Robotics has caught fire recently and is becoming one of the fast growing certification among kids and adults. If you know the technology, then we will help you with certification ideas. Yes, you can provide robotics training to students and all individuals who are interested can enroll to get trained from you.

But, do you think that will suffice? Every course must be completed with a certificate to make the participants feel glad about completion. Also, a certificate will support them to find a job and in all their endeavors.

So, let’s assure you to provide all robotics certificate templates for free in this site. Along with that, we will also give you some tips to make your course more effective.

Downloadable Robotics Certificate Templates


Certificate In Robotics And Intelligent Systems


When you begin the course, then you need to get the certificates ready to issue to the students who complete the course successfully. Minimum 6 program courses must be completed to become eligible for a certification. Learners who complete this course can take up a career in three areas as mentioned below.

1. Can create systems to learn, adapt, make a decision, identify, estimate, and control making use of the concepts learnt from the biological and cognitive sciences.
2. Activities including scientific research, automate manufacturing transportation.
3. Thoughtful about human intelligence from the perspective of computation and neuroscience.

Lego Robotics Certificate


The Lego courses are offered at different age and there are six levels namely the beginner1, beginner2, intermediate1, intermediate2, advanced 1, advanced2. Finally after one completes all six levels they will take a competitive class and are eligible for a certificate.

Make sure you provide certificates mentioning the completed level. Write the name of the person, age, and duration of the course. Date of completion and Signature is mandatory in the certificate. Use the templates given here and they are precise for each level so you can use them appropriately.

Robotics And Intelligent Systems Certificate


Understand the basic components of any certificate are the title, name of the person who the award, and wordings to appreciate deserving candidate. These certificates provided here has all the fine details. You can use the word document certificates given and that will allow you to edit the information. Quickly download the certificate on your PC. Double on it to open and start editing.

Include your academy name in the title. Write the name of the person to whom you want to give the certificate. Fill all places accordingly with the details and save the changes. It is now ready for printing and you can use the certificate paper to print. Also, this can be sent via email after appending the e-signature.

Robotics Certificate Programs


The different robotics certificate program includes the following. You can offer one or more of these courses and make the best use of the certificates from here.

Every student can pursue the certificate program in automation after they complete their graduation or high school diploma. However, there is no standard of education mentioned for a student to enrol in the certification program. Basic coding skills and understanding of computers is the key criteria to sign up a certificate program.


The two main certificate programs include the Technical Certificate in Robotics and Undergraduate Certificate in Robotics.

Robotics Technician Certificate


The robotics technician certificate program helps individual to prepare for their career. These technicians can become plant maintenance workers and engineering assistants. The course module includes applied fluid power, electrical motor controls, industrial automation robotics, and programmable logic controllers. The technical skills acquired during this course are computer numerical controls, programming, electronics, and robotics.

Robotic Process Automation Certificate


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a great program that offers the potential to streamline business operations. Best ways to develop the RPA skills to enhance their business process can be provided in the certification program. These days’ businesses depend on RPA and use robots to complete a difficult task. Therefore offer customized courses to meet a business need in RPA and teach them on using RPA tools.

The training programs are created to match the emerging needs in the IT industry.

RPA Training Certificate


The training course validates the participants’ capability to automate the real-life projects based on the ideal automation practices and principles. The person who qualifies for this certification has a great scope to survive in the latest trending IT business.

Pega Robotics Certificate


Make use of the PDN library and you can find several study materials to provide to your participants. Those who can master those contents can get a certificate.

Who deserves a certificate in robotics?

Upon collecting some vital information from the NSFRC and DARPA network (NSFRC – National Science Foundation Robotics Corridor Project, DARPA’s Computer Science Student Network), there is a curriculum to be completed followed by an examination. One who completes the entire curriculum can be awarded a certificate.

However, if you plan to conduct any one day program or another short-term course, then you can issue a certificate naming them for the specific module like a certificate for completing process automation course etc.

Top 5 skills obtained to become eligible for a certificate

1. Mastery in technology
2. Competency in engineering
3. Learning to design, program, troubleshoot, debug, and optimize a mobile robotics platform.
4. Understand how mathematics is used in controlling the robot.
5. Knowing the strategies used in debugging codes.

Free Resources to Help teach students with Robotics Classes

Not only we provide free certificates, but also there are a few places from where you can get resources for free to conduct classes.

Check for more details. You will get the curriculum for free. Also, can find details of the program, and assignments free to let students practice for 2 months. The ROBOTC tutor offer codes for free that can educate them on the syntax and basics of C-programming. Therefore make the best use of these sources to download more informative details in robotics.

Top 3 reasons to offer a course in robotics

So far we have been seeing a different kind of certificates and courses offered in Robotics. But primarily understand the prime advantages of providing courses in robotics.

1. Robotics is becoming a part of the modern day’s lifestyle. People are becoming more machine dependent to complete several tasks. Therefore these programs can help them understand the robot software to program them to help their activities.
2. Also, the right use of technology will help people achieve result fast. At the same time failing to use it correctly will result in disaster. So offer a course to bring people on the common platform.
3. Integrating robot with mankind is also taught in the course to effectively take the best out from both resources.

In a nutshell, robotics certificates are important to be given to recognize each individual who is deserving upon completing the training program. Use the templates given here for free and we would like to be part of your initiative in training youngsters in the automation process.

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