In this world, everyone is living in some relationships and the relations are always a little tricky. People generally see a relationship as ideal especially between couples. But it is common to be in doubt. Don’t you wish to learn an easy way to grade your relationship!? Report cards is the best answer to grade your relationship.

Are you willing to grade your relationship or tell your partner how much are you satisfied in your relationship? If so, continue reading our post. We are providing you different types of report card for free of cost. Free downloadable, editable, printable and ready to use templates available instantly. Just sit in front of your computer and create your own relationship report cards with your own texts and views.

What is a Report Card?

A report card is a document that tells a person’s behavior and development analysis both academically and in personal life relationships.

Spouse ReportCard Template
Husband ReportCard Template

Academically, a report is issued by the school or college to the student’s or parents of the students once to four times every year. The main purpose of the school report card is to inform student’s parents about their child’s performance or academic progress during the academic year. For parents, report card is the most important document that they receive from the school to know more about their child’s academic performance. As a result, the content of the report card’s give huge impact on parent’s opinion on the school’s concern for their children.

A typical school report card uses a grading scale system to determine or analyse the quality of school work of the students. Now-a-days, school report cards are printed in automated form and may be mailed to the parents. But in olden days, there is a tradition of distributing report cards by a group of class teachers directly to the parents by inviting them to the parent teachers meeting. In this way, parents will also get a chance to discuss with the teacher regarding their child’s performance in the school.

Relationship ReportCard Template Free
Husband ReportCard Templates

Some report cards are limited grades only whereas some schools include comments about the student’s work and behavior. Finally, in simple words, report cards are used to describe any systematic evaluation of information.

Coming to the relationships, we begin any relationship with a great hope. And of course, everyone wants to lead their life with full of love and fun, meaningful and passionate. In fact, ‘Be in love and Stay in love’ is the main motto of any relationship. We all feel that our relationships in marriage are so special and unique. But how far are we maintaining that relationship with our partners is a doubt. I think everyone out there are related to this topic! Would you like to measure the health of your relationships? Make use of our report cards to evaluate the well-being of your intimate relationship.

Relationship ReportCard Template

Of course, it is sad to know that many relationships start out with a passionate A+ relationships and ends up in a boring C relationships. Here is a sample of relationship report card with some grades to grade your well-being of your relationship.

Grade yourself and your partner in these relationship skills:

A = passionate, fulfilling, exciting, clearly excellent
B = very good, better-than-most, improving, solid and consistent
C = acceptable, average, adequate, ho-hum, static, okay
D = below average, unhappy, dismal, bad—but not hopeless
F = hopeless, tried everything, didn’t work

It is always important to think twice before you grade your relationship with your partner. Sometimes, it may give negative shade to your relationship so always be cautious, think twice and ask yourself ‘How well can I act on this particular task or skill?’

Remember one thing which can help you while you grading. i.e. “You cannot measure love but can measure someone who is acting in a loving manner”.

After completing your grading process of each other, try to sit together and compare your grades in a cool manner. Start at the top and slowly go through other grades and share your grades. You can discuss the discrepancies for each skill and grade between your grade and how your partner graded you. This kind of comparing and evaluating your report cards helps to build a healthy relationship than earlier.

Girlfriend ReportCard Template Free

Here are some questions to consider while discussing and comparing your grades: What was your reasoning behind various grades? What might you do to get a better grade? Are you satisfied, dissatisfied, happy, embarrassed or proud of your grades? What kind of help can you offer your partner? Etc. The purpose of the relationship report card is to learn more about how your primary relationship (current or future) can improve. The results depend on your willingness to be completely open and honest.

Report card in relationships works as a tool intended to build bridges of understandings and trust on each other but absolutely not as a weapon to judge or hurt yourself or someone else.

How to edit your report cards in Photoshop?

Follow these simple steps to change or edit your report cards using Photoshop.

  • Scan the printed report card to your computer and open it in Photoshop
  • Choose the ‘Rectangular Marcquee Tool’ and select the area which you want to change or edit.
  • Copy the selection and then paste it right on top of it
  • Choose the ‘Move Tool’and click+ drag your mouse across the screen to align the new copy to replace yet to be editable area.
  • Finally,you can print this off and give it to your partners.
Girlfriend ReportCard Template
Boyfriend ReportCard Template Printable

Grade your current or future potential long-term partner on this report card

In relationships, there is no any magic pill to improve the relations but the below mentioned categories in the report card helps to evaluate a potential long-term romantic partner.

  • Sexual Compatibility
  • Non-Sexual Compatibility
  • Stable Employment
  • Free from Serious Problems
  • A positive bias toward life

The Relationship Fields to consider

General: Thinking generally about the overall connection with your partner and how happy you are in your relationship.

Communication: Does your communication between each other going good? Do you and your partner makes yourselves available each other? How you manage your communication? The answers to these questions helps you to grade your relationship.

Friendship: Think about how well you know each other and how comfortable to share and respond each other’s opinion.

Trust: Trust is the pillar of a good relationship. Generally, it is looked at in two aspects. 1) Romantic Trust- Trusting your partner completely will not let you attract to another relationship. 2) General Trust- Trusting your partner put you and your relationship as first priority in most of the events. So, trust your partner to avoid unnecessary issues developed in a good relationship.

Boyfriend ReportCard Template

In Conclusion

None of us are perfect and realize that you shouldn’t expect your partner to meet all your needs 100%. If you are expecting your relationship much better than earlier, then ask yourself whether you can improve enough to deserve a long-term relationship.

Download our free report card templates that you can customize with your own images, texts, graphics and designs. Our professionally designed templates are easy to customize – no design experience required. Happy downloading!

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