When you conduct a Sunday school, then don’t search for certificates as you can find them all under one roof in different color, format, and wordings. These Sunday school certificate templates are free to download and are 100% editable.

Free Sunday School Certificate Templates

Don’t go for temporary motivators. But, a CERTiFiCATE of appreciation will undoubtedly make kids attend the class. In general, kids are fond of competition and prize. So use that as a bait, and you go with the dozen and more certificate template to print and keep them for your best use.

We are glad to contribute to the excellent cause of educating kids in Sunday schools by offering these Sunday school certificates for free.

Sunday School Certificate Of Completion

The completion certificate adds a feather to the cap of the kids. Don’t reserve this certificate to the end. You can give a certificate of completion by assigning small modules. Once kids who successfully complete modules give them these certificates and that will make them active to take part in the next module with full cheer.

Sunday School Certificate Of Promotion

Don’t mistake the word promotion as a marketing activity. You can use these certificates of development to encourage kids to work hard to move to the next level. Sunday schools will have different age groups, and hence level progression will decide on their growth and not average grades.

Sunday School Certificate Of Appreciation

Use these appreciation certificates to give them small accolade during the classes. Let them know that they will get appreciation certificate for concentration, correct answer, participation, attendance, and every single activity. Kids will work towards being appreciated.

Sunday School Certificate Of Participation

Appreciation is good but just giving out a certificate of participation also will yield the best results. Yes, you don’t need a reason to appreciate other than just coming regularly to Sunday class. Therefore use this certificate that has the appropriate wordings to motivate the regular participant.

Sunday School Certificate Of Attendance

Next step to giving a certificate for participation is monitoring the attendance. Don’t do this by strictly watching their presence like is done in general classrooms. Merely provide stars to kids and ask them to stick on a poster and give Sunday School Attendance Certificate at the end of the month for one who has more stars. This will kindle kids to collect not certificates but the stars, and hence they will start becoming regular.

Sunday School Certificate Of Achievement

Now you have made kids participate and also made them regular to school. It’s time to give them certificates for their significant and small achievements. Use any of the Sunday School Award Certificate Template and make your kids feel great about their accomplishment. Choose from different colors and wordings to every time make the difference.

Sunday School Perfect Attendance Certificate Template

These certificates can be used to give it to them either quarterly, half yearly or annually for those kids who have maintained perfect attendance month after month.

Church Sunday School Certificate

Individual church school certificates will have Ten Commandments printed in it. This will be a different certificate to give out to Sunday school students.

Sunday School Promotion Day Certificate Template

Call it for a day and celebrate when kids move from one level to another. Yes, it is called the promotion day. You can conduct a small test to evaluate their skills and then prepare certificates to give it to the qualified kids. Use any of the Sunday School Promotion Certificate Free Printables and have fin during the celebration.

Sunday School Teacher Certificate Of Appreciation

The next step forward in looking for Sunday school certificate template is the appreciation for the volunteers who teach the kids. The volunteer’s role is really crucial, and they are helping the society by bringing up the kids. Therefore use the teacher certificate to appreciate them and motivate them as well.

Sunday School Graduation Certificate Template

Kids after completing Sunday school by growing older must be given a graduation certificate. This is really a prestigious certificate stating to the society that they are different from others. The students will have a good childhood and will learn several moral values, and they will undoubtedly be better citizens than others.

Sunday School Class Promotion Certificate

When the children move from one class to another in the Sunday school, then give them a promotion certificate. Even if they stop in-between due to personal circumstances, then this certificate can be used to join Sunday school in the next class. Also when they move to a different place, they can use this certificate to start from where they left.

Sunday School Recognition Certificate

We spoke about a certificate for kids and teachers. Apart from giving Sunday School Teacher Recognition Certificate, it is important to provide recognition certificate to the churches that provide Sunday school. These great classes conducting church organizers must be identified with a recognition certificate.

See the whole collection sunday school templates here:

Origin of Sunday Schools

To educate the working youth and kids during weekdays, the concept of Sunday school originated in English as early as 1780. The purpose was to help the needy children get an education. Later this concept started getting attention and lately in the recent years it has become really required. Schools teach kids about science, math, art, and the ways to make money. But they don’t focus on moral education. It is becoming essential to mold kids as good human being.

What does Sunday school certificate indicate? What about a template? Every activity must be backed with some appreciation. Especially kids look forward to recognition. The best way to appreciate a kid is not by giving chocolate but by honoring with a certificate. The certificate is a symbol of pride. To motivate kids to come to Sunday school, the initiative taken by churches is to provide the certificate upon completion or for mere participation.

Schools on Sunday? Do you get this question in your mind? Yes, I did get it the first time. But, it is a widespread one among Christian community as they send their kids to school on Sunday. No, I am not joking, but it is a fact. Churches function as schools to educate kids about spiritual discipline. With the advent of technology need for Sunday school is becoming vital than the olden days.

Since olden days, parents who attend Sunday church wanted their kids to learn moral values of life. Hence they started enrolling their kids in Sunday schools. The concept is now getting more popular and is growing in every part of the world.

Tips to Sunday School Volunteers

When you want to become a volunteer in Sunday school to provide education to kids just follow the tips given below.

Never discriminate among kids as Sunday school is churches are considered more auspicious than regular schools. Treat all kids equally. The only thing you need to remember is their ages. For a 6-year-old you must teach for six minutes and ten years old can listen to lecture uninterrupted for ten mins. So prepare your lesson plan in that manner. Do not overload kids with spiritual information.

There is two translation version followed by churches. King James and New International. You must know your church to prepare materials in the appropriate version.

Add more activities than theory in your course as kids want some refreshment. Calling to them to Sunday class certainly needs some change to break their six-day week monotony. Do not give homework as they already feel bored with the same offered in regular schools. Make sure you allow them to play and think and learn during the class itself.

Next is, give them more knowledge in a spiritual way. Allow them to think about god and teach them the value of love, service, and sacrifice. Let them not feel bored to listen to the class and tell a lot of stories from the bible and then relate it to the real life. You will find kids with you always.

Above all, don’t work for the sake of doing it. Understand your lessons and the purpose to make Sunday classes useful. More than kids are happy parents will be happy too. You are helping them to bring their kids as best future human beings.

Reasons Kid Join Sunday School

Why do kids want a class on a Sunday after going to regular school for six days? It is because they love spiritual lessons? No, only because the parents who understood the value of moral value force kids to attend Sunday class. But then do I mean that kids hate Sunday school. Not really, as kids, they do not know right and wrong. Since parents send them, they attend and nothing otherwise.

But to make them continuously come to class, you must know the right reason to lure them. You’re correct, make it fun, and they will enjoy. Give them freedom; they will be happy. But this alone will not motivate them to come to the next class.

Yes, the answer is rewarded. Only rewards will make them feel great about participating and will remind them every week to attend the class.

Make sure to recognize every single effort by the Sunday school church, teachers, parents, and kids. All their collaborative effort helps to make a great society. Use as many templates required and feel glad about being a great church in providing Sunday school classes to kids in your area.

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