Every year starting December people feel excited about Christmas. Yes, it’s time to celebrate the vacation and festival with family and friends. Even at the office everyone joins hands and make a lot of events to add more happiness during Christmas.

But there is a catch in celebration. The gift is part of the celebration and it becomes vital to give and get a meaningful gift. It may be difficult to understand the need of another person even if they re your loved ones. When you decide to gift it is good to present the most preferred item. Therefore you may want to ask them about their wish. Instead of asking in person which may be embarrassing, you can instead send them a wish list template and ask them to fill it.

Then you can purchase the item they like the most to gift them and feel happy. At the same time, you can also give your wish list and get gifted. Does it sound easy, right? Yes, it is.

Now, I agree with your concern. What is a wishlist template, how to write one, different kinds of wish list templates and how to use them effectively are the questions lingering in your mind? Don’t worry, just follow this article to know all the details. As well, you can download free Christmas Wish List template and understand the need of the person whom you want to gift.

Get along to know more details by travelling with me on this journey. 

Christmas Wish List Templates


First, know what a wish list template is? It is a sheet of paper which will have some questions and you need to fill them. Don’t panic the moment you read as questions. They are not going to be tough as these are the basics that will help you understand the need of the other person.

These questions will make the person think and give meaningful answers to help you find their liking. Let them give a wish list and now your choice to gift them one or many gifts from that.

Christmas Wish List Template For Kindergarten / Pre School 


Ok, now you know the basic steps involved in making a wish list template. Let us understand in detail about how to make the most from a wish list created for kids. Kids love pictures, they are fond of animations and they will feel excited to see graphics.


So make the wish list template for kids with big fonts, colorful images, and do not ask them to fill any as they are too small for it. Instead, you can print the pictures and ask the elders to help them tick from them.


You can list down few items in common most liked by kids and make them either color in that or choose one among them. Be more creative and make the moment a joyful one.


Christmas Wish List Template For Families 


When it comes to family, then you need to heed additional details. It is because you know your family members well and hence can make your template more personalized. Instead of asking favorite color in general which you may know already, be specific.


You can choose one theme like the dress, watch, phone, perfume, gadgets etc. Then make a template with questions like the brand they like, the design, features etc. Such a specific wish list will let them think and write so that your gift will really be meaningful to them.


Christmas Gift Exchange Wish List Template 


This template is slightly different from the rest as it is a two-way form where you will let your wish to the other person and ask their view as well.


Remember such a template can be used to a close relative like a spouse, siblings, children, and parents etc. Here you can take liberty and ask for the gift you would like them and to give you at the same time make them inform you about what they like to be presented from you. 


Christmas Wish List Template – Black And White 


Even though color adds vibrancy to the template, at times black and white does the magic too, Especially when you want the wish list to be filled by your granny or the teacher who taught you in a kindergarten class, then black and white will be the ideal template.


Leave the template simple with few images of Christmas bell, Santa, and others based on the person whom you want to fill. You need not break your head as there are many collections in this page from which you can download. Yes, people who have the old school of thought, and those who love to be simple will love this black and white template. You can get to know what they want using these templates in a silent yet effective manner.


Christmas Wish List Letter To Santa (Give A Sample) 


Hey, you all know that every child believes that Christmas gifts are given Santa the great. You can ask your little one at school or home to write a letter to Santa asking for a gift. Yes, kids will love that and will write a letter. You read the letter and gift them to see the glory in the innocent face.

If your kids are little grown up, then they can write a letter on their own to Santa. However, little ones need guidance and use this sample letter to explain to them what they do mention in the letter.

Sample Santa Letter

Dear Santa, – Start with a dear note addressing Santa.

Mention the name and age of the child. My name is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________ and I am _________ years old. I am very fond of you dear Santa. I love Christmas as I can meet you on that occasion. I would eagerly wait to meet you this year too. I want to have loads of fun with you by praising the Lord, singing and dancing.

Santa I want to have the following gift from you this year. Please bless me with these.

Wish List

Love You Santa

Thank you very much

With love

This is how you must ask the little one to make a letter to Santa. Sounds interesting? Indeed it is.

Teacher Christmas Wish List Template 


Teachers are the most deserving people as they help in bringing up children to a great citizen. Either you’re a student who wants to gift your teacher or a parent who wants to encourage your kid’s gift teacher, you must use this wish list to know what the teacher wants.

