Giving out certificate is a gesture to appreciate someone for doing an excellent job. It can happen at any place including home, school, office, etc. It not only feels great to be appreciated but also the person who appreciates feels great. Therefore both the parties get a good feel for appreciating and being appreciated.

So what are we going to do to give an appreciation certificate? Yes, we will give you a free certificate of excellence template, and you can download them to recognize the efforts of an individual or a team.

Here you go with the different categories in which you can use these certificates of excellence template to reward the deserving one.

Professional Administrative Certificate Of Excellence


The PACE program is the professional administrative certificate of excellence program. It is a certificate given to the meritorious individual who proves their competence in administration. The administrative task is more than a job. It is a prestigious profession. One must be recognized with the certificate of excellence upon completing the professional administrative course. It is a pride to the employee for gaining knowledge, and the employer feels glad to have such an asset in their organization.

Certificate Of Achievement For Excellence In Financial Reporting


There are few generally accepted accounting principles. The Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting is given to those who can perform beyond those requirements and make several changes in the financial reporting system and make it transparent.

You can use these templates to offer your best employee as it is recognized by the GFOA (Government Finance Officer Association).

Certificate Of Excellence At School


Even at school, kids look forward to appreciation. The most esteemed award would be the Certificate Of Excellence For Students as far as students are concerned. It can be given to students for the following reasons.

  • For attendance
  • Best in academics.
  • Being an all-rounder.
  • Performing great in sports and extracurricular activities.
  • Expressing the right attitude.

Certificate Of Excellence And Appreciation


Appreciating is the best way to improve the morale of an individual. Therefore you can give a certificate of excellence award to a person appreciating their good work. This template will have special appreciation wordings apart from the general details given in a certificate of excellence template. Feel free to edit and add more personalized details to award the most deserving person. 

Certificate Of Academic Excellence Template


The certificate designed to be given to a student performing great in academics will contain the student name, the purpose of giving the certificate, date and signing authority signature with seal. This certificate carries value and helps the student get the right job as it is the mirror that showcases the performance of an individual in studies. You can also make use of the Certificate Of Excellence In Education template to award a student the meritorious work.

Certificate Of Excellence For Outstanding Performance


Outstanding performance award can be given to students, employees or any individual where teamwork is involved. The attributes of outstanding performance include quality of work, time management, and self-management, working as a team, leadership quality, and consistency. This certificate must mention the reason for which a person is recognized as an outstanding performer.


Certificate Of Excellence For Teachers


Not only does a student look for appreciation but a teacher to does. It is because they work with the motive to bring up kids as the best citizen. They need motivation too. Many times they work with troublesome students, problematic kids, and bright children as well. They deserve a certificate of excellence for not just making a bright student shine, but for the patience in tolerating a notorious one and correcting that one to shine a diamond. Use this template to award the best teacher for patience, care, timeliness, being rigid and involved.

Certificate Of Excellence For Employee Template

Employees must be awarded not just to motivate them but for the following reasons.

  • To make them productive.
  • Allow them to enjoy the task assigned.
  • Inculcate the habit of working hard and performing consistently.
  • Kindle the competitive spirit.

Certificate Of Excellence For Project


In general certificate of excellence for an employee is given to appreciate the overall performance. On the other hand to recognize the effort for successfully completing a project the certificate of excellence for the project is given to an individual employee or a team.

Certificate Of Bilingual Excellence / Certificate Of Trilingual Excellence


Every language training institute can issue a certificate of lingual excellence to their students for those who learn two or more languages. Even colleges can award students who learn Spanish, French, German along with English. Being multilinguistic has become a base need for survival due to the collaboration of companies globally. This award will encourage individual to become vocal in more than one language.


Certificate Of Excellence For Hotel

One of the best recognition awards is the certificate of excellence given for the best hospitality services. Hotels are placed where several individual drops by for official and personal reasons. The hotel industry must follow the ethics to receive the guest and politely treat them. Giving them the care and warmth cannot be learned overnight. It has to be educated from childhood, and such excellence award will constantly cheer the employee to take good care of the customers.

Certificate Of Excellence In Financial Reporting


Criteria to award excellence award in financial reporting includes, following best practices, making transactions transparent. Financial reporting task requires additional responsibility than any other task, and hence it needs to be appreciated. Use the templates given and modify wordings based on the situation to provide a great recognition to your people.

Certificate Of Excellence In Global Business


Certificate of the global business program is tailored with the purpose of educating people about the business standards globally. This certificate is given to acknowledge the individual completion of the course. One becomes knowledgeable after completing this certificate course in understanding the global market to establish a business. 

