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In this article we have combined our best creation of welcome certificates that you customize and use it for your need.

Free Welcome Certificate Templates


Welcome Certificate Template

We indeed have great pleasure in offering you free welcome certificate templates. You can use this template to not just welcome but can provide them with a certificate. Imagine the very word WELCOME is so powerful, then how great it would be to get a WELCOME CERTIFICATE and hang it at home or office and reminding oneself about the gesture of being invited for an event, etc. Understand the different scenario when the welcome certificate is used.

Welcome Host Certificate


You might have heard about welcoming the guest for a function, event, or any gathering. This welcome host certificate is given to those who complete the welcome host training program. The purpose of this training program is to educate the people about the best ways to host a program. Yes, effective communication is required, and the right way to do so is taught in this course. Upon successfully completing the course the participant is able to speak well to attract the guest and fetch more business. The certificate acknowledges the successful completion of the welcome host training. Feel free to download and edit these free certificates to issue to your training participants.

Welcome Back Certificate


To make a person feel proud of the arrival, this welcome back certificate can be used.

Three different times in life this certificate can be used to make the situation 3x more effective.

Use this to receive an employee, manager or anyone back to the office after having recovered from a brief illness. This will make them feel important as after a break due to health reason the individual might feel depressed and this certificate will denote that you missed them.

It can also be used when a person returns back to work after traveling onsite or left the job for a better prospect and joining again at a higher level.

Make use of this certificate to receive a guest at home who did not talk to you several years due to some misunderstanding. It is a way to ease the situation when the person returns home.

Welcome Baby Certificate


The welcome baby certificate is given to make the mother feel pompous about bringing a new life to the earth. Even though the certificate states welcome baby, the baby would not understand the importance, and only the mother feels great at the moment. After all the pain she delivers the baby and this certificate is given to her by her friends and relatives will give her confidence to raise the child. Also, the baby can see them and enjoy when it grows to know how many people loved him/her to come to this world.


Welcome Chinese Certificate

The travel market across the world looks forward to learning about the Chinese market. Especially the people willing to travel to China must get a certificate with this welcome Chinese certificate. This is a course to train all individual in a universal standard about the hospitality services. The China Tourism Academy has devised specific criteria, and Chinese travelers must learn this course to get into a common platform and travel to China. Thereby the certified individual can start any travel business in China. Thus every training academy that trains individual, corporate, or groups about the Chinese hospitality standards can download this certificate.


Daisy Welcome Certificate


Feel glad to become a daisy for she helps the community. Yes, the little girl joins scout with the intention to help the society with her service. Indeed, those little ones deserve a Welcome To Girl Scouts Certificate.

Every girl will earn this certificate once they understand their role in contributing to the people across their nation.


Welcome Aboard Certificate


Not all company will have the time and money to welcome a new employee. Irrespective of the level in which the individual joins an organization as a new employee they expect a welcome. But no company does this professionally. Only senior cadre people are well received for their position and role etc. But do you know, the simple gesture of spending few minutes in welcoming a new joiner is the first foundation you lay in making him/her the best employee. Don’t worry too much as you can quickly download this welcome aboard certificate and give it to the new employee. This piece of paper with welcome wordings makes a lot of difference in the attitude of the new employee.


Welcome To Brownies Certificate

Yet a new way to make your scouting little princess happy is giving a welcome to brownies certificate. Girls joining scout is not only a service to the community but also an adventurous act, and hence you must provide them with a certificate and make their journey a daring one.


Welcome To Our Class Certificate


When you want to award your friend for coming to your class, you can use this welcome to our class certificate. But, there is another fun in which students can join together to invite their loved teacher to their class. You can directly download the certificate from here at no cost and make your teacher feel glad about your invite.


Welcome To The Family Certificate

Again you can use this welcome to a family certificate for the following reasons.


  1. To invite a guest to your home and make their presence remembered and you can print this certificate.
  2. This certificate can be given to a new family member like daughter in law or son in law in your family.
  3. Also, the little newborn deserves the welcome to the family certificate.

Welcome To The Jungle Certificate

If you plan to organize a unique an event for your employees, then take them to a forest for a team outing. You can issue the welcome to jungle certificate upon completion of some task. This idea will make your people feel relaxed from the monotonous work days. Also, taking them to the jungle is a different experience. A certificate given can stay with them for ages reminding that courageous outing.

Welcome To Kindergarten Certificate


Do you know? Not only elders but kids also love to get certificates. They feel that moment of receiving a certificate as the fun-filled and a great time. You can teach your kids the value of certificate when they first join the Kindergarten. You can organize an event on the very first day of school to let kids know that they are essential and will be loved in the same way as their mother did at home. This certificate will seed confidence in the mom’s mind as well that their kids will get good care from your school. Likewise, you can issue the following certificates with the same theme for students at a different level.

Welcome To Preschool Certificate

Welcome To School Certificate

Welcome Certificate For Students

Welcome Back To School Certificate

Welcome To Our School Certificate


 Welcome To The Web Certificate


Does it sound different to know that Certificate Of Welcome Template is also available for issuing to people who visit the web? Yes, of course, the first time web visitors across age do not understand the ways to use the network. Therefore the Welcome To The Web Certificate can indicate that they have now mastered the art of using the internet.

The welcome to the web page helps new learners in the following way.

  1. To navigate the net and understand the basics.
  2. Let them know the ways to get started and did deeper.
  3. Warns individual about the hazards and also educates the ways to stay safe. One can learn to stay safe from getting their system and self-infected from virus and other malicious activities.
  4. Teaches the ways to conduct an online search in an effective manner.
  5. Explains not only the way to search for details in the net but also teaches the right way to utilize the details

In summary, the welcome to web program helps individual irrespective of the age to master the art of using the web. End of the course one can obtain a certificate indicating that they have mastered the course details.

Final Thoughts

If you have looked at the different welcome certificate, it feels good to use them for different purposes. The good news is, you can download and use them per your need. For instance, you can edit welcome back to school for giving it to your employee as welcome back to the office. All you need to do is to edit them. You can edit every field and use any certificate based on your purpose to make the recipient happy. Certificates are the best and cost-effective way to motivate every individual in various phase of life.

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