Feeling great having got a sponsorship?  Are you worries about invoicing? I have loaded this page with several sponsorship invoice templates, and that will help you raise your bill. Stay cool! I will also take you through the process of how to accurately create an invoice and get paid by the sponsor. You can also continue reading to understand the dos and the don’t s of the sponsorship invoice template.

Free Sponsorship Invoice Templates


How To Invoice A Sponsor 


You can prepare an invoice and avoid miscommunication at the time of sending it. Remember to include all details and get paid on-time. Take things lightly just in case you miss anything as you can collect them during your next invoice.

However, follow these tips and include the below-mentioned details in your invoice.

Contact Details – Fill correct contact details of both your sponsored and yours. You must receive payment correctly, and likewise, they must get your invoice on-time. Therefore check the address details twice before you submit your invoice.

Payment Terms – Make the terms clear as when the sponsor must make payment to you. Also, mention clearly the mode of payment. If you want bank transfer, then provide appropriate IFSC code. If it is via Paypal, then send the right link. Also, precisely mention the date of payment in your invoice. Do not keep it open for one week from the date of receipt etc. Be specific and collect your money.


Invoice Type – For your sponsor to give clear communication to their internal teams, you must mention the invoice type correctly. Whether it a balance they need to pay or a deposit to start the work etc. must be clearly stated in your invoice. Is it a deposit or a balance they’re paying? This is important so they can communicate that to their accounting department.

In case of collecting advance, then let them know the payment slabs upon completing work in parts. So that they will know how much and when they should pay the due amount.

Service Type – It is your payment, and hence you must inform them about the type of service you provided every time in your invoice. Never assume that they will understand on their own. It is always good to give details and avoid any delay in payment.


Do’s & Dont’s in Your Sponsor Invoice 

  • Do write everything in detail including your bank details, address, how much money to be paid and due date.
  • Don’t assume any information to be known by the sponsor. Even if they know never mind and Do mention in your invoice.
  • Do followup after the stipulated time gets over. Don’t bother them
  • Do have a professional template and use it every time and Don’t keep changing the format.
  • Do know what you’re doing and stay connected till you get your payment.

Non-Profit Sponsorship Invoice 


It is essential that you understand the basics of non-profit invoice. Even though you worked for a not for profit purpose, your sponsor must be billed for making payment to you. It is they have sponsored you and must pay you. Therefore include the following components in your non-profit sponsorship invoice and share it with to get paid for your service.

Three primary elements of non-profit sponsorship invoice

  1. Business address – Using the free non-profit sponsorship invoice template. Just edit the business address and write your contact details. Also, do mention the receivers address to enable them to get your communication.
  2. Service Details – Next give in detail about the service you did or if it is selling a product, then those details must be provided. Include the pricing for the product or the service and calculate the tax based on the country you live in. Arrive at the total amount to be paid.
  3. Payment Method – Finally, decide your mode of payment and inform sponsor about the same. This will allow them to settle your payment without any hassle.

Sponsorship Receipt Template 

It is a good practice to issue a receipt upon collecting your payment. Here you go with the simple tips to prepare a sponsorship receipt.

Start with your Company Logo if you have and I strongly suggest you to create one if you don’t have. Then print your contact address and email ID.

Now mention the sponsor address, sponsorship amount, mode of payment, date received one below the other.

Now you can file this for your reference.

Below this section includes a detachable sheet with the following details which you can fill and give it to the sponsor for their reference.


Sponsor’s name, Amount, Date. Yes, it is the same data, but you need to duplicate it so that both of you will have a reference for future. 

Event Sponsorship Invoice Template 


When your service is taken for a particular event, then you must raise event sponsorship invoice template to collect payment.

This template given here consists of details which can be quickly downloaded and used for any event you provide service with.

As usual, this invoice template begins with the name and contact details. Yes, first your organization name and address. Next the sponsor contact information.

Then is the crucial section where you can fill the event description. Give all details like the event date, participant’s info, duration of the event etc. Say for an instant you are organizing sports or a music event, then mention all the details in this place provided.


You can find sponsorship music invoice and sports sponsorship invoice templates for your perusal. Use them to save time and get paid.

After providing all details in the description section now offer the price details. Total price, the price received the amount in due and respective dates.

This template will clearly mention all details, and you can use them for your reference and also collect money on time. 


Sponsorship Agreement

So far we have been talking about an invoice for freelance work and some events organized as well. But, in this part, you must understand the sponsorship agreement. Do want to know why an agreement. Yes, because when you raise a corporate sponsorship invoice, then you play a bigger role. Therefore you must have an agreement in place.

Sponsorship Agreement Sample given below will explain in detail about the terms to be mentioned in your invoice agreement. You can add as many terms you require, but the fundamental details include the following.

  1. Date of Agreement
  2. From Name and Address (Sponsor)
  3. To Name and Address (Sponsee)
  4. Agreement Terms
  5. Signature of both parties

Some brief details about the terms section in your agreement.

  • Give details of the benefits to the sponsor – Sponsorship rights
  • Agreement validity date and renegotiation terms.
  • Period of sponsorship.
  • Terms to cancel the sponsor rights.
  • Conditions to terminate the agreement in case of any breach regarding both the parties.
  • Non-disclosure
  • Rights of transferring the sponsorship details.

With this gist feel free to develop your agreement. Alternatively feel free to use the agreement template given here and edit the details based on your business.

Sponsorship Agreement Sample:

sponsorship agreement sampleDownload

Student Sponsorship Agreement Example

students sponsorship agreement example


Final thoughts

All these templates are provided taking into consideration the business need, and hence you can use them to get all your dues paid.

Further Reading on Invoicing your sponsors


Another resource template from Science Festival Alliance: https://sciencefestivals.org/media/sponsorship/Sponsorship_InvoiceTemplate.docx

Sponsorship Contract Form Sample

sponsorship contract sample


Another real time sponsorship invoice sample can be found here: https://www.icsc.org/uploads/event_documents/Sponsor%20Invoice%20Final.pdf

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