It’s indeed a known fact that driver’s license in mandatory to drive a vehicle irrespective of the country you live. It is a document that let the government officials that you are eligible to drive the car as per the state law. It is also your identity to drive vehicle. Most of the time either you forget to carry the same with you, or yes you land up paying the penalty. Sometimes you think it is at home and feel sad to locate the same. Other times you misplace or lose it and find it difficult to apply for a duplicate copy. Due to lack of time and also the stringent process carried out in driver’s license office, you feel miserable.

I have a quick fix solution for the same. Ask me what? Yes, it is to use the driver license template given on this site for free and customize per your need. But, trust me it is not an easy task until you master some basics to personalize your driver license like a real looking one. Here you in learning that secret of making the professional driver license from the templates given here.

You will learn two ways to make a fool-proof license from this section. Get going to know more.

Driver License Template Word

In this section, you can learn how to edit a driver license template using the word. It is the most straightforward way and not useful when you look for a professional touch. But still, you may use this for any casual purpose like who may want to login to a site and your restricted to do so as you are a few months younger to the age limitation, etc.


Now the lesson starts.

5 Simple Steps 

  1. Download the blank driver license template and start editing using MS Word.
  2. Open the file in a word document and type the name, ID number, sex, DOB, Eyes and the date of issue and expiry date.
  3. Finally, insert a passport size photo and save the document.
  4. Print the same when you need a hard copy, or you can use that to send emails as an electronic copy.
  5. In case of printing, you must cut the license and laminate to give it a formal appearance.

It is quite a simple to write, yes, it is. Are you worried about the motor vehicle commissioner signature? No need to as my template will have that and you choose based on the country you live.

Remember to download the right template and don’t feel bad by being careless and getting caught.

Once you think you need a professionally designed driver license template, then you must do the editing using Photoshop. Wondering how? Follow my inputs in sequence, and there you are.


Design/Edit Driver License Template Using Adobe Photoshop

Material Collection

It is required to carefully choose the materials before you sit on the PC to download the template from my page. Make a checklist of the following things to prevent running around after starting the process.

Paper not the ordinary one but Teslin, lamination pouch along with a laminator, and finally an encoder


Now you can confidently download the template from my site and save it on your PC. Before you open the template and start with, you need to make sure you downloaded the right template selecting the correct province or state. Alongside downloading the template, you must also download the free Photoshop software to edit the license.


After successfully downloading both template and software you’re editing starts. Change font, select the hair and eye color. Include the endorsement or restriction codes. Learn more to know about these codes. Now use the passport photo and signature that is scanned and uploaded to your PC. Use a passport size photo which will be ideal. Make sure, your picture is clear and taken with a plain background. Look at the picture after inserting to make sure it fits the template naturally. Generate free barcodes using online PDF417 barcode generator and add the generated code.


Once you are confident that everything is in place, check finally before printing. Place the Teslin paper in the printer. Use Epson printer and preferably choose ink as DuraBite. That will help you get a Laser printing effect with an Epson printer. Try to avoid inkjet printer if you look at a professional outcome. Make a print on a single paper, and then you can cut them. Keep them inside the pouch and laminate.

Use an iron box in place of the laminator, and it does the same job. And yes its over and you can trim the edges to give it a perfect look for an original driver license.


5 Tips to Add More Professionalism to your Driver License  

  1. Choose the right template from the variety available here.
  2. Purchase the right materials.
  3. Use the appropriate photo and prevent taking one using your PC camera. Scan your signature using the scanner with high resolution.
  4. Print using the right printer depending on the paper you use.
  5. Cut accurately and laminate neatly to avoid any disoriented edges

You can make this is no time, and all you need is your photo handy on your PC, and the remaining materials can be bought from the nearby store. Caution: Never store this if you intend to print it using a public printer.

Final suggestions

I am sure you feel glad that your worry about lost DL has come to an end. But beware it is only a temporary fix and tries to apply for the right one in your local gov office to avoid any malpractice.

Use this for lighter purpose as mentioned above and not to indulge in any criminal affair. These templates can help you at the time of crisis to get out of any situation like you lost your license while you were driving to a different state etc. Never make it a habit to move around with this permanently.

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