can exchange this sheet to be aware of the patient condition.
  • Patients can use this upon discharge to consult another doctor or the same doctor next time.

How to create an SBAR tool template – SBAR template in word format

Come let us create an SBAR template following these simple instructions.

Open a word document and save it as per the name you prefer. Then insert a box from Insert –> Shapes –>

Now, go to Insert –> Text box and insert the text box inside the box. In that, you can write S

Again, insert the text box Insert –> Text Box –> Draw box on the right side to write all details in the situation section.

Now, you can enter details in the situation section till you complete all information as described in the how to write subheading. Fear not, we will give you some examples as well in the following sections.

Likewise, follow the three steps of inserting Shape box, the text box for B, A, R and larger text box on the right-hand side to describe all details. Feel free to make the size of the box bigger til you can fit the details. Note: Remember to make all four boxes of the same size. Find the final look of the SBAR tool template.






Yes, you guessed it right and you can make the SBAR template quickly by drawing a table as mentioned above. Both the methods will help you make a template on your own. Method one of inserting box will consume time but will have a better look. However, inserting table will let you work fast but with a very normal look. The choice of creating a template using any one of the methods is yours.

How To Fill Up SBAR Template – With Example

The template is ready and you need to fill details in them. Let us help you do that as well professionally. Tip: If you use our pre-made templates, then you will have the set of standard questions and you can fill the answers quickly. In case, you need to fill a blank template, then we will help you with the standard questions under each section. Refer them and fill the answers for each carefully.

Here you go with the questions for each section with Example


Q: What is your name, your role and the department you belong to?

A:  I am Sara, nurse on ward 45.

Q: Whom are you referring to patient details?

A: I am referring to Sonu aged 65 males.

Q: Why are you filling this template

A: I am writing this report or filling this form or making this call to let know that Sonu is having a high temperature (mention the value) since morning


Q: When the patient admitted

A: Sonu was admitted on Tuesday (2 days before)

Q: Was he ill when admitted?

A: He was having a temperature of (mention value) at the time of admission.

Q: Did he take any test?

A: He came with a blood test report with low platelets count

Q: Who is attending him?

A: Dr Sam is attending him and prescribed (injection details)


Q: What do you think the problem is now for Sonu?

A: I think Sonu is suffering from Dengue fever.

Q: What medication you gave?

A: The same injection suggested by Dr Sam


Q: What do you need now?

A: I request you to check his health now as Dr Sam is not on duty today

Q: How soon you require action to be taken?

A: Sonu’s condition is critical, need immediate attention.

From the above template, you now know what to fill and where. Answer the questions as per your situation. You don’t need to mention the questions they are just for your reference. Any situation can be discussed with this template and with anybody. Here the conversation was between a duty nurse and a doctor. It can be with anyone but the basic details are required to bring the new person in common platform.

Importance Of SBAR Tool

From the above details, you can clearly understand that the SBAR tool is used for effective communication. Medical field deals with people life directly and they cannot afford to have poor or misleading communication. Therefore, it is required to talk clearly and with actual data. The patient initial is important and changing the same will cause misery not only to the hospital but it is a threat to the patient’s life.

SBAR tool will aid to proper communication and also provide required details on-time. Neither too much-unwanted information, nor too less required details will make the patient and the hospital suffers. Hence it is required to know the optimum details to exchanged between doctors, nurses, doctors and nurses, and other people in the hospital.

When a patient needs additional treatment a doctor can refer another specialist and this form. This can pave the way to provide the necessary details and save patients time and arrest their anxiety. They can get the right treatment.

SBAR Tool For Nurses 

Why is the SBAR tool required for nursing professions

Medical profession consists of nurses more than a doctor. Doctors visit the patient once but the nurse takes care of the patient. It is humanly not possible for every nurse to remember the patient’s history, current treatment and medications. Sometimes they even tend to confuse names and hence SBAR tool is mandatory.

When they want to give medicines to patients, they can refer to the template. To escalate issues to higher officials the tool will speak for the patient. For handing over duty to the next shift nurse, these SBAR templates will help. Overall, the nursing profession requires SBAR template for sure.

Top 4 benefits offered by SBAR tool to help nurses serve 4x better

  1. SBAR tool will allow the nurse to make note of their observation.
  2. It will let them give medication on-time
  3. They can communicate at ease with others about the patient.
  4. Sending patients for any test or procedure can be done with the SBAR tool as the other nurse in charge need not talk to the concerned nurse but read the template.

Tips for nurses to use SBAR tool effectively – SBAR scenario – Structure & Example

Now, I want to explain the best tips to the nurses to effectively use the template. I will go forward explaining with an example and will pinpoint do’s and don’ts. This will help the nurse to know the optimal way to fill the SBAR tool to serve the purpose for which it is designed.

Example : SBAR template filled and sent to the duty doctor for immediate action


I am Cintya calling from Philip ward. The reason I called is to let you know that Ms.Tank in bed number 775 is profusely bleeding.

I am Cintya came for night duty in the Philip ward. I found Ms. Tank in bed number 775 bleeding and checked her condition. Following is the report

Oxygen Saturation dropped – 89%

Respiration Rate – 25/min

Heart Rate – 111

Blood Pressure – 85/50


Ms Tank was admitted one week ago with an MVC, burst fracture. She was treated and due to the complication, a chest tube was inserted. The tube was removed 2 days back but now she is in a critical condition.

45-year-old Tank came for treating her burst fracture one week before. She got operated and T3-T7 instrumentation. Due to her right hemothorax complication, she had a chest tube. The tube was removed 48 hours before and she was stabilizing. Her blood count was 101gm?. She is on the following medications




I don’t know what to do. I am anxious to please rush down to attend her immediately.

I think she might have had a pulmonary embolus


Do let me know my action to treat her to stop her bleeding and bring her condition to normal.

When will be able to attend her? It is critical though

In the meantime, can give her an IV or get a stat CXR.



Final Takeaway

SBAR Examples – You can find several examples based on different scenario in the links given below. Please refer them to become a pro in filling SBAR template.

  1. https://www.prohealthcare.org/Data/Sites/2/media/medical-professionals/sbar-template-rn-to-doc.pdf
  2. http://www.prohealthcare.org/data/sites/2/media/medical-professionals/sbar-template-staff-to-staff.pdf

Everyone who visited us with the hope of getting free SBAR template not only found the template but also got a detailed insight about how to design one and the effective way to fill them.

Feel free to choose any template after previewing the template depending on your need.

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