Certificate Of Excellence In Reviewing


The reviewer community requires some kind of recognition. Reviewers are people who do the review of journal articles. Most of the time the peer reviewers do not get any money for doing the task. However, they must be motivated in one or the other way as they make sure that the journal is flawless before it gets published. The certificate of excellence award given to them will encourage them to do a good job. The outstanding reviewer gets this reward that gives a feeling of satisfaction for the job they performed.

Certificate Of Excellence In Accountability Reporting


Association of Government Accountant issues this excellence certificate for those who increase the government accountability in offering the best audit and account support. It is considered the premier award in the field of accounts. The certificate template provided for your perusal can be edited for its color, theme, wordings and every feature based on your need. Customize and use.

Certificate Of Excellence In Sports


Cherishing in sports activity is considered at par in any other field. It is required to recognize the sweat of every sportsman. Thus you can use these templates to congratulate a sports person for their achievement, team spirit, consistency, etc. Not only the winner deserves this certificate, but every person who contributes indirectly to a win can be appreciated with the excellence award. 

Certificate Of Excellence For Kindergarten


Right from the KG class the culture of being recognized must be taught to children. Even as an infant every baby likes to be pampered by their mom. They cry to seek mom’s attention. As they grow certificate of excellence can give them the mother’s care and warmth. Yes, kids those who are constantly appreciated proves to be the best citizen of future. Hence use these templates to encourage your school kids. Teach them discipline, education, sharing, and every other attitude to sharpen their skills.

Certificate Of Excellence In Mathematics


Math skill is just not taught in schools and colleges but also in many private academies considering the importance of the subject. Math includes quantitative, qualitative, numerical, and many other abilities which are required in real life. Appreciating the performance in math will motivate children to learn and progress more.

Certificate Of Excellence In Business Negotiations


Negotiation is an art. An ideal business person will negotiate that allows a win-win for any business. Not all can negotiate effectively. Therefore the certificate of excellence must be given to the best person who brings in quality and quantity business. Use these templates to appreciate your best business person who will feel motivated and the others will get a fire to reach that level.

Certificate Of Excellence For Restaurant


Eating place is the place where people give importance to their mind and body both get energy. It is the responsibility of the person who serves food must exhibit the gesture of love, care, and promptness. Certificate of excellence award for the restaurant is given to nurturing the motherly care provider.

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Steps To Use The Certificate Of Excellence Template

You have several varieties of templates available for different achievement, and all you need to do is follow these steps and download the templates.

Step1: Identify the purpose for which you want to give the award.

Step2: Navigate for the certificates.

Step3: Click download to save the template to your PC.

Step4: Open template to edit the required field and then save.

Step5: Print them on a certificate paper and issue to make the deserving individual feel proud of their work.

But, hang on! Before that, I would want to know the top 5 reasons to issue a certificate of excellence.

You can ask me, whether giving a certificate is the only way to recognize an effort or an achievement. I agree with you. You can appreciate them as word of mouth, or celebrate their success in front of the team, or even give them monetary rewards, etc. Trust me nothing works the best than a certificate of excellence and know why.

  1. Nothing can motivate than a certificate as another mode of recognition may not stand with you long as a certificate does.
  2. When a certificate is given as recognition, then it motivates both the recipient and others. Yes, recipient yearns to get another one and be consistent, and the others will work hard towards getting one.
  3. It can be used as a tool to fetch a job as it can be submitted during the interview to prove the caliber.
  4. The certificate is valuable than reward because they can be framed and kept at the workplace or at home.
  5. It acts as evidence to the receiver and hence becomes a continuous motivator.

Don’t About Appreciating Excellence – Key Points

It is indeed a good practice to give out certificates recognizing the good work. But one must set benchmark about good work. If a certificate is given for simple and expected delivery, then it sets a wrong expectation. Hence beware and make sure for what you want to appreciate and then do the same but remain consistent.

Never start a process and stop them halfway as people will lose focus. As an organization, if you start recognizing achievement with a certificate of excellence, then keep the ball in motion on a long-term.

Now, you know the need for issuing a certificate of excellence and what should you avoid when doing so. It’s time to look at categories in which one can give out the certificate of excellence. Feel free to download any template and use them. Alternatively, you can edit any template based on your theme and use them. Get going, All the best.

In summary, the excellence certificate is given to recognize the best effort of any individual. Achievement in any field ought to have credit in some form or other. Certificate reward is the best way as discussed compared to any other form of reward. Feel free to download any template and make the moment cheerful.

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