Medical field especially hospitals and doctors directly deal with human life. Extra care must be taken in giving treatment to patients keeping their life in mind. Doctor’s communities give their best to provide comfort to every individual reaching out to the hospital for treatment. However, there are certain procedures whose results might not be always expected as planned. In such cases, patient and their relatives must be aware that there can be any downfall which may be small or big as loss of the person itself.

Therefore to legally prevent hospital and physicians every healthcare industry gets a consent form filled the user. This form is nothing but a consent given the patient or their relatives that they are aware of the situation and will not blame anyone for any loss. These forms will contain the details of the treatment to provide and the risk factors. Based on the medical regulatory affairs in each country, this may vary. But, by and large, most of the details will remain the same. The format or wording may differ but not the context.

We have collected different medical consent form and providing them for your perusal for free. If you are part of the hospital, insurance provider, physician or anyone from the medical background looking for medical consent forms, then you have landed in the correct URL. From here you can download the templates and edit to customize and use. Not only have we provided free templates but also a background about how to make a template and the best ways to use them. In short, we have made an attempt to give you an insight into the medical consent form. You can use this to educate patients and make them understand the importance of the form.

Types of Medical Consent Forms

In the following sections let us provide you with different templates and explain how they differ from each other.

Medical Consent Form For Grandparents Template

Ok, this form is different as it is not just executed during the time of treatment but in advance. Which means in case the parents of a child is not available in the country, then they hand over the children custody to either the paternal or maternal grandparents. Here, they authorize the grandparents to sign during any medical emergency.

This form will contain the usual details as mentioned above along with the grandparent’s health condition to confirm that they are stable enough to take care of the kids. The duration of the care period. In addition to child and grandparents details, the parent’s email address must be printed in this form. This will let the hospital update parents about the child health condition. Signature of parents and grandparents in front of a witness is done in this form to confirm ownership of the child.

Transfer Of Medical Records Consent Form Template

When there is a need to transfer the medical records from one hospital to another due to a change in location, or getting advanced treatment, the patient must give consent. The details present in this form include the patient name, address, date of birth. Then it will contain the authorization note stating the purpose for transfer and the details of the present doctor and the new doctor who will take over. The new hospital/practitioner address details to be printed. Signature of the patient, current hospital/doctor, and date of transfer.

Medical Informed Consent Form Template

As already mentioned medical consent form and informed consent form are the two phrases interchangeably used. Therefore an informed consent form will contain all details similar to a medical consent form. The only difference here is an informed consent name implies that the patient or their family member will be explained about the details in the document. But, in a consent form they may or may not have explained. The informed consent form adds additional legality to the document, compared to the medical consent form.

Medical Release Consent Form Template / Consent To Release Medical Information Form Template

Yes, you’re right how a medical release form differs from a medical transfer form. Let me explain. A medical record transfer form is used to transfer the medical details of the patient from one physician to another. This happens at the time of hospital change due to patient transfer or when advance treatment is required.

But a release consent form is used to release information of the patient to their relatives, other doctors or hospital for any consultation purpose. Here the patient might still continue treatment in the same hospital but the information is released for the better opinion from another network. I am sure now you got clarity and feel free to use the right form based on the situation.

Employee Medical Consent Form Template

Companies that retain their employee’s health details to assign them to work accordingly uses this form. Say for instance a person who has asthma cannot be asked to work on machine projects due to dust and allergy. Likewise, a company can understand the health condition of employees to help them get treated in the time of emergency.

The employee medical consent form is given to each employee at the time of joining and they fill all their details like name, age, medical complication and treatment taken of any. In general, this can be periodically renewed for adding further details over the years.

Informed Consent Form For Medical Treatment Template

This form will usually contain patient details, doctor details, and patient medical history. Apart from that, the details of the treatment must be explained in detail by the caregiver. The patient must understand why the treatment is done, what are the procedure, the risk factors, and alternative options. These lists are a must and only after the patient or the concerned understand will sign. They can also ask clarifications before they give consent.

