Wedding also called as marriage ceremony is the most important, special and auspicious occasion/moment/celebration in every one of our lives. Be it a married or unmarried person, there will be no one in this world who would not have spoken about marriage during their life. It is the most essential part of Humans life in many aspects. This does not end with one day celebration and it is continues every year and people celebrate it as the Wedding Anniversary in many different ways. Now a days it is becoming much fancy to mark each and every moment of our life. And it is always important and good to register those moments.

Though we have lot of options like wedding albums, photos, Videos and plenty of other things as reminders for that special day. It is always good to mark those moments in the simple form like Certificate as well and it is a unique way rather than the usual things others do. Are you looking for variety of Wedding Anniversary certificates? Here we are, to help you out with the beautiful and stylish Wedding Anniversary certificates, that you can download for free and use it by modifying it according to your need.  These Wedding anniversary templates will be an ideal and unique gift for you to present to any couple you wish by downloading it for free and printing it instantly with in minutes.

Wedding anniversary certificate categories/types

As mentioned earlier, wedding is not a one day celebration, it continues for years together with more memorable and cherishing happiness and sadness. Though all the anniversary are special few are more special in everybody’s life. And list below are the few most important Anniversaries. Any type of Anniversary for that matter, we are here to help you out with the lovely set of certificates for you to use it according to your wish.

First Anniversary Certificate Template

First wedding anniversary is something that must be celebrated or savoured with special and lovely gifts. One of such most lovable gifts is Wdding Anniversary Certificate. Yes, Just have a look at our beautiful collection of Wedding Anniversary Certificate Templates that are available in both traditional and modern forms.

10th Anniversary Certificate Template

10th Anniversary is a milestone in everybody’s life that commemorates ten years togetherness. Generally the thenth year anniversary gift is marked as a tin or aluminium. Now, that sounds boring, Right!? Yes, We have come up with a list of creative, romantic and fun gift nothng but Wedding Anniversary Certificates. Yes, these certificates are unique and custom made according to your choice.

25th wedding anniversary certificate template

This is the symbol of 25 years of togetherness. Also called as Silver-Jubilee Wedding Anniversary or Silver Anniversary.  These lovely anniversary templates will be one of the best gift for the cute couples celebrating 25 years of marriage. These free designs/templates are made simply for you to download and modify the wordings as per your need. You can explore more set of creative template and access it for free from here.

50th wedding anniversary certificate template

                One of the very special event in a person’s life also called a “golden anniversary” or “golden wedding”. Here you have so many beautiful anniversary templates. Be it any anniversary, 25th Anniversary or 40th Anniversary or 50th Anniversary,  depending on that you can chose the templates from here for free and customize it accordingly and enjoy present it to the couples. Here are few, cute printable anniversary templates designed by us that would make your work simple and ease.

60th wedding anniversary certificate template

                The “Diamond Anniversary”, 60 years of togetherness is not a joke in this modern world. And really an auspicious moment to be remembered. Here you can discover the variety of 60th Wedding Anniversary certificates and a meaningful Anniversary gift for your use. You can download and print it for your need.

Wedding anniversary gift certificate template

                This is exclusively for those who are looking for a unique and different gift ideas for presenting and for those who think of what gift to buy in the last minute. It is very simple you can download our free printable Wedding anniversary Certificates and design it as per your wish and get them printed on a paper, preferably a thick/stock paper with the required size to place it in a frame. And that’s all, you are ready with a simple and wonderful gift for presenting the couple.

There are many other types of Anniversary events like Ruby/Sapphire/Platinum/Pearl Anniversary, what ever be it, you can download all kinds of wedding anniversary certificate, customize and frame it for use.

Why is wedding anniversary certificate

Many might think, what is this wedding anniversary certificate? Why is it needed? What is the use of it? And so on. For all of us, in this modern world, people are more easily attracted towards the new inventions and fancy things. But fail to think of the simple, elegant yet more powerful things. One such is wedding anniversary certificate, we might plan out for a trip or go out for dinner and many such different ideas during our anniversaries to make it more memorable and special and of course we end up spending a lot. But we do not thing of the simple point that registering that moment/day can even be done by having our own wedding anniversary certificate with our own wordings. Also people spend so much to gift on this occasion, but the fact is that neither it will be useful to the couple nor they might have it already or many chances that it might not be used. To avoid all that you can explore the unique set of Wedding Anniversary certificate here with beautiful wordings that you can download and customize with your designs and present them, that can be there for their life time.

Now do you feel like presenting a certificate for wedding Anniversary and a special gift worth remembering? Do you feel like registering your Anniversary in the form of Certificate? Do you wish to invite people for your Anniversary celebrations with a simple and beautiful designed template? You feel your anniversary is a big deal, But you would like to gift a simple, cheap, meaningful yet a beautiful gift for your spouse. Then you are on the right place, you can always download the Wedding anniversary certificate according to your need and keep it for your remembrance and display it in home by framing it.

Wedding Anniversary Certificate Wordings

Be it any certificate for any purpose it is very important to place the right wording in it. Wordings in a Wedding Anniversary Certificate can be designed in many ways.

  • It can be designed simple with the below details, depending on the which year of anniversary they are celebrating…
    • Title – This is much straight forward. In this case it can be “Wedding Anniversary Certificate” or we can even mention the number. (Eg. HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARRY)
    • Name – Name of the couple
    • Date/Place/Year – Date/Place and Year on which they got married.
    • Years of togetherness
    • When and Where they are celebrating
  • If you would like to express it through wording or in a poetic way, that is also available in our templates.

However you wish, to present/buy/register or invite, here you can refer to all variety of templates and make use of them in your own way to create your own Wedding Anniversary Certificate

How to create using our templates

Wedding anniversary certificates are an unique gift or special way for couples who wish to have remembrance of that beautiful day without spending much. I order to help you on that, Here we have enormous number of such free printable anniversary certificates to touch the hearts of your favorite couple, which you can download and Design attractively as per you wish. You can print these anniversary certificates and customize it as per your need and present it by framing. Some of the templates here can be customized before printing, while for those who wish to write on it you can print them out first and write your message for lovely couples and present.

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