Tickets are like hot seat during any entertainment shows and are purchased by the people all over the world. The main purpose of buying tickets is to gain entry into various entertainment shows or events. Concert is the one among the most enjoyable entertainment shows. Obviously, the demand for concert tickets is high and the requirement for tickets is equally high.

Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a wide variety of concert ticket templates for various purposes. We are offering our ticket templates for free and making them available for everyone to download hassle free. Creating a well-designed and professional looking concert ticket is a must for any event organiser, promoter, or producer. So, if you fall under any of these categories or if your purpose of creating concert ticket is different, you can browse our post and download our free customizable concert ticket templates in no time.

What is a Concert Ticket?

A concert ticket is a small piece of paper or card given to the buyers saying that the buyer had paid for a concert show and is allowed for the concert at the given time.

A general admission concert ticket is a means of access or passage token showing that an admission fee or a fare is been paid for general admission areas. What are general admission areas!? I will tell you, do not worry. General Admission (GA) actually refers to seating or standing areas which are not reserved or assigned to anyone else attending the concert. General Admission concert tickets are occupied or allotted to the public on the basis of first-come, first-served basis.

Different Types of Concert Tickets for various purposes

We are sharing downloadable and printable pre-designed concert ticket templates for free. Have a look at them and download your favourite template that suits your needs.

Admit One Concert Ticket Template 

Admit One Concert Ticket Template

This personalised Admit One Concert Ticket Template features a rich and elegant background with fancy font style and creative and descriptive text. Instantly download free sample in word and pdf formats.

Christmas Concert Ticket Template

Free Christmas Concert Ticket Template
Christmas Concert Ticket Template
Christmas Celebration Concert Ticket Template

Surprise your loved ones on this Christmas with our free printable Christmas concert tickets. It will be a great gift for Christmas to a concert. Use our high quality layouts and graphic files to create a special one for your special person.

Concert Ticket Birthday Invitation Template

Concert Ticket Birthday Invitation Template
Blank Concert Ticket Template Free

Pretty birthday invitation concert ticket templates are readily available to download and save to your desktop. We have designed an attractive birthday invitation concert template perfect for inviting your guests on the special occasion. Have look!

Concert Ticket Party Invitation Templates

Concert Ticket Party Invitations Template

Now-a-days, there is no life without parties. Are you conducting any party during weekends? Then this is the perfect template for you to invite your guests for your parties including concerts. Great idea, right!?

Concert Ticket Save the Date Template free

Concert Ticket Save The Date Template
Concert Ticket Template Word Free

Browse our selection of professionally designed Save the Date concert ticket template and customise it to your own font styles and text. Send your Save the Date concert ticket invites early to your guests to guarantee your guest’s attendance.

Concert Ticket Wedding Invitation

Concert Ticket Wedding Invitation Template
Concert Ticket Template Word

These wedding invitation concert tickets are designed in a wedding themed style that means very attractive and beautiful. The visual illustrations are amazing and I am sure this template is perfect for your wedding parties.

Concert Ticket Template HTML

Concert Tickets Template Html
Concert Ticket Template Free Printable

You can find concert tickets in various formats like pdf and word documents. Also, you can find free concert tickets with professional designs in HTML format as well. Hurry up to download!

Dummy Concert Ticket Templates

Dummy Concert Ticket Template
Concert Ticket Template Editable

You can ensure your event is a complete success by using our free customizable concert ticket design templates. Download our user friendly dummy concert ticket templates for multiple purposes.

Music Concert Ticket Template

Music Concert Ticket Template
Concert Ticket Template Printable

Turn regular and boring concert tickets into beautiful keepsakers of a musical night to remember. People really love to see their favourite artists performing favourite songs in front of them. Here you go our creatively designed music concert ticket templates to use in your music concert.  

How to create a Concert Ticket?

Creating a concert ticket is a must (as I said earlier) if you are running a business of conducting various concerts. Acquaint yourself with ticket-making process explained below. Here are the five easy steps you can use as a guide to creating concert tickets.

Step-1: Choose a Design or Theme

Choosing a design or motif for a concert ticket is an important step. Because the design you chose should represent and match with the artist’s image and type of concert you are going to conduct. You should also keep in mind about the audience as well.

Step-2: Write Down all the Concert Details

The next important step after choosing the design or theme for your concert ticket is noting down all the essential concert details and including them on the concert ticket. These details must be clear or concise and include concert name, artist’s name, concert venue, date and time, the ticket price, and the assigned seat number or row. The concert ticket may also include the terms and conditions on use of it.

Step-3: Compile all the illustrations

Now it is time to select, save and include the relevant images or illustrations to your concert ticket. For example: if you are planning a classical music concert, then choose images related to classical theme that looks traditional and cool. Keep it as simple as possible.

Step-4: Download and Edit

Hope you are done with compiling all the texts, information, and visual illustrations of your ticket design. Now, your concert ticket is ready to download and save it to your desktop. These pre-made ticket design allows you create your own concert ticket template in less time and efforts. Once you download the template, start editing it with your own preferred graphic designs. Make sure you include all the elements you gathered earlier without fail.

Step-5 Print the Ticket

After editing all the required information, your ticket is ready to print. Hope you are aware of printing the customised files. Make sure you use high quality cardstock or paper for more durable printed tickets.

Just follow these simple steps to have beautifully made printed concert tickets in your hand. Preserve our concert ticket templates in your system for future use. 


Download our easily accessible and instantly downloadable templates that makes the process of making concert tickets easy and hassle free. Design your own tickets for your concerts and make your parties a grand success with beautiful and innovative concert tickets. These templates are easy to edit and customizable in all versions like Photoshop and Illustrations.

How early should you go to a concert with general admission tickets?

As the general admission tickets are allotted on first come first served basis, one should arrive to the concert as early as possible. Normally, 1-2 hours early arrival is enough for general admission concert tickets. If you want the front row seats, then you need to arrive at least 6 hours early in order to secure your place.

What should I wear to a concert?

This is an interesting and exciting answer for everyone!!  Here are few suggestions.
• Make black, white, and denim your outfit formula
• Feminine white dresses and leather
• Dress up your white tee with heels
• Pair your band tee with fun bottoms
• Bring your leather into summer with a breezy top
• Wear a bright colored skirt with a minimal white top

How long does a concert last?

Usually, gigs lasts for 2-3 hours. The duration depends on the supporters and how quick the organizers set up the stage. Mostly, gigs with doors of 6:30 open between 7 and 8 and finish between 10 and 11.

Can you arrive late to the concert?

The answer would be ‘Yes’. If you are not interested in supporting acts, you can leave the auditorium when the supporting act is going to begin. But it is quite usual to arrive late to the concerts.

What should you bring to a concert?

Cash, wear sneakers, sharpie, binoculars, bring a sweat shirts during winters, bring something to get signatures of your favorite artists if possible, digital camera are the important things to bring to a concert to ensure you have a great time at concert.

What shouldn’t bring to a concert?

There are also few things to avoid when you attend a concert. They include avoid bringing meals and wearing excessive jewelry, say no to heels and flip flops, don’t bring distraction things like noise makers, laser pens etc., never wear your favorite clothes to a concert, avoid bringing credit or debit cards etc.

Is there any age limit for a concert?

Yes, most of the events are age restricted. Some concerts won’t allow children under 18 years old whereas some concerts allow children only when accompanied with an adult aged 18 years and above. The accompanied adult must be there with the children all the time during concert.

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