Medical Procedure Consent Form Template

There are several medical procedures namely the surgery, laser treatment and much more. It is mandatory that the hospital gives an overview of the procedure to the patients. For example, in piles surgery, there is a new method introduced called stapler method to pull the haemorrhoid tissues together and pin them. This is not a laser or a usual surgery but a different method. People may not be aware of the cost, procedure, the time is taken to heal and relapse about this procedure.

Hence all these details to be explained and this medical procedure consent form is designed in such a way to fill specific details and get it signed from the patients.

Medical Records Consent Form Template / Access To Medical Records Consent Form Template

When a patient undergoes treatment, then there might be a situation for hospitals to discuss the treatment options with other doctors. It is not possible to take consent at the time of need and hence an advance consent form will be obtained. This form will contain the list of records to be shared with the other doctors or hospitals for seeking suggestion. Sometime it may be the entire record and at times it can be selective reports as well. You can use this form to avoid any unwanted details to be filled as it is specifically designed for getting consent to share medical records.

Medical Treatment Authorization And Consent Form Template

There are events when kids get to the hospital with their parents due to unforeseen reasons. The hospital will look for an authorization letter from the person who brings the kid. This is to rule out any kidnap of the kids. This form will clearly state that the person who is designated temporarily by the parents to take the kid to the hospital.

The child details, medical treatment details, medication recommended will be the other parts of the form. Child detail and consent will be filled and signed by the parent. Doctor and medication detail will be entered at the time of the treatment. This will be brought by the adult who brings the kid for treatment or the hospital will obtain before if they know the situation earlier that the parents may not be available during a particular time and the child has any perennial health problem.

Parental Consent Form Template For Medical Treatment

Obtaining consent from the parents to provide treatment to their children is done with this form. It contains children with personal and health details. Parents name, address, and contact number. Physician details. The information about the treatment is also presented in this form and the parents sign this form agreeing on the medical treatment

Babysitter Medical Consent Form Template

When the kids are sent to daycare or a babysitter is appointed to give care to the kid in the absence of parents, then the parents must sign a consent form in advance. In the time of emergency, the authorized baby sitter will rush to the hospital with the kid. This form will contain the child, parents, and the babysitter details. Also, child health condition can be briefly written.

Child Medical Consent Form Template

Identify the person to whom the child will be given custody. Check for their health condition and then if found fit, ask them for their consent to take care of the child. Explain child medical background. All these should be done by the parents. After that, a form is filled with the parents, child, and the legal guardian’s details. Mention the duration until when the guardian has rights on the child and then sign the form. A witness especially a notary public must sign this form to avoid any claim by the guardian in the future.

Medical Photography Consent Form Template

Most of the times, a patient who undergoes treatment needs to take Xray, MRI, CT scan etc. All these will help obtain the image of the internal body part for examination. The patient must be educated about these techniques and must provide their consent to undergo the process.

The template will contain the patient details, doctor details, photography charge details, need for image, procedure and the reported pattern. All the details are filled and the signature is obtained from the patient before beginning the treatment.

Emergency Medical Consent Form Template

Children require immediate treatment in the time of emergency and as they are minor they cannot sign the form. Hence a form to be filled and signed in advance by parents to let doctor provide treatment in an emergency is called emergency medical consent form. This form should have the details of the parent’s name, address and contact details. Both mother and father must sign the form. Children details including their health and allergy to any medication must be mentioned.

The insurance number and provider info, as well the medical record number must be quoted. This will help the person who takes the child to the hospital to find the identity of the child in the event of an emergency.

What Is A Medical Consent Form

A form that contains the patient details, health background, treatment options, and risk factors makes a medical consent form. This form is prepared by the hospital and given to the patient or the patient’s attendant to obtain the signature. This is a precautionary step to help the doctor community from legal issues. Also, this helps patients to understand the complications involved in the medical procedure. In several places, the medical consent form is interchangeably called as the informed consent form.

Who will sign the medical consent form

If the patient is above age 18 and is conscious, then the patient themselves can sign the form. Alternatively, their spouse or parents can sign. In the case of their absence, other relatives who take ownership will sign.

For minor children, parents or guardian will sign. If no one is available, then the court-appointed authority will grant consent.  Even elderly people who have a disability can take help from their children or caretakers age above 18 to give consent. However, during an emergency situation, if a patient is brought to the hospital, then the doctor will not wait for any consent.