You can ask teachers to fill the wish list in two ways.

  1. Ask them to write down their need with a simple template and let them fill the same. You can make their wish come true by going to any level to get them the gift.
  2. In case you have a budget constraint, then you can make your template specific. You can mention the amount you can afford and let them wish things within the limit. Or you can also mention the list of items in your mind and ask them to select from that. Like giving some book names, pen pencil, etc and let them choose before you present one for them.

Remember that a teacher profession is divine as they gift you with knowledge and you must make sure to give them the right gift this Christmas and honor their efforts and service. 

Secret Santa Wish List Template 


Every individual who wants to give a surprise to your loved ones should make use of this secret wish list template. This is called secret because it may not reveal that it is a wish list template. Only there will be mention that it is a Santa request form or Santa questionnaire.


You can ask the person concerned to fill this template well in advance of Christmas. In any party or gathering, or get together simply circulate this form and get it filled. From the answers, you must understand their taste and need to give them a surprise gift. Sounds thrilling? Obviously.


Make use of this template that will have a list of questions like a favorite gift which you want from Santa this year. If Santa comes in front of you what will you ask him etc? These questions might me looked as fun and people might give their real wish without knowing that they will get it from you for sure.

So they may just express to Santa and you be their Santa to bless them with that gift.

Angel Tree Wish List Template 


Typical Christmas tree resembling Angel trees are the great way to gift the need ones. The real needy people can get their wish fulfilled from the Angel tree wish list. If you are a sponsor and want to make the wish of the less fortunate people come true, then here you go with the Angel Tree Wish List Template.


Typically the Angel tree template will have three sections.

Section 1 – Personal Details like age, and preferences like favorite color, music etc.

Section 2 – The filling person show size, dress size etc.

Section 3 – What they actually wanted the most? They can list down.


This template can be for an individual or an organization to whom you wish to sponsor. Based on your budget you can sponsor underprivileged people.

Shopping Wish List Template


Now, you have collected the wish list from all and it’s time to place an order. Will it sound good to become organized and place the order with a ready-made template? Yes, it will be. But wondering how? You can use this shopping wish list template. After getting the wish list from all your loved ones, you can fill this shopping list document which has space for filling details to the nine-person maximum.

You can write their name and wish list below each name. Then get to the online shopping or physical shopping to buy all the things mentioned in the list. Feel great to gift your loved ones with what they wished and feel proud that you did your shopping in a planned manner.

How To Write A Christmas Wish List Template 

You need to make a wish list template when you don’t want to download the ready-made ones. It’s simple and we will show you how?

Open MS word document and save it in the Drive with a name. Then now all your changes will be saved and you will not lose any data due to any interruption. You can make wish list template for different category of people.

So decide what template you wish to make a simple or an intricate one. Also, make sure for whom you are making and accordingly fine tune the basic template. However, the basic details will remain good for all templates.

Insert some images related to Christmas theme starting from Santa, to the snowman. Then get down to the text area. Here you can leave it empty with a simple title as Wish List and give numbers to let the reader prioritize their wish. Ask them to write the name at the end of the wish list if it is for office employees as you must know their identity to gift them accordingly.

Alternatively, if you want to personalize the wish list, then you can start with the following details. Name, Age, Gender, Favorite Color, Place, Dress, Book, Hobby and much more. This section can be as detailed based on the person to whom you give this. Then below that ask them to list down the gift they wish to get from you. With the knowledge about their favorite things, you can try and give them a surprise as well.

Getting a gift is a happiness, receiving the most preferred one is really a cheerful one and finally getting it as a surprise gift is Merry. So let all your loved ones have a MERRY CHRISTMAS this year.

Yes, that is all is required to be made in a wish list and save it to send an email or print it to send as a hardcopy.

Christmas Wish List Ideas in a Video

Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Christmas Wish List Template to Make This Christmas 5x Fun 

  1. You can work in advance in a phased manner and gift all those you wanted to with their preferred things instead of just dumping some things to them.
  2. Time can be saved in your shopping as you need not brainstorm about what others wanted.
  3. Plan your spending and you can save money.
  4. Both you and the recipient can have a MERRY CHRISTMAS with a feeling of joy and satisfaction.
  5. It is possible to understand the wish of your loved one and make them feel glad about your approach and care for them.

Feel free to download these Christmas Wish List Template for free and have a joyful Christmas in all the coming years.

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