Certification is a must in any field that serves as a proof and a memorable activity showing the holder has done something special in his/her career. The field of sports is not less or exception in any aspect. Sports certificate is provided together with trophies and shields when one wins in a competition. Today we are going to know more about sports certificates. Take a look!

Sports and athletic activities or events provide a plethora of benefits to the sports person from increased endurance or patience to improved strength. Add one more perk as an added bonus to the participants by presenting certificates for successful completion of sports endeavors.

Here are specially designed, professional looking, and customisable ready-made sports certificate templates that help you create a unique sports certificate. We have different types of sports certificate templates that suits any kind of sport activity, event, celebration, or course. For your convenience, we are offering all the print-ready templates for free to download plus available in both word and pdf formats. Look at our compiled list of templates and select the best ones to suit your occasion.

Sports certificate

Do you ever think of a sports person without certification!? NO, right! Because certification is so important and special in every sports person’s life. These certificates are like proof (as I already told you) for their accomplishments and achievements earned during sports events. At times, these certificates play major role while securing good colleges and job offers in life. Sounds awesome, isn’t it!?

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What is a sport certificate?

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Sports is a kind of business that is competitive and ever changing. A sports certificate is a document that serves as a record of the person’s expertise in a particular sport or athlete activity. Sports certificates can be given for a number of reasons including:

  • Volunteers taking part in a walk, run or other athletic fundraising event
  • Employees excelling at corporate athletic challenges
  • Students completing a training course to become instructors
  • Participants finishing a strenuous athletic boot camp
  • Clients reaching their weight loss, endurance or strength-training goals
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Certificate Wording for Sports Activities

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Any kind of successful sports completion event or activity calls for acknowledgement in the form of a certificate. If you have a school, college, corporate company (conducting sports events) or sports academy and you are searching for sports certificates!? Make your awardees feel special and certificates too with right wording and content on sports certificate templates. We have done some research and outlines some basic and common wording to be included on sports certificates. Whether you are rewarding your awardee with a certificate for participation, achievement or excellence in his/her sports activities, the following basic information or content should be included in all certificates.

  • Name of instructor, organization, or facility awarding the certificate
  • Name of recipient
  • Reason certificate is being awarded
  • Official signature and date
  • The header or footer of the certificate can also include the organization’s name and address if required.
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Here are few examples for your reference. Take a look!

Athletic Award

This athletic award is being presented to (name of recipient)

For outstanding performance in (name of sport/activity)

While participating in (name of class/event) at (facility)

Certificate of Participation

This certifies that (name of recipient)

has been a contributing member of (name of activity)

organized and led by (name of organization)

Certificate of Excellence

(Name of recipient) is in receipt of this

Certificate of Excellence

for exceptional achievements in (name of sport or activity)

during (name of program)

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How to make Sports Certificates

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The only reason we offer free sports certificates online is to make it easy for you to download such a precious piece of document. Also, our free templates saves your time and energy. Sounds beneficial right! Now let us learn how to make sports certificates.

The following steps helps you to create your own sports certificate templates by downloading our free templates and use as a reference. Follow the below mentioned guidelines to make your own sports templates.

1) The first thing is you need to decide on what and which type of sports certificate you are going to design.

2) Make the entire process of making sports certificate easy by downloading your favourite sports certificate template from our compiled list and keep it as reference. It is a good practice of selecting a certificate layout beforehand.

3) A sports certificate is created using either portrait or landscape format. But usually landscape format looks more professional look. Note: There are no special rules on how to make it done.

Sports camp certificate template
Sports award certificate templates

4) You can opt for any themed sports certificate that are available in our post for free. Now-a-days, themed certificates are on full demand as they are ready to use and easy to edit.

5) Once you add all the required information and content with right wording, just take the printouts. Or if you want to make handwritten certificates, get help from people good at calligraphy. Handwritten certificates are even elegant and gives classy look.

6) Be sure to use good quality paper that is thick and durable to secure our certificate from becoming crumple.

7) Give a neat border and margin to your certificate to make it look neat and elegant.

Tip: Do not forget to check the spelling and grammar

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What to include in a sports certificate

  • The title or heading of the certificate
  • The name of the recipient being awarded
  • Few lines on the purpose of the sport certificate being awarded
  • The name of the organization giving the certificate
  • The name and signature of the awarding body’s representatives
  • The seal of the said organization, if there is any
  • The place where the awarding will take place
  • The logo of the organization awarding the certificate
  • The date of the awarding
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Sports certificate of appreciation template

Bored of dull and look-alike certificates!? Take a break from the routine and instead create awesome and unique sport certificates using our free downloadable and printable certificate templates. Whether it is a cricket, hockey, basketball, or badminton we have compiled 20+ variety of sports certificate templates. Download these certificate templates with just a mouse click and customize to your style or even create your own certificate templates in no time using simple and easy to use tools. No designer skills required!

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