How To Write A Medical Consent Form – Structure of the Form

In this section let me tell you a brief overview of how to write a form and in the following section will explain each component of the form.

Before drafting the form to identify the objective. The purpose of this form is to educate patients about their health condition and the necessary treatment options. List the risk factors and provide alternative treatment methods. Explain the doctors involved in the treatment and the duration. Also, mention that an emergency situation how the doctor will act. They may not inform but take action. List down all possible risk of the treatment and make it clear that hospital or doctor is not responsible for any danger happening due to the treatment. Provide alternative options and then ask for the consent. This is how the form must be structured.

Components / Parts

  1. Hospital – Contact details of the hospital must be mentioned including name, contact number, address, registration number, website details. Other branch address if any.
  2. Doctor – The primary doctor name and registration number who attends the patient. In the case of other doctors involved their names to be filled as well.
  3. Patient – The name, date of birth, contact details of the patient. Patient’s parents or spouse details to be recorded. The health condition of the patient when admitted and any background details to be written. Previous medication is given and the entire health history in a gist.
  4. Treatment
  • Purpose of treatment – What treatment is suggested and why it is required must be listed down.
  • Treatment method – The procedure and the duration must be mentioned. A clear medical procedure with the name should be given.
  1. Risk
  • General Risk – This section will contain the general risk like infection etc due to the procedure. Normally this is given as a formality.
  • Life-threatening risk – However, this section will contact the actual repercussion of the treatment. This may vary from case to case depending on patients health, age and other factors. But this needs to be explained clearly for the understanding of the patient and concerned.
  1. Consent and Signature – I hereby have understood and accept the treatment to be provided for _____________(patient name). I am aware of the procedure and will not react to any negative consequences. Signature of the patient, parents, or the authorized guardian with the name and date.

These are the elements that must be present in the form. We hereby recommend you to download our template. It contains all the details and blank places to be filled. You can quickly edit and print the document.

How To Fill A Medical Consent Form

Now, let me tell you how to fill the form. There are few details which the hospital and others the patient concerned to fill. Let us see how we go about this.

The template contains forms that already have the details printed. All blank details need to be filled. There are two ways hospital follow, one is they fill all details and get signed from the patient or concerned. This is possible if the patient get admits for planned treatment. In case of emergency, the hospital will fill their part and patient or concerned will be requested to fill the remaining and sign. Find how that split happens and understand who fills what.

First, the hospital will explain the form to the patient and its purpose. They will explain to them about the risk factors involved in the treatment. Next, the patient can ask clarification to the doctor and discuss with the family.

Now, the patient will receive the form which will contain hospital details. Then the patient will fill their personal details like name, age, height, weight etc. Also, the medical history, treatment, and medication details will be filled by them. The hospital will provide the doctor, treatment and risk details. This form will not be signed by the patient or concerned. Once this is done it is understood that both the parties are aware of the procedure and legally bound.


  1. Do Medical Consent Forms Need To Be Notarized?

Obtaining a notary signature is to legally confirm the details present in the document are true. Therefore for children below age 18 for who parents appoint guardians to take care in their absence require a notary signature. In case parents give the responsibility to grandparents, then this process is optional. Also, for adult individual notary sign is not mandatory and a witness sign will do who is fit and an adult.

  1. Can A Minor Go To The Doctor Without A Parent?

Children until age 16 must be accompanied by parents or legal guardian while visiting the doctor. However, grandparents or relatives can take them to doctor with parents consent. Otherwise, the doctor cannot treat the kids.

Between age 16 and 18, the minor children can visit the doctor alone provided they have obtained permission in writing from their parents.

  1. Do Grandparents Need Medical Power Of Attorney?

It is not mandatory for grandparents to obtain a medical power of attorney (POA) to take their grandchildren to the hospital for giving treatment in an emergency. But, it is a good practice for parents to execute POA when grandparents take care of the kids. There are hospitals which may not attend without a POA. To be on a safer side, it is good to have the POA.

  1. Can Grandparents Give Medical Consent?

This question is tricky to answer. Already grandparents work on behalf of parents with a consent form. Whether they can transfer rights to someone else? Well, they can do it for the well being of the child in an emergency situation. This can be legally done if the parents execute a POA to grandparents giving rights to provide consent in an emergency.

  1. Can A Minor Consent To Medical Treatment?

No, a minor age less than 18 cannot accord consent for any medical treatment. In some special situation where the minor is married or divorced can provide self-consent. The minor who is on active duty in the armed forces also can provide consent. Legally emancipated minor also has the authority to give consent for their treatment.

  1. Can Grandparents Take Grandchildren To The Doctor?

Yes, grandparents can take children to the doctor. But, in the event of any medical procedure to be given, then a consent form duly signed by parents is required.

  1. Do Both Parents Need To Consent To Medical Treatment?

Consent from parent either mother or father will suffice for treating a child health condition. In case if one of the parents raises any concern, then both must sign to let the treatment start.

  1. What Are The Four Types Of Consent?

The consent form usually in the medical context can either be a medical consent form or subject consent form. A medical consent form is used for getting acceptance from the patient or patient concerned to provide treatment. Whereas, a subject consent form is filled by a person who agrees to provide their details or samples for conducting any research study.

The four types of research study consent form include the subject consent form, parent consent form, assent form, and recruitment consent.

What are they and how they differ among each? A subject consent form is signed by the person who accepts to participate in a medical study. A parent consent form is a consent given by the parent on behalf of their children aged under 18. Assent form is a simplified version of consent form used for subjects who have a cognitive disability. The recruitment consent form is the online version of the consent form that requires no signature but an email acceptance reply.

  1. What Is A Consent Form In Hospital?

Hospital consent form contains the patient details, treating doctor information, and treatment details. It is given to the patient to explain the treatment procedure and prepare them for treatment.

  1. What Is The Purpose Of A Procedure Consent Form?

The procedure consent form will contain the medical procedure details, the alternative methods, and the risk factors. This form is the written evidence about the treatment and the patient is informed about the same. The signature is obtained from patients as a preventive measure to avoid any legal complications.

  1. Procedure To Provide Consent For Treatment Of A Minor If Parent Is Unreachable?

The following steps can be followed to get consent for treating minor from the parents. Parents consent form in advance for a list of medical procedures which can be expected can be obtained from the hospital and use them in the emergency time.

The parents can give consent form to the grandparent or other legal guardian and that can be produced at the time of treatment in the event of parent’s absence.

Parents can be contacted on phone to check their consent or sent an email if they are not reachable. Irrespective of the parents’ absence giving treatment to children is important and hence doctor can take the risk of giving first aid to relieve kids from risk.

Final Suggestion

With all these templates and details we are glad that our small step to help the healthcare industry. It is indeed a service industry and we would like to be part of their service. Feel free to choose the right template and download to edit and use. Write to us your feedback and let us improve our templates. Also, let us know if any template you looked for is missing and we will be glad to include them to the list.

What is Medical Consent Form?

A medical consent form is commonly used in medical industry to obtain consent from concerned persons in order to give certain medical treatment or procedures. Generally, it contains the information about the patient and treatment details. It is granted by either the patient or by any guardian means giving permission for particular medical procedure.

What are the three main functions of medical consent form?

Mainly, the medical consent form performs three functions including;
1) Provides an overview of risks and alternatives of the treatment
2) Summarizes the purpose and nature of the procedure
3) Function as a waiver

When do you medical consent?

The requirement of medical consent form varies in different situations such as:
1) Medical consent is not required in an emergency
2) Even for minors the requirement of medical consent is very low.

Why is medical consent important?

The medical consent is sometimes referred as informed consent. Generally speaking, medical consent is important because it is a document confirming the patient’s permission for any particular medical treatment associated with risks, benefits, and alternative treatments. Also, medical consent form keeps you away from falling Victim of Medical Malpractice.

How to write a medical consent form?

1) Open a word processing document
2) Give the identities information on the top after the title like clinic’s name and patient’s information
3) Create a section for doctor’s information
4) Include few lines about account for unforeseen circumstances
5) Include a section for mentioning the associated risks of the medical procedure
6) Include information on general risks
7) Explain alternatives for the risks and conclude with the consent photographs and signatures by creating a signature block

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